Monday, December 31, 2007

The Adverts - One Chord Wonders

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope everyone has a safe trip into 2008!

I'm Still having some problems with my blog here and since this is all pretty new to me I'm not sure what happened but my layout is weird and my comments links have disappeared on my last few posts but any way it's about the music so...
As i said in my title, this here is an "eclectic" spot for music so I'm going to switch things up again here with the 1st official single by one the lesser known early English punk bands but no less important and one of my all time faves... The following was lifted off Wikipedia:

The Adverts were an English punk rock band who formed in 1976 and broke up in late 1979. They were one of the first punk bands to enjoy commercial success, and their line-up included Gaye Advert, who The Virgin Encyclopedia of 70s Music called the "first female punk star". (Not sure if I totally agree with this as the Runaways were a few years ahead of the Adverts but there is no denying that Gaye was super hot in her black leather jacket heavy eye makeup and black nail polish)

The band were formed in 1976 by T.V. Smith and Gaye Advert. Smith and Advert were both from Bideford, a small coastal town in Devon, and were later married. [2] After relocating to London the two young punks recruited guitarist Pickup and drummer Driver and The Adverts were born.

The Roxy, London's first live punk venue, played a crucial role in The Adverts’ early career. They were one of the pioneering bands who played at the club during its first 100 days. The Adverts played at the club no less than nine times between January and April 1977. In January 1977, after their first gig supporting Generation X, the band impressed Michael Dempsey so much that he became their manager. Their second gig supporting Slaughter & the Dogs was recorded, and their anthem "Bored Teenagers" was included on the UK Top 30 album Live at the Roxy WC2. In February, shortly after the band's third gig supporting The Damned, they signed a recording contract with Stiff Records. In March, the band supported The Jam at the Roxy.

In April, The Adverts recorded the first of four sessions for John Peel at BBC Radio 1. Days later, their debut single, "One Chord Wonders", was released. The single, "a headlong rush of energy", was recommended by both Melody Maker and Sounds. Understanding the band's limitations, the song's lyrics, composed by TV Smith, were likeably self-depreciating:

I wonder what we’ll play for you tonight
Something heavy or something light
Something to set your soul alight
I wonder how we’ll answer when you say
‘We don’t like you – go away
Come back when you’ve learnt to play’

The Adverts were a prolific live act. Their first nationwide tour was with Stiff label-mates The Damned. The tour poster read, "The Adverts know one chord, the Damned know three. See all four at…" Later they would support Iggy pop on tour, as well as conducting their own headlining tours in Britain, Ireland and Europe.

In August, the band released the first of their two UK Top 40 hit singles. Lyrically, "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" was a controversial song based on the wishes of an American murderer that his eyes be donated to medical science after his execution. The Sounds described it as "the sickest and cleverest record to come out of the new wave". Years later, it was included in Mojo magazine’s list of the best punk rock singles of all time.

After the tabloid fuelled controversy surrounding the single, and an appearance on Top of the Pops, the Adverts became big news. Observers focused on frontman TV Smith and bassist Gaye Advert. Reviewers noted TV Smith's song-writing ability. This something which continued long after the band's demise. He was said to have "captured the spirit of the times few contemporaries could match". Another reviewer described Smith as the band’s "raging heart, spitting out the failsafe succession of songs which still delineate punk’s hopes, aspirations and, ultimately, regrets". In contrast, Gaye Advert's reputation was more fleeting. She was "one of Punk’s first female icons". Her "photogenic" looks, "panda-eye make-up and omnipresent leather jacket defined the face of female punkdom until well into the next decade".

Surprisingly, the band’s follow-up single, "Safety in Numbers", did not chart. Nevertheless, the song is well regarded and was included in Steve Gardner's all-time best list. The Adverts fourth single, "No Time To Be 21", scraped into the UK Top 40. A month later, the band’s debut album Crossing The Red Sea was released. Today it is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest punk albums of all-time.

Unfortunately, despite releasing some more well-regarded singles, The Adverts were not able to maintain the momentum and their career stalled after the release of their second album. They split up shortly after the accidental death by electrocution of their manager, Michael Dempsey. Their last gig was at Slough College on 27 October 1979. After the band split up, T.V. Smith continued with Tim Cross forming as TV Smith's Explorers, then Cheap, and finally from the 1990s to date performing as a solo artist.

In conclusion, considering they only released seven singles and two albums, the legacy of The Adverts is pretty astonishing. Critic and author Dave Thompson argues that "nobody would make music like The Adverts and nobody ever has. In terms of lyric, delivery, commitment and courage, they were, and they remain, the finest British group of the late 1970s".

So check out the cut!!!

The Adverts : One Chord Wonders

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Rocking Ghosts - Ghost Walk

Ok, I'm going to switch things up here before the new year with some cool & smooth instrumental surf sounds from the early/mid 60's.

The Rocking Ghosts as far as i can tell were a fairly popular Danish group that actually charted in Denmark with the A side to this single Belinda. They released records in a lot of countries, Germany , Japan, U.S.A., Mexico, etc. Originally started as a school band early 1962 witha trumpet as leading instrument! But changed style and instruments in the middle of the same year. They were heavily inspired by Cliff Richards & The Shadows, so naturally the first recordings were instrumentals.
In 1967 they tried to chance their image to the new flower powerstyle. But the change didn't give them any new fans and they lost a lot of the older fans and the group decided to split up.

Who would have thunk it? Danish surf rock!
So here is the B-side - Check it out:

The Rocking Ghosts : Ghost Walk

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sound Experience - 40 Acres And A Mule

Sound Experience hailed from Philly via Baltimore under the guidance of Stan Watson and his Philly Groove/Soulville labels. Stan Watson was a man who, along with many other artists/producers of the time, contributed some of the best funk music out of Philly.

Sound Expirence formed at Baltimore's Morgan State College in 1970 and consisted of Arthur Grant (vocals); Reginald Wright, Leroy Frailing, Anton Scott, Melvin Miles, Johnny Froman, Gregory Holmes, James Lindsay and when they hooked up with Watson moved to Philadelphia.

This cut here, in keeping with my current guitar oriented theme is a fuzzy wall of psychedelic guitar funk! Driving rhythms and a wicked vocal hook! You can’t help but sing “Give me my mule!” Every time it comes around as if “YOU” were really owed it! So there is a little bit of pent up anger and pissed off-ness about this that I think makes it even more “Real” and makes this track really cook.

I knew this track was a winner the first time I heard it and when I spun it at the last 45 Sessions at the world famous Asbury lanes in Asbury Park NJ and The Soul Chef came up to me while I was spinning it and proudly showed me his copy he pulled out of his 45 case I knew others agreed!!!!!

Sound Experience : 40 Acres And A Mule

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Yellow Payges - The Two Of Us

Hope everyone had a great X-mas!? I know i did!

Here is a little something to either keep your spirits "HIGH" or to help pick you up from the post x-mas blues!

In keeping with my “Fuzzy” “Buzzy” & “Wasted” guitar theme, I give you a 45 I picked up not too long ago by the “Yellow Payges”.

I totally dig the crazy driving Wha Wha drenched vibe of this cut. It smokes!!!
The message is on point as well: Equality driven home via the Wha Wha pedal and thumping bass!

This cut is from 1969 and it shows. Total Garage Freak-out on the verge of heavy 70’s dinosaur rock, a little more polished that the typical Garage stomper of the mid 60’s but it never loses any of the the drive & vibe of that style.

There is a shit ton of stuff written about these guys and there is no way I could write anything as compressive or informative as what is out there. And their story is pretty interesting, so if you want to read more about them click This:

So sit back, turn up the volume and crank this little late 60’s gem of a hard rocker out!!!

Yellow Pages: The Two Of Us

Monday, December 24, 2007

Iron Knowledge - Show-Stopper

Merry Christams Everyobody! Santa was good to the devil!!!

Ok, here it is, my first post with tunes!!!

I was thinking about this for months. What will be the first post once Santa brought me the mp3 turntable for Christmas and I've changed my mind 20 times, and still wasn't sure as i sat down to do this. I thought maybe, The Voxpoppers, Ronnie Self, Wanda Jackson, or maybe some hard psych stuff but I'm gonna go with Iron Knowledge and their KILLER track Show Stopper.

Most of my records are all Bottom Feeder found records, which means i dig them out of the garbage basically. Found at Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Garage Sales and pretty much any other Low Rent way of obtaining vinyl on the cheap but this is one record that once i heard it i knew i had to own it at any cost! (well, almost any)

So I searched the interwebs and found a copy on eBay... And i spent a few dollars on it, something i try not to do but seem to be doing way to much of lately. Blah blah blah.....

Most of you probably know, it's been played on every cool station, featured on the black chains & exhaust comp and was the first cut i played on the That's Heavy Old Man!! mix that DJ Prestige and i put together. (Well, Pres put it together really)

Not much i could find out about these guys. It doesn't look like they have any other music recorded or none that i could find, and other than they were from Youngstown Ohio i don't know much about them

So anyway, there isn't much to say except this cut is straight up wild! Nothing i love more than funky ass brothers with guitars singing about how their "down with cocaine, were doing our thing". And this fits right in with my previous post about "Fuzzy" "Buzzy" & "Wasted" sounding guitar!

So this shit goes out to DJ Prestige for inspiring me to share my collection!

Iron Knowledge: Show-Stopper


i've decided to add the b-side to this killer 45 because from what i hear not many people have heard any other songs from this killer group. So when your done grooving the fuck out to "Show Stopper" settle in for some sweet and mellow sounds of Oh-Love. Dig that "breathy" wha wha!

Iron Knowledge: Oh-Love

Friday, December 21, 2007

Top Overblown, Fuzziest, Wasted & OTT guitarist / 60’s & 70’s:

Jimi Hendrix: On record he sure has some fuzzy moments but shit man, wild thing and the star spangled banner are as fuzzed out, freaked out & as wasted as anything ever.
Plus he died from dugs, it don’t get any more “wasted” than that….

Tony Iommi: The first Black Sabbath record alone puts him in the Fuzzy Rifftastic Hall of Fame but the riffs and fuzz just kept on coming… Best band ever? Yes, IMHO.

Glen Buxton & Michael Bruce: From 1968 to 74 they were the BEST American band EVER! Sure they sold a lot of records and were “popular” but there is NOTHING fancifully about their playing. Buzzy, Fuzzy, & ALWAYS WASTED! The 1st 2 being complete freaked out and wasted and over the fucking top!

Gary Ray Thompson: The 1st Frijid Pink album contains the most over the top buzzy, fuzzy, wasted & strangled guitar sound EVER. I’d trade in ALL my Cream records for just one song off of this record. Eric Clapton is a limp wristed fag…

Ron Asheton: Before the Tinny Din of the Raw Power the 1st Stooges set the bar for every blown out punk band to come. The year: 1969. The Fuzz: OVER THE TOP!
I Wanna Be Your Dog is worth admission here alone…

Larry Wallis: Pink Fairies: Kings of Oblivion: HOLY SHIT!!! WASTED SHRED!
One can only wonder what it would have sounded like had Mr. Wallis stayed with Motorhead… Dream on…

Randy Holden: GUITAR GAWD!!! Anyone who writes songs about his wailing guitar in A-OK in my book. And it doesn’t hurt that his tone and playing is about as buzzy, fuzzy and strangled and anything you have never heard before. The air is thick with cottage cheese & riffs! It doesn’t hurt that he was also a small part of the history of:

Blue Cheer: Leigh Stephens: Buzzed, Fuzzed, Wasted, and Baked! The 1st 2 Blue Cheers albums are HIGH on the list of Freaked out power house blasters! These guys single handedly killed the flower power scene of San Francisco. Set phasers on hippy kill!!!

Jim McCarty: Cactus: Hard to believe this cat was a Detroit Wheel. Scorching, Sloppy, Fuzzy & Mean solo’s abound all over these cactus records. Break out the bong mother-fuckers!!!

Mark Farner: Grand Funk: INSANE FUZZ & WHA WHA!!! This dude was Jesus on ACID! Long Hair, Long Riffs, Long Solo’s! Garage band made good. You know this already though so I’ll shut up now….

John Baxter: Buffalo: Australia’s answer to Black Sabbath. Heavy on fuzz and thick with mean riffs. These record aint for the faint of heart. If you’ve not heard these and you fancy yerself any kind of fuzz fan re-think your position in life and get down under right fucking quick!

Leslie West? Maybe…. Had his moments and was on Heroin most of the time but not as wasted and freaked out as some…. Maybe, maybe not. Certainly cooler than you though.

Mick Box: Uriah Heep: He gets some props: Gypsy is a stunning skull fucker…. Some of the shit leaves me cold though…

Honorable mention to the cats from Bubble Puppy, Banchee, SRC, Edgar
Broughton Band. Power of Zeus, Jerusalem, Fresh Blueberry Pancake, I don’t know their names & I’m too lazy to look them up…

These guys aint “wasted” enough of the time: Humble Pie, Ten Years After, Groundhogs, Bloodrock, Atomic Rooster, Gun, Wishbone Ash, Savoy Brown. Sure there good and all but too much “Clean” Noodling and “light” moments for complete fucked up-ness…

Yeah, yeah I know, there are a million “little” buzzy, fuzzy, and wasted bands I’m missing…
Just fucking add them already will ya huh….?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

WLFR Off The Air = No "forward to the caves" radio

So I opened my email this morning and recieved this:

There was a fire at the school in one of the transformers Sunday night that seems to have made broadcasting impossible. The managers and school officials are aware of the problem but we (the station employees) have absolutely no control over this matter. It will have to be handled by the school, the electric company, or others. I will be going to the station tomorrow to see if anything can be done. If not, I have permission to turn off the transmitter. Tune in every so often to see if we're on and we will keep everyone informed. As of now, there will be no live shows until further notice. We have no more info at this time. If you know of someone who is not on this email list, please forward this letter to them.

So it looks like there is going to be no more "Forward to the caves" radio show until further notice.


Keep you posted as i get any info.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cha Cha Eye Candy: Record cover of the day...

I've not done one of these in a while but I was over at I'm Learning To Share! checking out the link to the nude album cover site and decided to post another one of my fave Cha Cha covers. So check that link and groove over to I'm learning To Share! It's a wild cool & kooky place!

This one has been up on my wall for a while now so i took her down and decided to learn to share! I don't think i need to talk this one up much, this lady is down right HAWT!!! It hits all the marks, sexy leg action, bare feet (always a plus w/ me), some nice clevage, & a beautiful & happy face & smile...
(do i sound like a weirdo here?) anyway....


Friday, December 14, 2007

Blocked Blog & Home

DD & Joe Goblin with their drinks on!

Welp, I'm home from London and still feeling a bit under the weather. I had a bit of a hairy trip. Didn't get picked up from the airport and stayed WAY to long at the airport bar and didn't sleep for a few days and the weather was HORRIBLE, cold & wet, so I got pretty sick and spent my whole Saturday in St. Thomas Hospital in London before my gig! So I apologies for not hooking up with DJ Prestige's buddy Lindsey. Hopefully when he is in the states soon we can meet.

The gig however was AWESOME! We gained a lot of fans and made a little loot to boot so while it was pretty stressful in the end it was worth the aggravation.

Things are going to be a bit more quiet over here as they blocked my access to my blog spot at work and well, i want to hit this thing hard when i finally get my mp3 turntable for x-mas. I've got a lot of music i want to get out there and I'm sure your all sick of just hearing my blabber with no tuneage so I'm gonna shut up for a while until i can get this thing really started!

So hang in and check back soon!

Hope everyone is well.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Leaving tonight!!!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

X-Mas & London

Spent the night last night with my 2 boys setting up the Christmas tree and jamming on Elvis's Blue Christmas album until the boys got sick of hearing "Uncle Elvis"...

Here's a pic of said tree:

Be Sure to hurry on over to JJB's blog - Eye Eat Music - for a GROOVY X-MAS MIX!

She's taking no prisoners over at Eye Eat Music!

I'll be in London this weekend so no digging for me. Have fun and brave the cold NJ weather and hope you dig some gold!

Monday, December 3, 2007

A good weekend, some scores & stress...

Had a great weekend with my kids and a certain lady friend, and i was the undisputed boxing champ on the wii! beating all comers!!! (including a 6 & 8 year old!)


We got a late start on Saturday but managed to get out to a market in Pennsy, out in the sticks, but there were plenty of records and on the cheap too! My kids were in their glory rooting through bins of star wars & spawn action figures and they managed to score a few early x-mas gifts.

I got a nice mix, of soul, 50's rock n roll, rock-a-billy, and some odd ball stuff that hopefully I can get to later and post. so until then a pic of the scores will have to do. I think i got about 100 records total and i would have bought more but I am trying to be thrifty because of the trip to London this weekend. Which is the cause of my stress... but that is another story...

Ok, here's the list!

5000 Volts - I'm On Fire - Still On Fire - Phillips 40801 -
Angels. The - Til - A Moment Ago - Caprice 107
B.T. Express - Do It ('Til You're Satisfied) Do It ('Til You're Satisfied) Part II - Scepter 12395
Ballard, Hank - With your Sweet Lovin' Self - With your Sweet Lovin' Self - King 6228 -
Bell, Madeline - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me - Picture Me Gone - Phillips 40517
Billy Joe & The Checkmates - Percolater - Round & Round & Round & Round - Dore 620 -
Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues - Out Of Focus - Phillips 40516 -
Brenda & The Tabulations - A Part Of You - Where There's A Will (There's A Way) - Top and Bottom 408
Brown, James - Hot Pants Pt. 1 - Hot Pants Pt. 2 & 3 - People 2501
Brown, Ruth - Lucky Lips - My Heart Is Breaking Over You - Atlantic 1125 -
Brown, Ruth - Lucky Lips - My Heart Is Breaking Over You - Atlantic 1125 -
C.O.D.'s, The - Micheal - Cry No More - Kellmac 1003
Cadillacs, The - Peek-A-Boo - Oh, Oh, Lolita - Josie 846 -
Canned Heat - Going Up The Country - One Kind Favor - Liberty 56077 -
Carlisles, The - Woman Driver - Love, Love, Love (That's What It Is) - Mercury 6403
Carter, Clarence - Sixxty Minute Man - Mother-In-Law - Fame XW250 -
Castaways, The - Goodbye Babe - Man's Gotta Be A Man - Soma 1442
Chantels, The - Maybe - Come My Way Little Baby - End 1005
Classics, The - Till Then - Enie Minie Mo - Musicnote MX 1116 -
Count Five - Psychotic Reaction - They're Gonna Get You - Double Shot 104 -
Cummings, Barbara - She's The Woman - There's Something Funny Going On - London 104
Deal, Bill & The Rhondels - I've Been Hurt - I've Got My Needs - Heritage 812 -
Dibango, Manu - Soul Makossa - Lilly - Atlantic 2971
Donner, Ral - You Don't Know What You've Got - So Close To Heaven - Gone 5108 -
Dyson, Ronnie - (If You Let Me Make Love To You) Why - Girl Don't Come - Columbia 45110
Five Keys, The - Out of Sight, Out Of Mind - That's Right - Capitol F3502
Fred, John & His Playboy Band - Hey, Hey, Bunny - No Letter Today - Paula 294 -
Freeman, Bobby - Do You Want To Dance - Big Fat Woman - Josie - 835 -
Gants, The - Road Runner - My Baby Don't Care - Liberty 55829
Hazell, Eddie - The Lonely World Of Jennie Jones - The Telephone Song - Three Rivers 7427
Hendricks, Bobby - A Thousand Dreams - Itchy Twitchy Feeling - Sue 706
Holly, Buddy - Peggy Sue - Everyday - Coral 61885 -
Horton, Jamie - Robot Man - We're Through - We're Finished - Joy 7031 -
Ikettes, The - Peaches "N" Cream - The Biggest Players - Modern 1005 -
Impalas, The - Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home) - Fool, Fool, Fool - Cub K9022 -
Ingram, Luther - (If loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want - Puttin Game Down - Koko 2111
Intruders, The - Turn The Hands Of Time - Cowboys to Girls - Gamble G-214 -
Isley Brothers, The - It's Your Thing - Don't Give It Away - T Neck 901 -
Ivory - Where Do We Go From Here - Where Do We Go From Here - Playboy 50029 -
Ivory Joe Hunter - Empty Arms - Love's A Hurting Game - Atlantic 1128
Johnnie & Joe - Over The Mountains; Across The Sea - My Baby's Gone, On, On - Chess 1654 -
Johnnie & Joe - Over The Mountains; Across The Sea - My Baby's Gone, On, On - Chess 1654 -
Johns, Eddie - I Put A Spell On You - High In The Sky - Private Stock 210
K-Doe, Ernie - Te-Ta-Te-Ta-Ta - Real Man - Mint 745 -
King Curtis - You Don't Miss Your Water - Green Onions - Atco 6496 -
Kittens, The & Dave Howell Foolish Little Girl - (The Kittens) Still (Dave Howell) Giant 9008
Larkin, Billy - No Reason Why - The Devil in Mrs. Jones - Bryan 1018
Leagal Eagles - The Trial - Kiss Me - Arch 1607
Little Richard - Slippin' And Slidin' - Long Tall Sally - Specialty 572
Little Richard - Rip It Up - Ready Teddy - Specialty 579
Manhattans, The - Can I - That New Girl - Carnival 517 -
Mark II, The - Night Theme - Confusion - WYE 5-1001 -
Marmalade, The - Rainbow - Ballad of Cherry Flavar - London 20059 -
Marshalls, The - Who'll Be The Fool from Now On - Mr. Santa Boogie - Savoy 825 -
Mclean, Phil - Chicken - Small Sad Sam - Versatile 107 -
Moments - Look At Me (I'm In Love) - You've Come A Long Way - Stang 5060 -
Moments - Sexy Mama - Where Can I Find Her - Stang 5052 -
Moments - Nine Times - When Morning Comes - Stang 5066 -
Moments - Love On a Two-Way Street - I Won't Do Anything - Stang 5012
Ohio Players - Jive Turkey - Streakin' Cheek to Cheek - Mercury 3480
Panic Bottons - O-Wow - Lisa - Gamble G-230 -
Payne, Freda - Band Of Gold - The Easiest Way To Fall - Invictus 9075 -
Platt, Eddie - Tequila - Popcorn - ABC-Parmount 9899 -
Reynolds, Jody - Endless Sleep - Tight Capris - Demon 1507 -
Sam & Dave - Hold On I'm Comin' - I Got everything I Need - Stax 45-189 -
Seelos, Ambros - Hitchcock - Black And White - Saba 3017 -
Shorty Long - Here Comes the Judge - Sing What You Wanna - Soul 35044 -
Show Stoppers, The - Ain't Nothing But A House Party - What Can A Man Do - Heritage 800 -
Simmons, Mac - You're So Fine - Blue Light - PM 4723
Slim Harpo - Baby Scratch My Back - I'm Gonna Miss You (Like The Devil) - Excello 2273
Snydor, Bill - My Silent Love - Choppin' Up Chopin - Tower 1084
Sparkletones, The - Penny Loafers And Bobby Socks - Rocket - ABC-Parmount 9867 -
Stoney And Meatloaf - What You See Is What You Get - Lady Be Mine - Rare Earth 5027 -
Sunglows, The - Peanuts (La Cacahuata) - Happy Hippo - Sunglow 107 -
Syndicate of Sound - Little Girl - You - Bell 640 -
Techniques - Hey! Little Girl - In A Round About Way - Roulette 4030
Teen Queens, The - Eddie My Love - Just Goofed - RPM 453
Trashmen, The - Bird Dance Beat - A-Bone - Garrett 4003 -
Voxpoppers, The - The Last Drag - Wishing For Your Love - AMP 3 1004-8
Wright, Betty - Ooola La - To Love And Be Loved - Alston 3715 -
Wright, Ruby - Three Stars - I Only have One Lifetime - King 5192
Zacherle, John - Dinner With Drac Part 1 - Dinner With Drac Part 2 - Cameo 130 -

Friday, November 30, 2007

Broken turntables, playlist, found keys & some news!

OK, so we did the Forward to the Caves radio show last night only after being informed that both turntables were up and running, so I grabbed 2 45 boxes with great anticipation of spinning a bunch of Funky Soul and following it up some some killer Garage & Psych but after only a few tunes realized that the right channel was not working on turntable 2... what a bummer.

The best laid plans of mice & men...

So our game plan was screwed up because we had to fall back on some CD's and change the whole direction of the show and went with a heavier 70's style psych sound. I did manage to get in a plug for DJ Prestige's groovy show he has coming up, here is the info lifted from his site:

The Budos Band will be playing live at the World Famous Asbury Lanes on Friday December 21st. It will be a full band gig (13 members), who will bring their brand of Afro Soul from the streets of Shaolin, (that’s Staten Island) to Asbury Park. DJ Prestige and Larry from Funky 16 Corners will be manning the decks in between sets, spinning Raw and Funky Soul all night. There may be a guest selector or two as well, so you’ll have to drop by the Lanes that night to check it out. The night will be called The 4th and Kingsley Soul Club, and will kick off a series of nights at the Lanes who focus on Funk and Soul bands.

Sounds pretty sweet, so if you in that neck of the woods you should attend & support,
as DJ Pres is seriously kicking this little funk & soul scene in the ass and making some head way! Plus he's a pretty ace dude outside of being an amazing DJ. After watching his set at the last 45 session my dick shriveled up between my legs and my jaw hit the floor. simply killer!

Any way for those paying attention here is last night play list from the radio show.
We hope to get the turntable situation sorted out and we most likely will not be there next Thursday as we will be on our way to London for a one off gig with my band Solace!

Traffic Sounds - Solos
Pieces of Peace - Cease Fire
Boby Franklin's Insanity - Don’t lose what you got
Master of Soul - I Hate You (in the daytime, love you in the nightime)
Iron Knowledge - Show Stopper
Cynics - Turn me Loose
The Last Vegas - Seal the Deal
Rainy Day Saints - She's Fallen Apart
Fresh Blueberry Pancake - Hassels
The Mainlines - Bring on the Sweet Life

Morgen - She's the Nitetime
Stark Naked - All of them Witches
Uriah Heep - Tears in my Eyes
ShutDown 66 - ShutDown 66
Shawn Phillips - Moonshine
The Stooges - TV Eye
The Butthole Surfers - Movin to Florida
Frank Zappa - Dirty Love
Daniel Johnston - Circus Man
Unsane – Body Bomb
Monster Magnet - Lord 13
Melvins - Oven
Bauhaus - Telegram Sam
Bob Dylan - Shelter From the Storm
Spooky Tooth - Wrong Time
Syndicate of Sound - Little Girl

Elias Hulk - Nightmare
Lectric Wood - Time of the Season
Incredible Hog - Wreck my Soul
The Yellow Payges - The Two of Us
Jericho - Featherbed
Dirty Tricks - Wait Till Saturday
Spirit - I Got a Line on You

and on another great note, i found my keys!!!
until the next time, Cheers!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Foward to the caves radio is back!


8 to 10pm EST

Tune in via the web.

After taking a few weeks off in a mini protest because WLFR and Stockton college can't get their shit together (broken turntables, broken microphones, etc...) we will be back online tonight!

Hopefully the turntables will be working and shit will be fixed because i brought 2 45 boxes loaded with groovy soul, funk & psych as well as a suitcase full of full length vinyl containing some heavier psych from the 70's!

So if anyone is around and bored tune in & turn on! It's gonna be a wild ride!!!

Also, be sure to check out JJB's blog Eye Eat Music Her new post is a KILLER!!!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Yours truly with a few of his favorite things: Beer, Girly covers, and Masks

So, here i am at working digging around all these KILLER blogs with all this music posted everywhere and i feel like such a little fish in such a big pond. This is all new to me and it's kind of overwhelming. I don't even know where to start. I'd like to give everyone who has linked, posted, or talked about this little tiny blog here a huge shout of thanks and just wanted to say hang in there because things will only get better over here! I've got a huge cash of vinyl that i can't wait to rip and share with the lot of you!

Edit: here's a little something inspired by the new flea market funk mix!


Monday, November 26, 2007

A few new ones...

I spent the weekend removing ALL my records from storage. Now they are all stacked ceiling high in my folks garage and the emore i look at them all the more i realize what a daunting task it's going to be sorting and cataloging and getting this is some sort of order, but it was cool doing a little digging in your own records and finding stuff i had forgotten i had!

Anyway, with X-mas looming and the prospect of Santa bringing the devil here a mp3 turntable, it should be soon that i will be able to download some tunes for the few that actually tune in over here.

In the meantime, here's a hot little cover and another cha cha for for eyes!

The cha cha cover isn't a true winner as the chicky babe is a so-so, but the red & white striped stocking make up for it! and the other one is a WINNER in my book!
Some bare feet, a little belly meat and a little camel toe action! Funny, but that picture was taken over 40 years ago and she has to be in her 20's so chances are that hot number is an old ass granny now or even possible dead....

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Asbury Park 45 Session Play List, Tech problems, good times & lost keys...


My head is still spinning a bit from last nights jam session as i sip some luke warm coffee and try to put the events that took place into some form of order.

Man, it was a whole lotta fun and there was some serious music spun. I can't wait to see play lists from everyone so I can start finding some of the wicked shit that was played!

Yours truly got off to a shaky start due some technical problems and in some part i'm sure my utter stupidity but alas all was rectified and the fuzz & funk was put forth!

i also lost my keys last night which didn't make for a fun time trying to get in the house at 3AM without them so if anyone finds a set of keys PLEASE let me know!

I'm still a bit out of it considering MANY Guinness were drank last night and i very rarely see 3AM anymore being a working man and all so I'm not going to get too detailed since details are a bit "fuzzy" but everyone killed it and i had a wicked good time!

so right to the point, here is what the devil dick played:

Sir Joe and Free Soul - (I've Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind - Mantis
Bob Franklin's Insanity - Don't Lose What You Got (Trying To Get Back What You Had) - Westbound
The Moods - King Hustler - Red Dog
Fantastic Epics - Fun and Funk Part III - Tories
Third Guitar - Down To The River - Rojac
The Wild Magnolias - Smoke My Peace Pipe (Smoke It Right) - Polydor
Ike & Tina Turner & The Ikettes - Contact High - Liberty
Sound Experience - 40 Acres and A Mule - Soulville
Iron Knowledge - Show Stopper - Tammy
Masters Of Soul - I Hate You (In The Daytime And Love You At Night)- Duke
Bags - It's Heavy - GSF

Many thanks to DJ Prestige for putting this thing on and having the old man back. If you aint getting your ass down here for this shit you is missing out BIG!


Friday, November 23, 2007

Cold as a witches tit this morning scores & red hot funk later tonight!!!

Man o' man it was cold this morning. After dropping my kids off this morning i got out to "the spot" albeit a little late. Jack the Ripper, Prime, Prestige & JJB were all already out there along with usual suspects, aka, the meatball, eggbeard & the old man, so i didn't hold much hope of finding anything after the bones were already picked clean by the vultures that were about but i dug deep and found a few things.

The old man was holding a record for me which I was thankful to score. A nice clean 1958 original stereo pressing of the Rock-A-Teens album woo-hoo. It's more rare than the mono and i guess it books pretty high, or at least the old man told me so. So needless to say this wasn't a dollar score buy WAY under what it books since he only "traded" for it. I'm psyched to have it because it's a great early little rock and roll record with some killer instrumental cuts. It has a little writing on the cover but whatever, you don't play the cover!

I also score some cool pic sleeves on the cheap @ 50 cent a pop and some cool 60's RnR/Psych 45's and a few cool LP's.

Anyway, looking forward to tonight's 45 session as i pulled some serious shit to spin and hope some folks will be digging the fuzzier side of some of my choices! I had a little mini heart attack this afternoon when i couldn't find one of my 45 boxes with hsome of my money in it! but alas it was found and I am fucking ready! (pardon my french but i am a little excited!)

enough babel, here are my scores today.


Billy Bland - Let The Little Girl Dance - Old Town 1076
The Cascades - Rythem of the Rain - Valiant 6026
Dandevilles - Nasty Breaks - Guyden 2014
Larry Frazier - Before Six - Impulse 205
Joe Williams, Thad Jones, Mel Lewis Orch. - Night Time Is The Right Time - Solid State 2508
Dee Ervin - 'Tis Farewell - Hull H-745
Eugene Church - Jack Of All Trades - Class 2128
Bobby Marchan - Booty Green - Fire 1027
California Soul NYC - WB Pro 621
Gene Anderson & the Keynotes - Susie - Top Ten 104
Chase - open Up Wide - Epic - 5-10775
Lectric Woods - Time of the Season - APT 26005
The Yellow Pages - The Two of Us - UNI 55107
The Rainy Daze - In My Mind Lives A Forest - UNI 55002
Joe Maphis - Pickin' & Guitin' - Mosrite 310
Wanda Jackson - Reckless Love Affair - Capitol 5789

45 picture sleeves:

Elvis - Love Letters - 47-8870
Bobby Rydell - Love Love Go Away - Cameo C-280
Hermins Hermits - I'm Henry VIII, I Am - MGM K-13367
Everly Brothers - Ebony Eyes - WB 5199
Brook Benton - The Boll Weevil Song - Mercury 71820
Damita Jo - Love Laid Its Hands on Me - Mercury 71840
Little Cindy - It Must Have Been the Easter Bunny - Columbia 4-41346
Cindy Lauper - The Goonies 'R'Good Enough - Epic 34-049918
Treasure Island - Peter Pan L-23
Farmer Alfalfa in The Mechanical Cow - RCA Victor WBY-111
Lunar Landing on the Moon - Doubleday T-10483
First Man on the Moon - MGM PX-101
America's First Man in Orbit - Doubleday SP 27
Aurora 7 - Doubleday SP 55


Rock-A-Teens - Woo-Hoo - Roulette SR 25109
Nappy Brown - Don't Be Angry - Savoy Jazz 1149
The Elephant - s/t - Big Tree 89508
Fat Mattress - II - Atco 33-347
The Muffins - Manna/Mirage - Random Radar 003
Soundproof - The sound of Tomorrow Today - Westminster HI-FI 15011

Hopefully I'll see a few folks out & about tonight!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Asbury Park 45 Sessions:

This Friday!

I aint got much else. Just got back from a LONG weekend in Boston recording withh my band and I'm feeling pretty beat up but way looking forward to spinning some deep funk grooves with some fuzzy overtones this Friday. come the Funk Down!

Also, be sure to check out JJB's blog Eye Eat Music For some groovey new tunes!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

A few scores and thanks!

I was going to post this on Sunday but waited until after the Flea Market Funk meets The Devil's Music mix was posted so it didn't get in the way.

Also want to give a public shout once again to DJ Pestige for the most exceelent job he did on the mix. I'm glad some folks dug it. I must have listened to both mixes 30 times already!

Thanks Pres you are truly the man!

So here goes last Sunday's post today!

I got up early today and believe it or not my little man wanted to get up and go to the flea market. Not to look for records but to look for star wars figures. So of course i was all up for it and got a little digging in. It was cold but the coffee was hot. And there was a lot of action out there even with the tables covered in frost. I found some cool records on the cheap but no star wars guy for the little man. I had to explain to him that some days you score & some days you don't but its all in the trying.

Here is a list of some of the scores: I got a nice mix of Rock & Soul stuff with some cool & odd LP's. Some of this stuff I already own but these were pretty nice clean copies.

If anyone has any information on the Ill Bred Mind 45 please let me know! I had to buy a whole box of common stuff to score it and I wasn't going to let another Soul Invaders Inc scenario happen so I bought the whole box just to get this one 45. It is an organ heavy psych number with a cover of "walk on by" on the flip and no information on the record at all, not even song credits. I looked online and seached popsike and couldn't turn up anything on it so if anyone has and info please contact me and let me know as it seems pretty "rare"...

Ill Bred Mind - How Can You Be Happy Today - P.S.L.
The Beatles - She Loves You - Swan
Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart - P.O. Box 9847 - A&M
Led Zepplin - Immigrant Song - Atlantic
Edward Bear - Best Friends - Capitol
Mountain - Mississippi Queen - Windfall
Alice Cooper - School's Out - WB
Alice Cooper - Hello Hooray - WB
David Essex - Rock On - Columbia
The Turtles - Surfer Dan - White Whale
Free - Alright Now - A&M
Johnnie Strickland - I've Heard That Line Before - Roulette
Edwin Star - War - Gordy
Sly & the Family Stone - I Want to Take You Higher - Epic
100 Proof Aged in Soul - Somebody's Been Sleeping - Hot Wax
Joe Tex - I Gotcha - Dial
Little Sister - Stinga - Stone Flower
Jackie Moore - Precious Precious - Atlantic
Fred Wesley & the J.B's - Damn Right I Am Somebody Pt. 1
Moments And Whatnauts - Girls (Part I) - Stang
Foxy - You Make Me Hot - Dash
The Parliments - (I Wanna) Testify - Revilot
Labelle - Lady Marmalade - Epic
Blue Magic - Welcome to the Club - Atco
The Exciters - Tell Him - UA

Cantandole A - ME XI CO - Alta id
Eddie Heywood - S/T - EmArcy (1955)
Kai Winding Feat. Kenny Burrel - Soul Surfing - Verve
Heartsille Benjamin's Virgin Ilsand Steel Band - Philips
Japan - Its Music and Its People - Desto
Charles Wright and The Watts 103rd Street Band - You're so Beautiful - WB (still in shrink)
V.O.S. - Yesterday & Today - Valley of Sound (private press psych/rock)
HI-FI Jazz Session - Sarah sings "Mean to Me" Feat: Sarah Vaughan, Dizzy Gillespie, Red Norvo, Cozy Cole, Charle Ventura - Masterseal
Jake Holmes - So Close, So Very Far To Go - Polydor

and a few new Cha Cha Lp's!


Flea Market Funk Meets The Devil's Music: That's Heavy Old Man!! Part 2


45 to 45! And nothing but 45's!!!

A huge shout out to DJ Prestige for making this possible. He did all the hard work I just provided a few 45's so sit back relax and turn up the FUNK!!!

Here it is! Part 2 of the Flea Market Funk meets The Devils Music mix!!!

News - Tend To Your Own Business/ Colossus
The Electric Ladies - King Kong/ Mainstream
Ground Hog - Bumpin/ Gemigo
Junior & the Classics - The Dog/ Groove
The Sisters and Brothers feat. Sister Geri - Chained/ Calla
Diobolics - _______ Will Be _______/ Togetherness
King Hannibal - The Truth Shall Set You Free/ Aware
Preacher - Life Is A Gamble/ Column
Gerri Granger - Show Stopper/ Double L
I Am the Red Devil - Frankie "Zeke" Hart/ Specialty

Download or Listen To:Flea Market Funk Meets The Devil's Music: That's Heavy Old Man!! Part 2

Don't forget to go over to Flea Market Funk to download Part !!!!

As if you haven't already!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Clash of the 45 boxes: The Heavy Old Man Mix

So last night I met up with Flea Market Funk Ace No. #1 Soul Dude DJ Prestige and had a little clash of the 45 boxes. Jenn & I rolled up a little after 7pm with beers & 45 boxes in hand. After some chit chat and some KILLER vegetarian Caribbean food from Sister Sue’s in Asbury we got down the business at hand!

We had a kind of 45 war. We each picked out 10 45’s and my man Pres was kind enough to let me make the first move. So I being the new guy on the block had to go all out with my move, which he followed up in true DJ Pres fashion. And then we each “threw down” a 45 on each of our “turns” going back and forth each throwing down a 45 until we were out of records. 10 records each, resulting in 2 different mixes! It was pretty cool. At one point Pres took back one of his picks and went to an alternate 45 box because he wasn’t feeling the one he threw down fit the mix! A true pro!

Then my man got down in front of the turntables and mixed that shit up! I think he is going to be putting the finishing touches on both mixes tomorrow and each mix part 1 & part 2 will be posted on each of our blogs, Part 1 on Flea market Funk & Part 2 right here.

So stay tuned because I guarantee some Groovy, Heavy, Funky, Soul goodness!

I can’t thank him enough for hooking this up. He did all the hard work, I just sat back threw some choice 45’s down (and drank beer) and he’s putting all the pieces together. With any luck & with Prestige’s help I will be able to start downloading my own tunes soon!!! (trying to teach an old dog new tricks ya know!?!)


Monday, November 5, 2007

45 of the day: Aaron Neville - Ape Man

I used to have this 45 but no longer do.

It's a great little dance craze type number where Mr. Nevill's "dance" is acting like an ape!!!

I no longer own this baby and would love to come across another copy. I've been passively looking for a few years now but no luck. Any leads would be "HIGHLY" appreciated!

Edit: I just found a few copies on ebay and i will be bidding soon!
Do yourself a favor and buy one too!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Record's of the day, missed WFMU record fair & run in w/ the soul invaders 45 guy...

I didn't make it up to the WMFU record fair as I am trying to be thrifty these days, i have some things coming up that are going to require some cash. IE, studio time w/ my band solace and plain tickets to London for a one off gig w/ Orange Goblin Nov. 8th but i did manage to get out to one of the flea markets and buy some trash.

So today i give you my 2 new latest editions to the devil's music record cover club.
Both for a buck. I also got some odd ball 78's and a few minor league rock records as well as some really cool and "odd" jazz, soundtrack, electronic, spoken word and folkways type ethnic records.

I have my fingers crossed as a friend of my mother has informed her that a relative has just passed away and he had a "HUGE" record collection and asked my mom if her son, that being me was interested. well of course! so we shall see how that pans out.

I also had another run in with the guy who had the soul invaders inc 45 and all i can say is the guy is pretty out there. He seems real "odd" about parting with this 45. he says he still has it and that he is going to "give" it to me if i buy all of his 78's he has but when i ask him what kind of 78's he has he tells me he doesn't know. Well i aint buying things sight unseen ya know...??? so I don't know what is going to happen with this damn 45! I have my fingers crossed but I aint holdin' my breath ya know what i mean?

Anyway here is a list of my recent scores:

Carl Hoff - Kentucky Babe - Okeh 6478
Tommy Tucker Time - The Train Song - OKeh 6487
Phil Harris - Some Little Bug - Ara 136
Peerless Quartet - The Railroad Section Gang - Victor 16727

The Ventures - Secret Agent Man - Dolton 316
Sly & the Family Stone - Fun - Epic 5-10497
Dion - Daddy Rollin' (In Your Arms) Laurie 3464

Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - I Miss You - Philadelphia International KZ 31648
The Ink Spots - 18 Hits - King 5001X
John Williams - Plays Bach, The Complete Lute Music On Guitar - Columbia M2 33510
Cheap trick - Dream Police - Epic
Watch the Skies - Reverie - Encounter ER 1002
Jim Kweskin & Jug Band - Unblushing Brassiness - Vanguard 2158
Paul Horn - Inside - Epic - BXN 26466
The Music of the Tonga - National Geographic Society 3516
Indian Music of the Upper Amazon - Folkways FE 4458
African Flutes - Folkways FE 4230
Cancion Protesta: Protest song of Latin America - Paredon P1001
Sir Winston Churchill "The sinews Of Peace" Spoken Arts SA 917
Black Pioneers in American History - Caedmon TC 1299
George Crumb - Night of the Four Moons, Voice of the Whale - columbia 32739
Bernard Gunther - Sensory Awakening: Couples - No label
Touch - Created by Morton Subotnick on the Buchla Electronic Music System - Columbia MS 7316
Gruppe Between - Einstieg - Wergo 1001
Terry Riley - Songs for the Ten Voices of the Two Prophets - Kuckuck 067
Computer Music - J.K. Randell Quartet in Paris Monologues by a Mass Murderer - Nonesuch H-71245
Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center - Columbia ML 5966
Panorama Electronique - Electronic Experimental Music by Kagel/Elmert/Henry/Ligeti - Limlight LS-86048
Luciano Berio - Laborintus 2 - RCA Red Seal LSC-3267
Darius Milhaud - Aspen-Serenade - Everest 3176
Environments - dawn at New Hope, Pennsylvania June 1969 - Atlantic SD 66002
Andres Segovia - An Andres Segovia Recital - Decca DL 9633

oh yeah, we also scored this awesome vintage Rush mirror for a buck!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Record cover of the day & last nights play list

Here's another hot little latin number for your eyes.

I've decided instead of doing a weekly cover I'm just gonna post 'em when I feel like it.

Also for anyone paying attention, I know there aren't many but here is last nights "forward to the caves" radio show!


Parliament - P.Funk (Wants to get funked Up)
Bintangs - Lora Lady
The Novas - The Crusher & Take 7
Big Elf - Neuropsychopathic Eye
Juicy Lucy - Mississippi Queen & Who Do You Love
Orange Sunshine - Sunshine of your Love
Donovan - Catch the Wind
Wildfire - Stars in the Sky
Dave Diamonds & the Higher Elevation - The Diamond Mine
Teddy & His Patches - Suzy Cream Cheese
Wayne Raney - Catfish Boogie
Cousin Deems Sanders & His Goatherders - Goatherder Boogie
Stackwaddy - Hoochie Coochie Man

Arthur Lee - E-Z Rider
Yesterdays Children - Evil Woman
Crystal Chandelier - Suicidal Flowers
Zior - Entrance of the Devil

Black Sabbath - Hard Road
Blue Oyster Cult - Career of Evil
Aphrodite’s Child - Four Horseman
Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation
Uriah Heep - Gypsy
Colosseum - Kettle
Nazareth - Sold My Soul

Solace -Devil's Clock

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Record cover of the week & happy halloween!

What's wrong here...?

There seems to be something very, very wrong with this guy, while he has a very beautiful lady standing and looking down right “HAWT” and ready for some action right next him, he’d rather dress up a giant bread and dance with that!

What gives!?!?!?

Anyway, Happy halloween everyone! Hope a few enjoyed the Halloween show we did on WLFR last week!

Until next time!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Record cover of the weekend and see ya!

Since I'll be gone & busy all weekend here is a hot little Latin number with some nice cleavage to get you through the weekend!

Solace in Frederick Maryland Saturday (tonight)

& The N.Y. Football Giants in London on Sunday!

London here we come!!!

& check out the Soul Invaders Inc post!

There has been some interesting dialog going on over there!


Friday, October 26, 2007

Forward to the caves halloween playlist 10/25/07

Just wanted to drop by and tell you what a great time last nights how was and hit you with the play list!

I had a bunch of calls from people shooting me with ray guns, talking like martians and playing the star wars theme music over the phone at me.

that was a lot of fun. but man those 45's move so quick i can barely keep up playing one right after another....

Gonna try and put together a post halloween show of the same kinds stuff with a buddy of mine who collects the same shit and he's got twice as much as i do....

should be ghoul....

Here's what we played!

10/25/07 – Halloween Show

The Five Blobs - the Blob
The Crewnecks - Rockin' Zombie
The Johnson Brothers - Zombie Lou
The Castle Kings - You Can Get Him Frankenstein
The Goofers - The Headhunter
The Contrails - The Mummy Walk
Don Hinson & the Rigormorticians - Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsaturated Blood
Johnny Thunder - Horror Show
The Moontrekers - Night Of The Vampire
The Ran-Dells - Martian Hop
Dave Gardner - Mad Witch
Joe Johnson - The Gila Monster
The Zanies - Do You Dig Me Mr. Pigmy
Billy Sills - Nightmare

Count Lorry & the Biters - Frankenstein Stomp
The Headless Horsemen Story
Philly Joe Jones - Blues For Dracula
The Jay-Hawks - The Creature
Lou Chaney - Monster Holiday
The Upperclassmen - Cha Cha With The Zombies
Bart Lewis - Frankenstein
The Revels - Dead Mans Stroll
Hollywood Flames - Frankenstein’s Den
Lee Ross - The Mummy's Bracelet
Bobby "Boris" Picket - The Werewolf Watusi

The Frantics - Werewolf
Casper the Friendly Ghost - A Trip To Ghostland
The Zanies - Frankenstin's Labratory
Hutch Davie - Gwendolyn & the Werewolf
Mel Calvin - My Mummy
Frankie Stein & the Ghouls - Weirdo The Wolf
Bob Mc Fadden & Dor - The Mummy
Sam The Sham - Haunted House
The Surfmen - The Ghost Hop
Gene Moss - I Want To Bite Your Hand
The Poets - Dead

Dicky Doo & the Don'ts - Flip Top Box
Cris Kevin - Haunted House
Morgus & the Ghouls - Morgus The Maginificent
The Monotones - Zombi
The Duponts - Screaming Ball At Dracula Hall
Gary "Spider" Webb - The Cave
Scotty McGregor & the Spooks - I'm A Monster

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Forward to the caves halloween spectacular 10/25

Forward to the caves radio show! TONIGHT! 8 -10pm EST

Listen in via the web at:

Anyone tuning in will get the great privilage of seeing what a truly geeky record collector i am while i spin nothing but cheeky 50's & 60's monster rock n' roll 45's from my personl collection in honor of the greatest holiday known to man, halloween.

Nothing but tunes about monsters, witches, werewolves, frankenstein, dracula and martians....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A little something for DJ Prestige

Since my man was giving us the low down on Clifford Curry & the Soul Ranger 45, i thought I'd post my copy of The Five Pennies - Mr. Moon since there is a connection.

Bop on over the Flea Market Funk for more info!

One of these days i will be able to link the sounds but for now a pic will have to suffice.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Solace - Black Black - Limited Vinyl Pressing

To all that do not know, I play in a band called "Solace" and the good folks at "land-o-smiles" records just put out our last record on limited press color vinyl.

400 pressed and never to be re-pressed:

take a gander at these beauties!

if you dig on heavy 70's style hard rock in the vein of Black Sabbath get your hands on a few copies now!

here's a few reviews:

SOLACE - BLACK BLACK EP Underdogma Records

SOLACE is back with a blast! After the mighty debut album FURTHER and the weaker follow up "13" I personally didn’t give a dime for a good comeback. The Split with GREAT DAY FOR UP some years ago was a first step, but with this 4 track EP they are back with a blast! The opener WORLD OF FIRE is an 8 minute long Stoner monster with a lot of tempo changing and with the mighty vocals from Jason! This song features all the SOLACE sound. Fat and mighty grooving guitar riffs, great solo guitars, variations in the songs and the mighty, from screaming to whispering, vocals from Jason. DESTROY THE GIFT starts with some Doom Metal riffs and turns into a typical Solace smasher! Highlight on this EP is the 14 minute Doom smasher called THE DEVILS CLOCK. The riffs will blow you away and it sounds like a bulldozer destroying some walls. The song turns into a solo-guitar ending with some great tunes. This is the part you can bang your head out! Cool! And the last track is a cover version of a CURE song! You will not know that song after some listening! It rocks and you think it is a SOLACE track! One of the heaviest and best Stoner Rock bands from the states are back and I can’t wait to hear a new record! Get it!

Music: Stoner Rock
Sound: 9
Music: 9
Info: 4 Songs / 33 minutes


Solace - The Black Black
Review by John Pegoraro (
Underdogma Records (CD)/Land o Smiles (vinyl)
Release date: May 2007

This time last year, New Jersey's Solace had imploded. Their third full-length, A.D., was dead in the water and they were headed for the “coulda shoulda woulda” file, another obscure band that coulda shoulda woulda kicked the world in the ass had they not been too busy tripping over their own feet.

Then they were offered a slot on the Roadburn Festival and that one gig managed to reinvigorate the five-piece. A.D. has been dusted off, and while it's still not finished (making it our Chinese Democracy), the four new tracks on The Black Black offer nothing but good news for the band and for their fans.

If I had to describe The Black Black in a word, it would be one long girlish shriek of joy. The three originals - “Khan (World of Fire),” “Destroy the Gift,” and “The Devil's Clock” - and their cover of The Cure's “World War” deliver classic Solace and then some. The current line-up recorded only one other original, “Cement Stitches” from their split with Greatdayforup, and while a great song, it didn't fully capture what the band was capable of doing. Solace is a guitarist's band, and The Black Black is replete with riffs, harmonized solos, blistering solos, moody solos, solos that make the hairs on your arm stand up, and the type of solos that make your dog run around in circles, barking at nothing, but never to the point where they sacrifice actual songs. They've stepped up their songwriting in the years since 13, and the end result is an ugly, aggressive, and unique blend of rock, doom, and metal. Credit to that also needs to go to frontman Jason, whose use of both clean, melodic vocals and a fierce shriek adds considerable dynamics to the tracks (especially "The Devil's Clock").

Is this the best material Solace has written? Damn straight. Given the 33 minutes running time, it's debatable whether this will be Album of the Year or EP of the Year. Either way, this is highly recommended. Holy fucking hell, this rules.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Record cover of the week & a few scores

One of my fave cha cha lp's here. a disembodied pair of legs with some hot fishnets.

I didn't get out to the spot and looks like i missed out as DJ Prestige had a special guest out for a dig, DJ Andy Smith. and by the looks of things on his "Flea Market Funk" blog the duo faired pretty well too.

No worries I had a good time out in Philly with my Kids and lady friend and I also managed to pick picked up a few Lp's today.

Julie London - Julie is her name Volume Two - Liberty LRP 3100
The Surfaris - Hit City 65 - Decca DL 4614 - Still in the shrink!
Claude Williamson Trio - Keys West - Capitol T6511
Easy Rider - Music From the Soundtrack - Dullhill DSX 50063
B.T. Express - Do It 'till You're Satisfied - scepter SPS 5117
Beatles - Bach - Bacharach - Go Bossa - MFP 5206
Art Mooney - Cha Cha Cha - Parade SP 379
Honey to A Bee - Rated "X" Records Promo 12"

Man, The Beatles - Bach - Bacharach is a strange piece. I mean it's a mix of The Beatles, Bach, & Burt Bacharach all doing Bossa Novas in a Brazilian style... Looks German. Kooky man, Kooky!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Forward to the caves play list 10/18/07

twas a good night of RAWK!!!
The tunes were cranked and the Guinness dos flow...
glad a few tuned in and thanks to all the fat bastards that called in. your love, hate and ridicule is appreciated....

until next week...


The Guess Who - Dirty
The Weirdo’s - Life of Crime
Creepy John Thomas - Down in the Bottom
Ars Nova - Well, Well, Well
Five By Five - Fire
The Zombies - Indication
Wanda Jackson - I'd Be Ashamed
Roy Hogsed - Cocaine Blues
Hasil Adkins - Kim Hutching Rock
Jan & Arnie - Gas Money
The Accelerators - Ground Zero N.Y. City
West Bruce & Lang - Why Dontcha?
Thee Hypnotics - (let it) Come Down Heavy
Tarkus - Rio Tonto

Juicy Lucy - Midnight Sun
Los Holy's - Piedra De Doce Anc
Axe - This House is not a Motel
Rare Earth - (I Know)I'm Losing you
G.Kerr Orch. - Backlash
The Creation - How Does it Feel
Wire - 12XU
Los Shains Docena 3 - Tema de los Shains
The Kinks - Too Much Monkey Business
The Motors - Phoney Heaven
Sham 69 - Borstal Breakout
The Stranglers - Get a Grip on yourself
Killing Joke - Exit
The Offenders - Face Down in the Dirt

Meatmen - War of the Super Bikes
The Exploited - Horror Epics
GBH - Christianized Cannibals
S.O.A - Public Defender
Shel Silverstein - Masochistic Baby
Wishbone Ash - Blind Eye & Whiskey Lady

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Album Cover of the Week

Since i can't post any music here yet i thought i'd share some of the albums i collect for not only the music but the cover art and Cha Cha records happen to be a fave of mine.
Expect more to come in the next few weeks!
Dig it!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Saturday scores

the rare occasion that i didn't have my kids got me out to "the spot" Saturday and it turned out pretty good. got a nice mono version of the kinks you really got me on the tri color reprise and a few other cool lp's along with some much needed mutha punk rock in the accelerators. the fisrt skullflower 7", aweirdo's 7" as well as NJ legends Big Nurse on heat blast! A label i know a little bit about since my ancient band Godspeed cut a single on that label back in 90 or 91...

I was hoping to run into DJ pres but he was a no show so i hooked up with Jack the Ripper who was out and about so that was pleasant surprise, the weather was beautiful and there were plenty of records. not all "gems" but the digging on a great day with some good company in Jack, the lady friend JJB and my old Pal Mike the record guy who I have been buying records off since the 80's is always a good deal.

The 3 plus hours we were there felt like 1... a good day for sure.

some of the 45 scores:

The Box Tops - Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March – Mala 12,035
The Zombies - Indication – Parrot 45 PAR 3004
Five By Five - Fire (Hendrix cover) Paula 302
Rare Earth - (I Know) I'm Losing You - Rare Earth 5017
Bobby Peterson - Piano Rock - V-Tone 214
Jimmy Witherspoon - No Rollin' Blues – GNP 156
Clarence "Frog Man" Henry - Ain't Got No Home – Argo 5259
Roy Hogsed - Cocaine Blues – Capitol F40274
Wanda Jackson - I'd be Ashamed – Capitol 4635
Roy Accuff - I Like Mountain Music – Decca 9-30141
Bill Jennings & Willis Jackson - Wishbone – King 45-5087
Nappy Brown- Little by Little- Savoy- 45-1506
Jimmy McCracklin - The Walk – Checker 885
Ron Holden - My Babe – Donna 1315
The Storey Sisters - Bad Motorcycle – Cameo126
Jan & Arnie - Gas Money – Arwin MM-111-45
Rickey Dee & the Embers - Work Out - Newtown
The Delfonics - I'm Sorry - Philly Groove 151
Sunny - Every Week, Every Month, Every Year - Tear Drop 3014
Jan Bradley - Mama Didn't Lie – Chess -1845
The Show Stoppers - Ain't Nothin' but a House Party – Showtime STR 101
Bill Deal & the Rhondels - May I – Heritage HE 803
G. Kerr Orch. - Backlash - All Platinum AP 2316
Parliament - Bop Gun – Casablanca NB 900

Friday, October 12, 2007

Sure Looks Real Mix

Looks like i'm getting closer to being able to post music here. real close....

But until then here is a track list of my last mix for myself and a few friends.

Eden’s Children – Sure Looks Real
Eden’s Children – Spirit Call
Eden’s Children – Wings
Giant Crab – Cool it… Helios
Giant Crab – It’s Getting Harder
Man – Taking the Easy Way Out
Man – Scotch Corner
Illusion – Man
Taos – 20,000…
Elf – Aint It All Amusing
Christmas – Point Blank
Christmas – Zephyr Song
Lightning – Prelude to Opus IV
Lightning – Hideaway
Ashkan – Going Home
Freak Scene – 1,000,000 Grains of Sand
Freak Scene – Center Of My Soul
Freak Scene – Watered Down Soul
Contraband – That’s Your Way
Grin – The Weight
Ten Wheel Drive – How Long Before I Am Gone

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Soul invaders inc - the one that got away!


SOUL INVADERS INC - Careless loving / So good


so I'm at the flea market yesterday and it was pretty dead but i stumble upon a box of 45's and there is NOTHING in the box, i mean some beat up late 60's early 70's pop like the carpenters and osmonds and just in the worst shape. Towards the end of the box i pull out this interesting looking 45. It's the Soul Invaders Inc on Yorktown. I don't know anythingabout this record but it has "the look".

Great name.

Cool label I've never seen before.


I pull it out and ask "how much"

dude says, "I'm selling the whole box for 10 bucks"

i say, "well there isn't much else i could use in there i'll give you 2 bucks for the 45"

dude says as he snatches the 45 from my hand "i'm selling the whole box for 10 bucks"

whoa killer, ease up....

I make a call to my bud DJ Pres and ask him if he knows anything about the 45.

he says he doesn't but says go for it and buy the whole box.

So I go back and say ok man i'll take the box for 10 bucks it's kinda slow out here, yada, yada, yada....

dude says "you can have the box for 10 without that 45, i'm gonna hold onto that one"

I mean what the hell? The flea market set is starting to really get under my skin.

It was obvious he was using the fact that i wanted this and only this 45 to look it up and see what it was worth.

So i get home and i look it up online and of course its a psych soul peice out of NYC and fairly rare. The kind of shit that is right up my alley.

I'm wicked bummed. I know i shoulda just took the chance the 1st time and bought the box but I'm trying to be more thrifty and ease up on my wallet these days so...

That there is the story of the one that got away.

if anyone has a copy that would like to send my way, i'm up for a trade or purchase as it just eats away at me now knowing that i had it in my hands and lost it!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Last night, missing play lists & finding time...

Man, I just can’t seem to find the time to get this mother off the ground. I have tons of new records and I haven’t even had time to list any of my new scores. But I been busy with the radio show and last nights show was a killer!

We played a whole hour of soul & funk and followed it up with some early 90’s Seattle sounds via the Sub Pop label as well as some others, played a block of covers, doubled up “House of the rising sun” and ended with some Osmond’s & some 70’s punk in Chelsea!

They changed the link at the station for the live feed and never told anyone so I’m not sure how many folks got to tune in but if you didn’t here is what you missed!

Party Boys - Girls
Ernest Jackson - Hogwash
Rasputins Stash - Love Is Certified
The Futures - Our Thing
100 Proof in Soul – Don’t Scratch where it Dont Itch
Detroit Emeralds - Baby let me take you in my Arms
Honey & The Bees - Come Get It
The C.O.D.'s - Cry No More
Bobby Powel - Done Got Over
Lee Andrews & The Hearts – Nobody’s Home
Buster Brown – Don’t Dog Your Woman
Charles Watts & 103rd Street Band- Wine
Lou Toby & His Heavies - Heavy Steppin'
The Rimshots - Do What You Feel
Les McCann & Eddie Harris - Cold Duck Time
Maskman & His Agents - There'll be some changes
Isan - Clear Di Way
James Brown – Please, Please, Please

Fugazi - Waiting Room
Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick
The Fluid - Cold Outside
Screaming Trees - Change Has Come
Love Battery - Between the Eyes
Melvins - Hostile Ambient Take Over
TAD - Jinx
Rein Sanction - Creel
Sister Double Happiness - Wheels a Spinning
Big Chief - Chrome Helmet
God Bullies - Tie a Yellow Ribbon
Gumball - Strawberry Fields
New Bomb Turks - Jaguar Ride
White Stripes - Send Me an Angel
Frijid Pink - House of the Rising Sun
Nina Simone - House of the Rising Sun
The Doggs – Shakin’ All Over

The Osmond’s - Life is hard Enough Without Goodbyes
Chelsea - The Right to Work

here is the new link:

Tune in every Thursday 8 to 10pm EST

and our little myspace page:

Also: here are the last 2 weeks play lists that I never posted.


Groundhogs - Thank Christ for the bomb
Power of Zeus - It Couldn't be Me
Pink Fairies - I was I was a Girl (for KK Downer)
Yesterday's Children - Providence Bummer
November - Mt. Everest
Max Webster - Research (at beach resorts)
Randy Holden - Between Time
Jethro Tull - Nothing is Easy
Comus - Diana
Joseph - Cold Biscuits and Fish Heads
Red Dirt - Problems

Churchills - Straight People
Flower Travellin' Band - Satori Part 1
Flower Travellin' Band - Satori Part 2
Flower Travellin' Band - Satori Part 3
Flower Travellin' Band - Satori Part 4
Flower Travellin' Band - Satori Part 5
Flower Travellin' Band - Map
Bang - Tomorrow
Jerusalem - Primitive Man
Zior - She'll Take You Down
Grin - The Weight

The Yardbirds - Respectable Live
The Sonics - Good Hard Rock
The Bluestars - Social End Product
The Milkshakes - Before the Night Is Through
The Missing Links - Your Driving Me Insane
The Cramps - Cramp Stomp
The Cannibals - Come See Me
The Brimstones - We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties/Brimstone
The Seeds - Pushin' to Hard
MC5 - I Can Only Give You Everything
The Barbarians - Are You A Boy or Are You A Girl
The Stooges - TV Eye
Black Flag - Louie Louie
The Adverts - One Chord Wonders
The Dicks - Dicks Hate Police
Faith - In The Dark
Discharge - Drunk With Power
MDC - Greedy & Pathetic

Steel Pole Bathtub - The 500 Club
Melvins - Night Goat
Butthole Surfers - Who Was In My Room Last Night?
Hellacopters - Move Right Outta Here
Dinosaur Jr. - Going Blind
Orange Man Theory - Boillante's Dawn
Entombed - To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth
Scissorfight - Lick and a Promise
Puny Human - Raze the Leghorn Bar
Milligram - Let's Kill
Godflesh - Somewhere Someone Scorned
Abdullah - Black Hellicopters
Slayer - South of Heaven
Church of Misery - War is our Destiny (Saint Vitus Cover)


No Trend - One Under Parr/Copperhead
Dictators - Disease
Demon Flight - In The Dead of the Night
Humble Pie - Thunder Box
Savage Grace - Mothers Son
Aerosmith - Nobody's Fault
SRC - No Secret Destination
Mountain - Never in my Life
Grand Funk Railroad - In can feel him in the Morning
T Rex - Buick MacKane

Squirrel Bait - Kid Dynamite
Dead Kennedy’s - Moon Over Marin
DRI - Mad Man
Frank Zappa - A Token of my Extreme
The Osmond’s - Crazy Horses
Black Sabbath – Fallin’ Off the Edge of the World
Leo Kottke - From the Cradle to the Grave
Ramones - 53rd & 3rd
David Bowie - Where have the Good Times Gone
J.J. Cale - Call Me the Breeze
Barry McGuire – Eve of Destruction
Free - Fire & Water
The Stooges - Sick Of You
Savoy Brown – I Hate to See You Go

And I swear I’m gonna find a bit more time and keep this going a bit more regularly!