Monday, March 31, 2008

The Devil's Music Goes FuFu Stew!

Dear lord!

Look what is going on over at FuFu Stew!!!!

The devil himself has been lucky enough to have been asked to guest a mix at Vincent's wonderful FuFu Stew blog and contribute the #10 mix to is "Come On In My Kitchen" series!!!

Just take a look at the guests that have already graced that page! I feel very fortunate to be able to say that i was able to do the same!

As you may or may not know i kinda of thrive of the "Fuzzier" side of things so after i decided to keep my 1st idea of a mix for FuFu to myself (the ladies mix) i went with something i hope would appeal to both fuzz & funk fans and do a funky little rock mix.... Time will tell....

so please head over to FuFu Stew and take a gander at the devil's mix!!!

The Funky Side of the Rock!!!!

Sonny Joe Ivy - Ruby and the Gambler

Gonna keep going here with the more "Country" side of things and give you some Elvis inspired Rockabilly via 1964 by Sonny Joe Ivy: Real name, Joe Ivy Dupin, Jr.

Once again, the info was pretty scarce on Mr. Dupin. When i typed & searched his name in "Google" other than a few copies of this 45 that showed up for sale not much else was available. But I'm not really here to educate as i am to share and hope for some answers myself (which have been few & far between) so please enjoy and possibly shed some light on the following Elvis inspiried "rock-a-billy" joint.

Sonny Joe Ivy - Ruby and the Gambler

Friday, March 28, 2008

Joey Gills - (I'm Like) A Dog Without A Bone

Here is a little something I've yet to touch upon on my lil' old bloggie here, some Rock-a-billy - Bop - Hillbilly music.

Here is what I found out about Mr. Gills, he is from Louisiana, Born January 27, 1929 and this record is from 1956.

Enjoy some strong mid pace Hillbilly Bop from JOEY GILLS with a definite lean towards Mr. Hank Williams to get your weekend started.

Joey Gills - (I'm Like) A Dog Without A Bone

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Young Lions - We Better Get Along

Well, it's mid week here on the lovely east coast & i hope you all enjoyed my 1st mix.....???

I was hoping and planning on having DJ Prestige & DJ Jack the Ripper do my little radio show tomorrow on WLFR and get some plugs in for the Asbury park 45 sessions this Friday but from what I am being told from the other DJ's at the station turntable 2 is still not working so it would be a waste to have them come out since they were planning on spinning "VINYL".... ah, the best laid plans of mice & men...

anyway, I wanted to get something up today to help you all get over the "hump" so here goes:


I been sitting on this one for a while, waiting for the right time to drop it.
Today seems as good as any...

I see this described as "Northern Soul" on the interwebs but this also has a "Garage" type feel, not a punker mind you but elements of that sound.... I could not dig up much on "The Young Lions, and i don't think this is the same band as "Richard & the Young Lions"??? but found out that this is from 1965 according to a "Loma" records discography. If anyone has any info on this great cut please feel free to drop it!!!


The Young Lions - We Better Get Along

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Devil's Music - Devil Dick Mix - Vol. 1 - The Ladies Mix

Songs from funky ladies, groovy gals & sweet soul sisters in love, loss, heartache, pain, wanting & revenge!!!

Originally i had the "ladies" mix idea for the mix i was going to do for Vincnet over at FuFu Stew but i decided that since this is my very 1st mix for my own blog (i merly contrubted 45's to the old man mix with DJ Pres over at Flea Market Funk and he did all the work) I had to keep it for myself (sorry Vincent! i'll get you something soon!) So please check out my 1st mix, all dusty 45's dug up in the feild!

Enjoy vinyl in its natural state (no noise reduction or fancy mixing tools were used)in an un-natural enviroment (mp3's via the computer) and tell me what you think!

the devil dick ladies mix:

track list:

Betty Evertt - Take Me
Laura Lee - Rip Off
Betty Wright - Baby Sitter
Betty Davis - If I`m In Luck I Might Just Get Picked Up
Honey Cone - While Your out Looking For Sugar
Marva Whitney - Ball of Fire
Brenda & the Tabulations - Lies, Lies, Lies
Esther Phillips - I`ve Never Found A Man (To Love Me Like You Do)
Linda Jones - I Can`t Stand It
Bettye Swann - Make Me Yours
Carla Thomas - Strung Out

devil dick`s ladies mix

I re-uped the mix since divshare decided to make this mix "private"..... wtf???

devil dick`s ladies mix

Saturday Digs & "Split Thy Skull" Barley Wine Fest

DJ Pres, the Old Man & DJ Jack the Ripper: Jaw Dropping digs!!!

JJB and i got our asses up at the crack of dawn for a rare weekend dig, by the time we got to "the spot" Pres & Jack were already on scene and digging. I snapped a quick shot of the pair with the elusive "Old Man" for posterity. It was cold and pretty dead. There certainly were a few weirdos running around but I will leave that up to Pres to tell you all about, but the old man had some gold & junk.... i bought both. A few things for the lady, some soul 45's she didn't have yet and some rock Lp's she didn't have, and a few for me as well. I bought a few "girlie" covers and some "Killer Psych" 45 gems according the the old man. (always the salesman) It was cool catching up with everyone as i haven't had a chance lately to dig properly, but such is the life of a caring father of 2 boys!!!

Drinks! for all my friends!

The Devil w/ his Lady Friends: I only roll with HOTTIES!!!

After some digging and breakfast we hit the trail back to Philly for the "Split Thy Skull" barley wine fest. Oi Vey!!! I guess we got there around 2 and left about 6 and after drinking some high gravity beers i made my way over to AKA music for a drunk record buying spree.... I spent way too much $$$ in a highly inebriated state!!!

Here is the beer menu:

Climax Barleywine; 75 IBU; 10% ABV
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot (aged one year); 90 IBU; 9.6% ABV
Nodding Head George's Fault; 10% ABV
Heavyweight Wee Whale; 9% ABV
Sly Fox Ichor; 10% ABV
Great Divide Old Ruffian; 90 IBU; 10.2% ABV
Victory Old Horizontal; 10.5% ABV
Legacy Euphoria; 11% ABV
Weyerbacher Insanity; 11.1% ABV
Flying Fish Bigfish; 80 IBU; 10.5% ABV
Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA; 120 IBU; 20% ABV
General Lafayette The Phantom 2004; 80 IBU; 10.1% ABV

The Sly Fox being the Winner of the day for best in show but ALL were sampled!

I haven't really been posting any of my recent digs due to time but here is the day's totals for Saturday! And i hope to get something posted up later to shake your eardrums!

Eddie Holman - Free Country - Parkway
Dave "Baby" Cortez - Happy Feet - Chess
Otis Redding - I'm Sick Ya'll - Volt
Jr. Walker & the All Stars - Do the Boomerand - Soul
Tommy Tucker - Hi-Heel Sneakers - Checker
Ike & Tine Turner - Funkier Than A Mosquita's Tweeter - Liberty
The Capitols - Cool Jerk - Karen
Solomon Burke - Be Bop Grandma - Atlantic
Ricky Calloway - Payin My Dues - Super (Thanks Pres!)
Little Willie John - Take My Love - King
The Swinging Blue Jeans - Hippy Hippy Shake - Imperial
The Astronauts - Hot-Doggin' - RCA
Sonny Richards "Panics" w/ Cindy & Misty - Voodoo walk - Chancellor
Dyna-Tones - The Skunk - Alto
Terry Knight & the Pack - Got Love - Lucky Eleven
The Tird Rail - No Return - Epic
Small Faces - Tin Soldier - Immediate
Dearly Beloved - You Aint Gonna Do What You Did To Him To Me - Columbia
The Tangerine Zoo - Trip To The Zoo - Mainstream
Cream - Crossroads - Atco
Johnny Cash - Bonanza! - Columbia
Jimmy Reed - Mary-Mary - Vee Jay
The Valentines - Lily Maybelle - Gee


The Escorts - What We Need Is Another Chance
Mandrill - Solid
Sly & the Family Stone - There's A Riot Goin On
Alfred Hitchcock - Ghost Stories for Young People
Music Dynamics to Scare the Hell Out Of Your Neighbors
The Illusion - S/T
JoJo Gunne - Bite Down Hard
JoJo Gunne - Jumpin the Gunne
Ian Carr with Necleus - Solar Plexis
Chicken Shack - 100 Ton Chicken
Chicken Shack - O.K. Ken?
Chicken Shack - Forty Blue Fingers Freshly Packed & Ready To Serve
The Groundhogs - Hogging The Stage
Powertrip - S/T

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Skunks - Heart Teaser

Going to stick with the Fuzzy Guitar oriented sounds on this fine Friday and give you something from Wisconsin USA, land of beer, garage bands & more beer. And oh yeah, BEER!

Guitarist Larry Lynne and keyboardist Rick Allen formed the Skunks in 1964, a short-lived band perhaps best known for recording a rare single for Chess Records with Sonny Boy Williamson, "Fanny Mae." Originally, Lynne led a Milwaukee-based band called the Bonnevilles. Allen joined the group when he was only 18, and the Bonnevilles toured the Midwest. Together, Lynne and Allen formed the Skunks in 1964 as somewhat of a gimmick. The members dyed their hair black and then added white stripes, making themselves resemble skunks. The gimmick didn't last long and the two went their respective ways, but the Skunks did manage to record a few singles and they also did a full length album on Teen Town called "Getting Started" (Teen Town TTLP-101)

This tune as far as i can tell must have been towards the end of the skunks career since it sounds so blatantly "RAWK" as opposed to the 64 Garage sound. Kinda has a slight 'Blue Cheer" vibe.... These Skunks don't STINK!!!

Have a great weekend! I doubt there will be any weekend activity over here because I will be at Split Thy Skull Barley Wine Fest in Philly this weekend!!! WOO-HOO!!!


The Skunks - Heart Teaser

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wishbone Ash - Queen Of Torture

Here is a nice little guitar burner from 1970 to help get you over the hump this Wed.
this has a total amped up Humble Pie, Ten Years After meets and an English version of Mountain vibe going on. And you can see where Thin Lizzy got a few idea's from too...

From the Wishbone Ash self titled debut.

During the early- and mid-'70s, Wishbone Ash were among England's most popular hard rock acts. The group's roots dated to the summer of 1966, when drummer Steve Upton formed a band called Empty Vessels with bassist/vocalist Martin Turner and guitarist Glen Turner. Empty Vessels soon changed their name to Tanglewood and moved to London; during a gig at the Country Club in Hampstead, they were seen by would-be rock manager Miles Copeland, who was impressed with the jazz and progressive rock influences within the band and offered to be their manager.

Glen Turner left the band at that point, and an advertisement for a guitarist resulted in the addition of both David Alan "Ted" Turner and Andy Powell, who provided the basis for the sound of the new lineup with intertwining riffs and phrases drawn from both soul and blues, coupled with Martin Turner's melodic bass sound and Upton's jazz-influenced drumming. A new name was called for, and after several suggestions by Copeland that proved unacceptable, "Wishbone Ash" was chosen from two lists of words. The group rehearsed for weeks at Copeland's home, working out an entirely new repertoire, and played their first gig opening for the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation. It wasn't too long before they were opening for Deep Purple, where a sound check jam between Powell and Ritchie Blackmore led to a recording contract with the American Decca label.

Their self-titled first album appeared in 1970 and this album stacked up nicely when compared with other British hard rock releases that year. Not as complex or calculated as Led Zeppelin's Led Zeppelin III but definitely more focused than Mott the Hoople's Mad Shadows, Wishbone Ash more closely resembled Benefit by Jethro Tull, a group that hadn't yet adopted its own progressive elements. The dual lead guitar attack of Andy Powell and Ted Turner was a component that none of the above bands possessed.

Wishbone Ash - Queen Of Torture

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Kitchen Cinq - Determination

Here is some serious FUZZ to get your Monday, St. Patty's Day and your week started!

I mean this is REALLY FUZZY!!! The cool thing about it is the fact that the song is actually pretty "poppy" but the fuzz guitar just doesn't quit throughout!!! I mean its so fuzzy it sounds like your speakers are tearing & ripping up!!!

This is a pure surging teen punker! Full on garage, fuzz action!!!

The Kitchen Cinq came from Amarillo and evolved from a group called The Y'Alls, who put out a lone 45 on Ruff records in 1966.

The line-up of The Kitchen Cinq featured the following cool cats: M. Creamer, D. Gardner, D. Smith, John Stark (drums) and Jim Parker. Alas, I can't even tell you all their first names or what instruments they all played, such is the dearth of information on this mighty group!

For a couple of years the group recorded under the auspices of successful songwriter/arranger/producer Lee Hazlewood, issuing a truly fine LP, Everything but... The Kitchen Cinq and a total of five singles all for Hazlewood's LHI label.

Now here's The Kitchen Cinq with Determination!

The Kitchen Cinq - Determination

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Travis Wammack - Scratchy

This is one of thee greatest 45's ever recorded! And could be one of my top 5 of all time! I don't know what it is (but there are many things) about this tune that hits me hard. First thing is, is that its early, recorded in 1962 but not released until 1964, second thing is, is just the movement of it, 3rd thing is, the actual playing on it!, 4th thing is, Travis was a mere 16 years old when he recorded this amazing cut! 5th thing is, way pre Pink Floyd there is a total backward tape masking thing going which is pretty crazy for the era (but hell if i can make out what is being said), 6th thing is that its just fucking cool!!!! I mean if this don't ruffle your feathers please move along.... This cut is SO cool that Davie Allen & the Arrows covred it on their first album in 1965!!!

"Scratchy," has a melody borrowed from Mel Tormé's 1962 hit "Comin' Home Baby" and a bizarre vocal break consisting of backwards tape effects, was only a minor hit in its day but should be regarded as a classic of instrumental rock & roll.!

A little info on Travis:

Travis was born in Walnut in 1946, Mississippi, he began his professional music career when he wrote and recorded his first record at the tender age of eleven, and also became the youngest member ever voted into the musicians union. After moving to Memphis, Tennesse, the young guitarist made his mark on the music world at the age of sixteen with his 1963 hit “Scratchy”.. By 1969, Wammack’s skills landed him in Muscle Shoals, Alabama where he teamed with legendary producer Rick Hall at Hall’s FAME Records. Travis’ guitar licks can be heard on hit records recorded by artists such as Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Little Richard, Mac Davis, Clarence Carter, the Osmond Brothers, Bobbie Gentry, Candi Staton, Delbert McClinton, Liza Minnelli, Narvel Felts and many more. Wammack’s solo artist career (produced by Hall) also sky rocketed with the release of albums in 1971 and 1975. He traveled the world as Little Richard’s band leader from 1984 until 1995, performing on several nationally syndicated television programs. Wammack became known as the “fastest guitar player in the South”, where he was described by Rolling Stone’s Greg Shaw as “the fastest guitar player I have ever heard in my life, and not just fast but good. Brilliant, even...

Dig in to one of the devils fave tracks ever!!!

This one goes out to my man at Blues For The Red Boy for his love of all things 60's and RAWK!

Travis Wammack - Scratchy

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Syl Johnson - Let Them Hang High

One of the great things about being introduced into the blog universe is not only do i get to share my record collection but the vast amount of of others collections i get to see and sample. Even though I'm not very computer savvy and still learning this "world" I'm having a great deal of fun. I don't own an iPod and don't even own my own PC. I steal moments on my lovely lady friend JJB's and my work PC: I mean hell, I collect "RECORDS" for Christ sake not mp3's! But i get to see and hear so much new cool stuff that I put into my brain and will actively seek out because now I know it exists! So for all them blog masters to the right of this post over there and all the ones I've yet to discover, THANK YOU!

The bum side is that sometimes I have some great cuts that i want to share only to find out that someone in my little blog circle has already hit. That same thing just happened with not only 1 side but 2 sides just in the last week! DJ Pres @ Flea Market Funk just did Cleveland Eaton's "Chitown Theme" and It's Great Shakes just posted the great Jimmy Gordon cut "Buzzzzzz" (how many Z's is it for real?)... As i had both of these sides in the "cue" but no worries at least i know that the folks around me have great taste!

Anyway, i try to get a nice mix of shit over "hear" and try not not to step on any toes. I mean between my Man DJ Pres and Larry over @ Funky 16 & FuFu Vince and all the soul and funk cats 'round these parts I don't know why i bother posting any soul or funk because they cover it all!!! oh wait, yes i do know why i post it, it's because even though funk & soul isn't my "main" gig when it comes to music I've fallen in love with it over the last few years! I mean i come from a total different angle in music, all punk & hardcore & metal & fuzz & buzz & heavy psych. But afters years of collecting and dabbling in all facets of music (just wait until i bust out my early country & western & hillbilly music!) i can truthfully say that i do love almost all forms of music. And when I am lucky enough to stumble upon some hot shit music that I've never heard before I feel so lucky. That is the case with this cut here... I found this gem out in the field out at "the spot" in a box of of well played soul 45's.
I of curse knew who Mr. Johnson was having a few other sides but not this one. Upon getting it home and hitting the needle to the vinyl was blown away but this beauty.
I instantly hit the interwebs up to "upgrade" since my 50 center was as i said before "well played" and here we are now... But do not listen to me, I've had way too many beers tonight...


Here's some brief info on the man at the helm on this mad jam:

Born Sylvester Thompson in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Johnson sang and played with blues artists Magic Sam, Billy Boy Arnold, Junior Wells and Howlin' Wolf in the 1950's, before recording with Jimmy Reed for Vee-Jay in 1959. He made his solo debut that same year with Federal, a subsidiary of King Records of Cincinnati, backed by Freddie King on guitar.

He then began recording for Twinight Records of Chicago in the mid 1960s. Beginning with his first hit, Come On Sock It to Me in 1967, Johnson dominated the label as both a hitmaker and producer. His song Different Strokes, also from 1967, featured recently on the Ultimate Breaks and Beats breakbeat compilation.

Like other black songwriters of the period, several of his records at this time explored themes of African-American identity and social problems in songs including Is It Because I'm Black, which reached Number 11 in the R&B charts in 1969.

Here is the flip, which was a response to one of his own songs "dresses to short" from 1968. I guess he saw the error of his ways and decided that they should indeed hang higher baby!!! This just flat out moves & grooves and has become one of my new faves and most played of late! Man, what a voice!

Syl Johnson - Let Them Hang High

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Bubble Puppy - Beginning

Here is a supplimental post to my other Bubble Puppy posting below.

Just a little something to help get your weekend started! This one might not be as manic as "hot smoke" but man love, love, love! them fuzzy ass guitar sounds!!!
And check out them Keith Moon drums near the end! Awesome!!!


Bubble Puppy – Beginning

Forward to the Caves Radio Play List 3/13/08

here is what was cookin' last night on the Caves radio show!
A shit ton of Blues, some live UFO and a hot mix of goopy, gooey R'n R!!!!
(Zen G went out to FuFuStews Vincent the Soul Chef!)

I been hella busy this week but i have a few hot sides to lay on you if i can get to them this weekend so hang in there and have a good one!

And i hope to have a speacial guest for next weeks show, DJ Prestige of Flea Market Funk may be stopping by and filling your ears with a special Flea Market Forward to the Caves Full on Soul & Funk show! I got my fingers crossed!!!

Little Walter - I Keep Loving Her
Robert Nighthawk - Take It Easy Baby
Memphis Slim - Memphis Slim U.S.A.
Sleepy John Estes - Drop Down Mama
Sunnyland Slim - Low Down Sunnyland Train
Robert Nighthawk - Kansas City
Memphis Slim - Sassy Mae
Sleepy John Estes - Rats In My Kitchen
Sunny Land Slim - I'm Just A Lonesome Man

Howlin' Wolf - Red Rooster
Big Bill Broonzy Baby Please Don't Go
Bessie Smith - Mean Old Bed Bug Blues
Champion Jack Dupree - Everybody's Blues
John Lee Hooker - Crawlin' King Snake
Lightning Hopkins - Big Black Cadillac Man
Leadbelly - Alberta
Ike Turner - All The Blues All The Time

Smokey Hog - Little School Girl
Sunnyland Slim - The Devil Is A Busy Man
St. Louis Jimmy - Murder In The First Degree
Henry Gray - Watch Yourself
Harmonica Slim - Drop Anchor
Elmore James - Dust My Broom
Willie Eagan - Wear That Black Dress
JB Lenoir - Mama Talk To Your Daughter
Slim Harpo - I'm A King Bee
L.C. McKinley - Rosalie Blues
Little Papa Joe - Easy Lovin'
Nature Boy Brown - Blue Blue Boogie
Curtis Jones - Cool Playing Blues
Snooky prior - Crosstown Blues
Little Willie Foster - Four Day Jump
Jimmy Reed - Big Boss Man

Amos Millburn - Bad Bad Whiskey
Alice Cooper - Aint That Just Like A Woman
PW Long - I'll Be Your Angel
PW Long - The Shakin' Fears
Soda and His Million Piece Band - You Cheat
Soda and His Million Piece Band - July
Soda and His Million Piece Band - Mystery Song
Soda and His Million Piece Band - Liza Jane

UFO - Live - Side 1

C'mon Everybody
Who Do You Love
loving Cup

UFO - Live - Side 2

Prince Kajuku/ The Coming of Prince Kajuku
Boogie for George
Follow You Home

Killing Joke - Asteroid
VoivVod - VoiVod
VoiVod - Warriors of Ice
VoiVod - Suck Your Bone
Ministry - Stigmata
Zen Guerrilla - The Seeker
Die Kreuzen - Pink Flag
Sparklehorse - Someday
Thin White Rope - Ants Are Cavemen
Pink Fairies - The Snake

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stephen Stills - Old Times Good Times

Keeping in line with my Dion / Jimi Hendrix post: 2 Posts today related to the Dion 45 below:

There is no real need to go into detail about this rock legend is there? Famed for his work in Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills & Nash, and CSNY…

But what does Stephen Still have to do with Hendrix you ask…? Read on….

Here is a record that I have had for many many years and really never gave it too much thought, I mean it’s a good record and all but with all the music out there and with constantly digging up new stuff how many times could you grab this and really get a good listen? It’s not rare and it kinda sat there in my collection until one day for some reason, I think I was making a mix and pulled this out and was thinking of putting “Black Queen” on a mix and I was spot playing the other tracks and started hearing this ripping guitar solo and I was like “whoa, Stills is tearing it up on this” checked the credits and low and behold, it’s Jimi Hendrix!

He is buzzing and tearing all over this thing!!!

A truly historic recording, "Old Times, Good Times" brought together the talents of both Stephen Stills and Jimi Hendrix, both at the height of their careers. Loosely based on the Spencer Davis Group's "I'm a Man," the modified, minor-ninth chord melody works well in contrast to the spiraling chorus turnaround, which allows Hendrix and Stills to trade leads on guitar and organ, respectively. The lyrics are a pure and effective autobiographical statement, where Stills traces his musical progression from his childhood in the South to New York and finally California.

So I’m sending this out to my man dk over at dk presents for his love of all things Hendrix! I’m trying to convince him to start an all Hendrix blog!

Just add this to the million Hendrix related things:

And this may be a track that slipped under your radar so check it out:

Stephen Stills – Old Times Good Times

Mott The Hoople - Your Own Backyard, Darkness Darkness, Death May BeYour Santa Claus

Ok here’s the other Dion related post:

Mott the Hoople and their best, IMHO, record Brain Capers.

Connection? Mott does Dion's Your Own Backyard.

As well as a nice version of The Youngbloods Darkness Darkness” and their very own Hard Hitting “Death may Be Your Santa Claus”

Mott the Hoople: Most notable known for having members Ian Hunter, who went on to have very successful solo career and Mick Ralphs, who went on to form Bad Company with Free singer Paul Rodgers.

If your not familiar with the whole Mott story clicky here: It gets all David Bowie on ya and shit…


Songs removed due to:

We have received a DMCA complaint for your blog, The Devil's Music. An e-mail with the details of the complaint was sent to you on Mar 29, 2010 , and we reset the post status to "Draft"; you can edit it here. You may republish the post with the offending content and/or link(s) removed. If you believe you have the rights to post this content, you can file a counter-claim with us. For more on our DMCA policy, please click here. Thank you for your prompt attention.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Steel Mill - Summer's Child - Get On The Line

Seeing as I did a whole set of "Kraut Rock" on my radio show last night i will go in that direction here to start off the weekend.

Steel Mill are one of the most mysterious groups to have existed (or not!). The sleeve-notes of the CD re-release of their one and only album detail how the author tried in vain to track down some historical information about the band. All roads were however dead-ends, to the extent that even the British Musicians Union has no record of the any of the band members.

Their sole album is a very expensive record in its original format. And "get on the line" from this single is a Non-Album cut!

I can do little here but relate extracts from the liner notes from the 1994 CD re-release of their one and only album, "Green Eyed God". These were written by Mark Brennan, who documented his efforts to find out some background information on the band thus:

"I first spoke to producer John Schroder who recalled the band's name and the fact that the LP was recorded at London's De Lane Lea studios, but other than that he had no recollection of the album.

Larry Page, the legendary producer/manager who owned Penny Farthing records who released (the two singles and one album by the band) could not recall a thing about Steel Mill.

Jeff Wilkins who worked for Lovigny Marquee the production company who signed Steel Mill, also proved to have little recollection of the band or the whereabouts (of the members).

The British Musicians Union had no record of any of the members, and even the normally reliable collectors shops knew of their releases, but not their history."

The sleeve notes end with appeal for any information to be forwarded to the author at Repertiore Records!

These cuts are from the 2nd single by the most mysterious bands of all time and from, as always, my personal collection!

Steel Mill - Summer's Child

Steel Mill - Get On The Line

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Forward To The Caves Play List 3/6/08

As of tonight were back on the air for 4 hours!

Here's 4 hours of music!

If you can't find some shit in there that you dig, you don't dig music!

Everything from Psych, Beat, Rock, Pop, Garage, Punk, Hardcore, Soul, Funk & Kraut Rock!

Hamilton Face Band - Speed Song
Guru Guru - UFO
Nektar - Good Day
Jeronimo - Blind Man
Epsilon - She Belongs To Me
Dschinn - Rock 'n Roll Dischinny
Omega - After A Hard Year

The Open Mind - Thor The Thunder God
SRC - A New Crusader
The Yardbirds - Shape of Things
The Turtles - Buzzsaw
Shadows of Knight - Gloria '69
Bob Seger - Persecution Smith
The Last - Louie Louie
The Family Tree - He Spins Around
Black Flag - Louie Louie
UK Decay - For My Country
Glenn Danzig - Who Killed Marilyn
The Stranglers - (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
Husker Du - Makes No Sense At All
Dead Kennedy's - Bleed For Me
Discharge - Protest & Survive

Armia - Aguirre
Disorder - More Than Fights
Mercyful Fate - Black Funeral
The Partisans - Killing Machine
Johnny Cash - Boy Named Sue
Bob Dylan - Shelter From the Storm
Dusty Springfield - Son-Of-A Preacher Man
Electric Prunes - Too Much To dream Last Night
Niky & the Shouts - Don't Be A Fool
The Gamblers - Dead
The Tykes - Double Crossin Time
The Humbugs - A Little Bit Of Time
Group 1850 - Mother No Head
The Magic Strangers - I'm A King Bee
The Shane - lady Bountifull
The Key - I See Your Image
Chapter II - Seven Dimes
Mack - All My Hope Is Gone

Hawkwind - Over the Top
Donovan - Wild Witch Lady
Mystic Number National Bank - Blues So Bad
J. D. Blackfoot - The Ultimate Prophecy / Deaths Finale
Edward Bear - Monday
The Ventures - Cookout Freakout on Lookout Mountain
Ashton, Gardner & Dyke - Let It Roll
The Chambers Brothers - Funky
Harmon Bethea - She's My Meat
Wisdom - Whatcha-Gonna-Du-About-You
Idris Muhammad - Turn This Mutha Out Pt. 1
Jackie Shane - Comin' Down
Brenda & the Tabulations - Lies, Lies, lies
Betty Davis - If I'm In Luck...
Nanette Workman - J'Al Le Gout De Baiser
Syl Johnson - Let Them Hang High
Labelle - Lady Marmalade
Maxayn - Bail Out

The Police - Nothing Achieving

Long before Stings Tantric sex exploits, old man guitar player what's his name and million seller bullshit albums these guys were a viable punk rock band...

The Police were founded by American-born drummer Stewart Copeland in early 1977. After the demise of his progressive rock band Curved Air, Copeland was anxious to form a new three-piece group and join the burgeoning London punk scene. Singer-bassist Sting and guitarist Henry Padovani began rehearsing with Copeland in January 1977, and they recorded their first Police single, "Fall Out"/"Nothing Achieving," the following month. Acting Manager Paul Mulligan paid for the recording of the single. In March and April, the threesome toured as a support act for Cherry Vanilla as well as Wayne County & the Electric Chairs.

In May, ex-Gong musician Mike Howlett invited Sting and former Eric Burdon and the Animals guitarist Andy Summers to form Strontium 90 with him, as a project band for a Gong reunion. The drummer Howlett had in mind for this band, Chris Cutler, was unavailable to play, so Sting brought along Stewart Copeland. Strontium 90 recorded several demo tracks at Virtual Earth Studios, and then performed at a Gong reunion concert in Paris on May 28, 1977. An album with some of these studio and live tracks (with the first recorded version of "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic") was released twenty years later in 1997 under the name Strontium 90: Police Academy. The foursome also performed at a London club as "The Elevators" in July 1977.

In July 1977, Copeland, Sting, Padovani, and Summers began performing as a four-piece version of the Police. Padovani's relatively limited ability as a guitarist meant that his tenure with the band was short. Soon after an aborted recording session with producer John Cale on August 10, Padovani left the band and Summers took over sole guitar duties. This lineup of Copeland, Sting, and Summers would endure for the rest of Police history.

So here is the 1st single by The Police with Henry Padovani on guitar. Wonder where old Henry is these days....?


The Police - Nothing Achieving

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Aaron Neville - Ape Man

I posted way back when that i used to have this 45 and was looking for another copy for a while and finally turned one up via the interwebs but just got around to scanning the label and putting all the pieces together for a post. You may notice that a lot of my songs have download dates that are from a while back but are just now getting posted. This is because i do not live with my mp3 turntable so I download a bunch all at once so I can post them at a later date... Don't know why that is really relevant but wanted to let you all know... That being said....

I don't really think Mr. Neville needs any introduction 'round these parts...???

Here is a groovy little Northern Soul dance craze number by way of New Orleans Louisiana from 1968.


Aaron Neville - Ape Man

Monday, March 3, 2008

Roky Erickson & The Explosives - The Ribeye Bros. SOLD OUT!

I was lucky enough to see Roky Erickson & The Explosives at the sold out show in Hoboken's Maxwell's last night with the added bonus of one of my all time NJ bands the Ribeye Bothers.

First time seeing the Ribeyes with new drummer and new git player and although the band seemed to to think it was "sucky" i thought they "rocked"...
They seemed a bit heavier and a bit more fast paced than previous live encounters and the band seemed none to pleased by that. I happened to have enjoyed it. It was like a juiced up punk rock ribeye's....
I know that part of their schtick is the whole self deprecating humor but it starts to take its toll after a while. Look, you guys are good, really, really fucking good... Enjoy it for a hot second will ya? Tim & Jon are geniuses... Big Tim is one of the best lyrics writter's ever. Yep, ever!

That being said it was the 2nd time seeing Roky in the last year and even though their was some slight technical problems over all the band was tight and Roky seemed a bit more animated than the last time i saw him in Brooklyn his first time around. They played all the "hits" with one excpetion, i didn't hear "I have always been here before". But It was a great night except for the goon behind me complaining about 2 dollars soda's while Rocky was playing 2 headed dog and saying how he was going to "punch somebody's face in" - i feel lucky to have seen this legend again. Thank you Jennifer....

Roky should really need no introduction but if your reading this and don't know who The Ribeye Brothers are please click that linky and check them out. They are a great NJ band worthy of opening up for Roky!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Unchained Mynds - Hole In My Shoe - Warm Smoke

From 1968 this four piece from LaCrosse Wisconsin give us a fuzzy and more garagey version of the Traffic classic "Hole In My Shoe" and one original? "Warm Smoke".

Apparently only 100 copies exist of their sole album "Everywhere Chainsaw Sound" not sure how "rare" the 45's are, there seems to be a bunch for sale on the interwebs but this is a cool lil' garage psych nugget. Highly rated by "Vernon Joynson".

Not much else I could dig up on these guys but bass player Clare Troyanek was later a member of another 60's Wisconsin group "The Ladds" according to "Fuzz Acid And Flowers Revisited" Digging up shit on these bands is tedious man and often yeilds little or no results, so any info is always HIGHLY appreciated...

Unchained Mynds - Hole In My Shoe

Unchained Mynds - Warm Smoke