Thursday, January 31, 2008

Forward to the Caves Radio Show Tonight!!!


91.7 Stockton State College, Pamona, NJ

Listen on the web!!!



It seem the radio station or should I say the college advisor @ WLFR - Stockton is making big changes…

Archived PodCast, Archived PodCast, Archived PodCast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Coming Very Soon!!!!
You'll be able to listen to the Radio Show whenever you want and or Download it!!!

Tune in for some heavy, fuzzy, psych, garage, surf, & soul, and whatever the hell we feel like playing!

Play list will follow!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flipper - Love Canal - Ha Ha Ha

The great thing about the love of music and collecting music and searching out music is the vast majority of it out there. So many different types and styles. You could never run out of new music, ever. But even with all that music out there, there are some things that just stand out. They do not sound like anything else you have ever heard. And your head spins around and you say to yourself, "what the fuck is this shit!?". That was the case with Flipper w/ me. I 1st heard them on the "Let them eat Jellybeans" comp and then later on the "Not so quiet on the Western Front" comp. and i just couldn't get over what i was hearing. Most punk and hardcore bands were all playing faster, louder and buzz-sawing away and these guys were just creating this slow torturous racket. Noise rock didn't exist as far as i knew but here it was and i was strangely attracted to it. It certainly was light years away from Judas Priest or Iron Maiden and i dug it.

Flipper's music was very shambolic and noisy, and often considered "slow" for a punk band of the time. In many early shows, the band had half the audience onstage with them singing backup vocals, and encouraged horn players to join them for their anthem, "Sex Bomb"; the crowding onstage usually knocked the stringed instruments out of tune. Guitarist Ted Falconi installed spikes in the head of his guitar to help prevent this, but blaring, out-of-tune dissonance became part of the band's signature sound.

Flipper was often as strongly in league with conceptual art and atonal music as with rock or punk. They were originally known in San Francisco as a band that 'everybody hated,' and who bombarded the city with graffiti far more than they actually played. Years after the band's demise, its spray-painted dead fish logos were still visible in San Francisco (although signs on the city's Clipper Street have since been reverted from "Flipper Street"). (Other notable places to find their fish logo include the Berlin Wall, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, and the bathrooms of the Vatican in Rome and Habersham Central High School.)

Some say that Flipper's charm as a band lies in their ability to upset audiences, while attracting their undivided attention and curiosity at the same time. Their first single, "Love Canal"/"Ha Ha Ha", was widely derided, not only for its offensive cover art, but its bizarre sound, and yet sold many copies in the underground. "Ha Ha Ha" was also considered by some to be derivative of "Lifetime Problems," the b-side of the Dicks' single "Dicks Hate the Police," which had caused a big stir the previous year. This, in brief, was the band's concept: to be bad in ways that no band had ever been bad before. However, in true Flipper fashion, they even failed to fail, and their audience continued to grow as their outlandish approach appealed to those seeking something different.

so if you seek something different dig into some tuna safe dolphin: flipper.

Flipper - Love Canal

Flipper - Ha Ha Ha

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Wretched Ones - Goin Down To The Bar

New Jersey’s legendary DIY punk rock band “The Wretched Ones”:

Their heavy blend of oi, punk, metal & rock has been slaying fans for going on 20 years.

These guys come from a long pedigree of NJ Punk, Hardcore & Shore Core bands and are a direct descendant of another legendary NJ band “The Burnt"

This 7” is from 1991 (mines on red vinyl) and if I remember correctly was voted single of the year by the Aquarian weekly , beating out my very own band “Godspeed” for the title and rightly so.
This song is legendary!!!

They will be playing The Brighton Bar Sat. Febuary 9th in Long Branch NJ.

These guys are what you call “Lifer’s”… and thank God they are.

If you are anywhere near the area you should go down to the bar, Brighton bar that is and have a beer with the wretched ones.

“Play loud as hell, while drunk as fuck”

The Wretched Ones – Goin’ Down To The Bar

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sleepy John Estes - Working Man Blues - Al Rawls

Here's a little something different, some Blues to help get you through the weekend.

I love the blues but i really don't have that much of it on vinyl. It just doesn't turn up that often while digging and when it does its usually some $$$ but here is one i picked up not to long ago. This is by no means a major rarity, but i was pretty happy when i saw it. I've been a fan of Sleepy John for a while now, ever since i heard "Drop Dowm Mama" & "Rats In My Kitchen" on a Blues Legends comp many years ago and this is my 1st of his on actual vinyl. This was released in 1967 and even though it was released in the 60's it does have the pre-war blues feel. Which i personally enjoy more so than post war blues.

There really is nothing i can write about this man that hasn't already been written and to be completely honest i am by no means a writer. I wish i was. I'm only here to share some of my records and hopefully turn some people on to some new old music that people may not have heard yet. And if you have not heard of Mr. Estes or if you'd like to read up on him here is a wikipedia article where you can get the basic facts.

Here are a few of my fave cuts from this fine lp. I hope you enjoy them half as much as i do and i hope everyone has a great great weekend.


Sleepy John Estes - Working Man Blues

Sleepy John Estes - Al Rawls

Aorta - Strange

Aorta: A relatively obscure Chicago-based group, whose membership can be linked to various other Chicago-area groups who have wider name recognition, including The Rotary Connection, Lovecraft (formerly H.P. Lovecraft), and New Colony Six. After first recording a single for Atlantic Records in 1968, the group -- previously a lounge act called the Exceptions: signed with Columbia Records, the label who issued their eponymous debut, in 1969, during the same month that debut albums by three other Chicago-area acts were issued by Columbia: Illinois Speed Press, the Flock, and Chicago Transit Authority (featuring Peter Cetera). Columbia marketed each of these albums together as a part of a so-called "Chicago Sound," and all four entered the Billboard Top 200.

Some people seem love this group and their only album and some seem to hate it or at least give it some grief, saying it was too “gimmicky” but what does that mean for a psychedelic album? I thought the whole idea was to use studio trickery to make it more psychedelic? Yeah, there are some lighter sounds here & there and some jazzier moments and a bit of art rock but this is pure psychedelia with Strange repeating linking tracks, four separate tracks called "Main Vein" generally repeat the phrase "Have you ever wondered what it is? It's your main vein." Tracks that all run together, strange sound collages, buzzy psychedelic guitar, and bizarre drug-induced lyrics. Maybe the lounge act was trying to “cash in” on the psych craze but I think they succeed in making a damn cool album.

The only single taken from the LP was "Strange" (an edited version of the track issued earlier by Atlantic) so check it out and if you dig it go find the album, it’s been reissued on CD.

Aorta - Strange

The Gents - I Wonder Why

Hell if i could find anything out about these guys. Everytime i googled them in any variation of band name, song title and or normandy records i got nothing much.

It looks like they had another track "Honor Bright" comped on The Essential Pebbles Collection, Vol. 3: European Garage, but then i found a record store selling this Normandy 45 and saying they were from the USA? So 2 different Gents?

The only other thing i found was this cool billboard ad from 1967 for this single so i know its from '67 but there was no real info along with the ad either.

But anyway what we have here is a killer 60's psychedelic garage punk stomper with crazy distorted and heavy guitar and totally effected over-amped vox. really a killer cut.
Looks like it was comped on an Austrailian garage comp in the late 90's called "Destination Frantic" but still no info! HELP!?!???

The Gents - I Wonder Why

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big Nurse - Hey Hey - Tied Up

Here is one for the coulda, shoulda, woulda, but never dida file:

New Jersey ledgends "Big Nurse".

These guys should have rode the wave of Seattle into the big time and should have been the East Coast's Nirvana but alas, the best laid plans of mice & men...

These guys were simply a really, really, really, good, maybe even great band but drugs and bullshit got in the way of what could have been and should have been a great career. This little slab of late 80's punky poppy grunge (gawd i hate that word)was put out on NJ label "Heat Blast, the brain child of bass player extraordinaire Jim Hogan of Dirge - Daisycutter - Solarized fame back in 89. And is a lost New Jersey classic. Good luck trying to find one of these babies because if you didn't live here in Jersey who knows where these singles went. Heat Blast put out some good records back then this being the best of the bunch. In my post hardcore days these are the guys i wanted to sound like. Frantic drumming by Bill Lovgren, bombastic and booming bass and those excellent raspy vocals by Ken Hulse. And a band that actually had, shudder, guitar solo's. I mean this was punk rock time and only "metal" bands played solo's. At the time i was playing in a band called "Freak Theatre" and when guitarist Curtis Kile told me they were thinking of adding a 2nd guitar player and that he was thinking of adding me i couldn't have been more excited but things fell apart rather quickly from here with some serious drug problems making it impossible for them to get any further. Really a fucking shame....

So sit back and turn up some Big Nurse!

Big Nurse - Hey Hey

Big Nurse - Tied Up

Monday, January 21, 2008

Jimmy Ponder - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

I just picked this LP up and man is it a good one. After the guitar-less post of Rare Bird i thought i needed a little guitar action in my life so here it goes. This is obviously a Beatles or George Harrison cover if you will and this is certainly "fuzzy" as you all know i dig! The rest of the album is a bit more smooth & jazzy with a lil' bit of funkiness thrown in. A pretty damn fine album that will certainly have me digging for more of Mr. Ponder's releases.

The jazz world is full of unsung legends that generally fly under the radar of mainstream attention. One such legend is Pittsburgh native and guitarist extraordinaire Jimmy Ponder, who has been recording soulful, swinging jazz for four decades strong.

An excellent guitarist with a soulful sound and the ability to uplift any funky jazz date, Jimmy Ponder has appeared on many recordings during his long career, over 80 as a sideman and 15 as a leader. Ponder began playing guitar when he was 14 and considers Wes Montgomery and Kenny Burrell to be his two main early influences and Thornel Schwartz later on. Offered a job with Charles Earland after having only played guitar three years, Ponder waited until he graduated from high school and then spent three years with the organist's group, recording several dates with Earland. He worked and recording with Lou Donaldson, Houston Person, Donald Byrd, Stanley Turrentine and Jimmy McGriff and in the early 1970's moved to New York (from Philadelphia), leading his own groups. Ponder has since recorded as a leader in the 1970's for Cadet, ABC/Impulse, TK, CBS and Toshiba, in the 80's for Milestone and in the 90's for Muse and HighNote.

Ponder, like his idol Wes Montgomery, plays with his thumb exclusively. Unlike Montgomery, however, Ponder exercises a more aggressive, punchy approach that makes his instrument rattle and hum, creating moments of sheer exuberance which can certainly be heard on this cut.

Jimmy Ponder - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Rare Bird - Sympathy

One of the cooler idea's for a band that was somewhat successful: A moody somehwhat "heavy" progressive band with NO GUITARS!!!

Breaking tradiation here today. There are no guitars to be found on the 1st two records by Rare Bird.

Here's some info:
Rare Bird came together in October 1969 when organist Graham Field, keyboardist Dave Kaffinetti, drummer Mark Ashton, and vocalist Steve Gould envisioned a two-keyboard rock sound without guitars. They released their debut before the end of the year, featuring the minor radio hit "Sympathy." The next year they released As Your Mind Flies By, a dark and heavier album that put further emphasis on Gould's melodramatic singing style. Field and Ashton left the group before Epic Forest, which saw new drummer Fred Kelly bring in guitarist Andy Curtis to revamp their sound into a more folk-oriented direction. Gould also picked up the guitar at this point, and the music became much more about their guitar interplay than anything else. By 1973's Somebody's Watching, interest had waned in their efforts, leaving the group with a dwindling fan base. Still, they managed to release one more album, 1974's Born Again, which featured an entirely different sound than the progressive rock of their first two albums. The band's demise was followed by a collection, Sympathy, which took its material from the first two albums only. by Bradley Torreano

Rare Bird - Sympathy

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Feast or Famine: Today's Record Scores

After last weekends miserable record hunting scores (i only scored one 45 last weekend) i got up at the ass crack of dawn today after a night full of funk & soul at the Asbury lanes for the latest installment of the 45 sessions. I didn't get home until after 2 last night and was up a few hours later to dig. And it paid off... Even though i was dead ass tired. Another great time was had at the lanes last night. DJ pres puts together a good time and it was cool seeing all the folks and hearing some new tunes. Anyhoo, here is what i dug up today!

Bell, Freddy and the Bell Boys - Hound Dog - Move Me Baby - Teen 101
Britt, Tina - The Real Thing - Teardrops Fell (Every Step Of The Way) - Eastern 604
Brown, Maxine - Oh No Not My Baby - You Upset My Soul - Wand 162
Byrd, Bobby - Keep On Doing What You Do - Let Me Know - BrownStone 4205
Chakachas, The - Jungle Fever - Cha Ka Cha - Polydor 15030
Charles, Sonny, and the Checkmates - Black Pearl - Lazy Susan - A&M 1053
Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes - Get Dancin - Part II - Chelsea 3004
Duke, Doris - To The Other Woman - I don't Care Anymore - Canyon 28
Dutones, The - It Just Aint Right - Uh Ooo Ooo Wee - Columbia 4-42789
Ethics - Sad Sad Story - Searching - Vent 1004
Everett, Betty - Take Me - There'll Come A Time - Uni 55100
Futures, The - Love Is Here - Stay With Me - Gamble 2502
George, Barbara - I Know (You Don't Love Me No More) - Love (Is Justs The Chance You Take) - A.F.O. 302
Harner, Billy - Homicide Dresser - Lavender Room - Karma Sutra 238
Holland, Eddie - Brenda - Leaving Here - Motown 1052
Johnson, Syl - Is It Because I'm Black - Let Hang High - Twinight 125
Junior Waters - My Life Is A Seven - I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder - Bernlo 1001
King Curtis - Mess Around - Strollin' Home - Capitol 4891
Laird, Jeri - Get It If It's Good - Get It If It's Good - Bell 45, 191
Lewis, J. G. - Let The Music Play - Let The Music Play - IX Chains 7014
Little Sister - You're The One Part 1 You're The One Part II Stone Flower 9000
Mar-Keys, The - Pop-Eye Stroll - Po-Dunk - Stax 121
Marvellows, The - I Do - My Heart - ABC Paramount 10629
Masqueraders, The - I Aint Gonna Stop - I'm Just An Average Guy - AGP 108
McLain, Tommy - I Need You So - Sweet Dreams - MSL 197
Mellow Moods, The - Tell Love Hello - If You See Him - North Bay 300
Midnighters, The - She's The One - Annie Had A Baby - Federal 12195
Mimms, Garnett - Get It While You Can Sad Song - Verve 10650
Otis & Carla - Tramp - Tell It Like It Is - Stax 216
Royalettes, The - It's Gonna Take A Miracle - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind - MGM 13366
Sam & Bill - Beautiful Baby - For Your Love - Joda 100
Simon, Joe - Come And Get It - The Chockin' Kind - Sound Stage 7 2628
Tex, Joe - That's the Way - Anything You Wanna Know - Dial 4093
Tex, Joe - You Got What It Takes - You Better Get It - Atlantic 70.133
Turner, Ike & Tina - The Argument - Mind In A Whirl - Sue 772
Turner, Ike & Tina - I Idolize You - Letter From Tina - Sue 735
Velvelettes, The - Needle In A Haystack - Should I Tell Him - V.I.P. 25007
Vibrations, The - Daddy Woo-Woo - My Girl Sloopy - Atlantic 2221
Wingfield, Pete - Eighteen With A Bullet - Shadow Of A Doubt - Island ISO26
Z. Z. Hill - Second Chance - I Think I'd Do It - Mankind 12012

Cocomotion El Coco - AVI 6012
Coltrane, John, Featuring Pharoah Sanders - Live In Seattle - Impulse AS-9202-2
Dovells, The - Discotheque - Wyncote 9052
Energetics - Come Down To Earth - Atlantic 19224
G.B.H. - No Need To Panic - Combat 8184-1
Hayes, Issac- Joy - Stax 5007
Honey Cone - Sweet Replies - Hot Wax 706
Junior Wells Chicago Blues Band - Hoodoo Man Blues - Delmark 612
King Curtis - Live at the Fillmore West Atco 33-359
Negro Prison Songs - Mississippi State Pen - Tradition 1020
Ponder, Jimmy - While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Cadet 50048
Pop, Iggy - TV Eye 1977 Live - RCA AFL 1-2796
Rodney Bingenheimer Presents - All Year Party Volume One - Martian 1714
Scott, Jack - s/t - Carlton 107
Scott, Jack - I Remember hank Williams - Top Rank319
Scott-Heron, Gil - Inside The Mind Of - Arista 8301
Smith, O.C. - Help Me Make It Through The Night - Columbia 30664
Ventures, The - Super Psychedelics - Liberty 2052
Ventures, The - Guitar Freakout - Dolton 2050
Ventures, The - Smash - Dolton 2006
Wonder, Stevie - Where I'm Coming From - Motown 5247

Friday, January 18, 2008

Forward To The Caves Play List 1/17/08

This will most likely be the last "long" set since the kids will all be back in school next week and there will be a DJ on after us but here is what we played last night for those keeping score at home!

Aphrodite's Child - The Four Horsemen

Still Life - People In Black
Stevie Wright - The Other Side
Ars Nova - And How Am I To Know
HP Lovecraft - Mobins Trip
The Open Mind - Thor The Thunder God
Armageddon - The Buzzard
Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke & Sassafras
Dion - Purple Haze
Tucky Buzzard - Time Will Be Your Doctor -
Tucky Buzzard - Stainless Steel Lady

Tyla Gang - Speedball Morning
Boomerang - Juke It
Blue Ash - Smash My Guitar
Gypsy - Gypsy Queen Pt. 1
Ursa Major - Sinner
A Foot In Cold Water - Coming Is Love
Tractor - Little Girl In Yellow
George Brigman - DMT
The Stooges - T.V. Eye
Tiger - Lay Me
Lemon Pipers - I Was Not Born To Follow

Cheech & Chong - I Was Framed
Travis Wammack - Scratchy
Goatsnake - Black Cat Bone
The Devotions - Rip Van Winkle
Dance the Slurp
The Starfires - Fender Bender
Warhorse - I Am Dying
Pentagram - Review Your Choices
The Pentagons - Down At The Beach
Big Nurse - Hey Hey
Eugene Church & the Fellows - Pretty Girls Are Everywhere
Blackfoot - Good Morning
Sugartooth - Solid
Jimmy Carrol - Rumble
The Jesus Lizard - Mouth Breather

The Tracers - She Said Yeah
The Shaggs - My Pal Foot Foot
Plank - Utah
Aesops Fable - What Is Love
The Rainbows - Bala Bala
Frankenorange - Nero
The Egyptians - Love Train
The Flammin Groovies - High Flyin Baby
The Wheels - Let's Have A Ball
The Crickets - Not Fade Away
The Turtles - Buzz Saw
Egyptian Combo - Little Egypt
The Viscounts - Harlem Nocturne
Syndicate Of Sound - Little Girl
Stray - All In Your Mind
Grim Skunk - Loaded Gun
Grim Skunk - Nursery Rhyme

PW Long - You Would Have Never Crawled Alone

Dont forget tonights Asbury Park 45 sessions!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

J.D. Blackfoot - Epitaph For A Head

What we have here is some wild guitar driven psych. This cut is one of my all time faves.

American Indian J.D. Blackfoot was born Benjamin Franklin Van Dervort in Cleveland Ohio.
He was the frontman for an Ohio band called the Ebb Tides (as Benny Van), he re-formed the group under his own name around 1969 and started to dabble in acid rock and folk/country-rock. He cut a few albums that are now highly sought after by psych collectors:

The Ultimate Prophecy:
The Song of Crazy Horse:
Southbound and Gone:

This cut is his first release under his own name and is a non album cut, at one time it could only be found on 45. I believe it’s since been released on the CD version of The Ultimate Prophecy.
It’s a wild heavy, trippy, psychedelic ride full of insane guitar work (can you see the trend here?) I mean, it is REALLY is WILD! Don’t believe me? Click the damn link!

You can read the whole story here: JD Blackfoot at his official web site. And if you fancy any form of lost psych nuggets, might I suggest you pick up his albums. The Ultimate Prophecy being his finest work. Please buy directly from the man himself, he will even autograph all CD's bought from him! I’m still trying to track down an original vinyl pressing, any help would HIGHLY appreciated!


J.D. Blackfoot - Epitaph For A Head

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Crow - Black Sabbath - Ike & Tina Turner & The Ikettes

Crow - Black Sabbath - Ike & Tina Turner & The Ikettes

What's the connection you say?

Why it's Evil Woman, Evil Man....

OK so i took the day off from work today hence the double posting....

Anyway, it's 1969 and Minneapolis blues-rock quintet Crow release the single "Evil Woman Don't You Play Your Games with Me" & it cracked the U.S. Top 20, even though its distinctive horn arrangement was overdubbed against the band's wishes.

The same year in England Black Sabbath are set to sign with Vertigo records when their manager at the time thinks it a good idea to cover the Crow "hit" to try and cash in. It is their first single and it makes the UK version of the self titled Black Sabbath album released in 69 on vertigo. When the album is released in 1970 in the US on Warner Brothers it is not on the album. (My copy with Evil Woman is an 80's pressing on Nems) On the Sab cut the horns are replaced by a guitar solo by Tony Iommi but he mimics the horns identically.

Now the same year, 1970, Ike must hear this tune and thinks it would be funky enough to have his old lady Tina sing it and turn the lyrics into "Evil Man". Which brings us to this point here. This is how Crow, Black Sabbath & Ike & Tina Turner are forever connected in the annals of rock & roll history...

Funky fresh yo!

Crow - Evil Woman

Black Sabbath - Evil Woman

Ike & Tina Turner & The Ikettes - Evil Man

Majic Ship - Green Plant - Hummin' - It's Over

Here is a couple of cool and somewhat rare 45 cuts by NY band "Majic Ship".

I remember the old man telling me about the full length album he found about 10 years ago or so and sold it for around $750.00 bucks! So when I stumbled upon the "Night Time Music" / "Green Plant" 45 in a box of shit a few years ago I couldn't believe it. So I went on a mad hunt for 2nd single which i found on ebay for a few clams. The original LP is damn near impossible to find and fethces around $1,000 bucks now but there is a nice double album vinyl reissue that comes with all the 45 cuts (these 45 cuts were not on the full length album) and some of the bands prior material when they were called "The Primitives", it even has a little interview with the guys at the end of side 4. I think i paid about 30 bucks for it and if you dig these 45 cuts you should check into finding a copy.

Green Plant is the flip to the local "hit" Night Time Music and is a nice nuggets style garage rocker with some wicked fuzzy guitar and pounding drums and total 60's style organ, it's really a great track, while "Hummin" is a total 60's pop - blue eyes soul track full of horns and a bubble gum vibe. Totally different but great in a completely different way. It doesn't even sound like the same band. And the flip to Hummin "It's Over" is a light psych affair complete with flute, nice background wha wha guitar and more horns, and has a great vocal delivery. It's pretty wild the ground these guys covered, very varied... heh... Anyway, i really dig these tunes so check them out.

Here is some lifted info:
Arising out of adolescent garage band the Primitives, which played primitive covers of British Invasion tunes, the New Primitives came together in New York City in 1966, originally composed of a group of high school friends: Ray Rifice (guitar), Tommy Nikosy (guitar), Rob Buckman (drums), and Mike Garrigan (vocals). Soon, the band increased to a group of five with the addition of bassist/organist Gus Riozzi. They kept a busy performance schedule throughout the next few years when their high school commitments allowed it. In 1968, Rifice left the band to attend college, but at about the same time, former '50s crooner turned manager Johnny Mann saw the band live and promised to get them a recording contract. Philip Polimeni replaced Rifice on lead guitar, and the New Primitives became Majic Ship. Mann introduced the band to the Tokens, who produced their first single, "Night Time Music." It became a local hit, even gaining the band some national airplay, as did a second single, "Hummin." After much touring and a couple more singles, Majic Ship found their way to a studio to record their self-titled debut album in the summer of 1969. Majic Ship melded hard rock, pop, and psychedelia in a way similar to fellow New Yorkers Vanilla Fudge. The band continued on for the next couple of years with plans to record a second album, but those plans were nixed when the band's shared house in Staten Island burned to the ground in 1971, taking with it virtually all their recording equipment and instruments. Without any insurance, the band members called it quits. ~ Stanton Swihart, All Music Guide

Majic Ship - Green Plant

Majic Ship - Hummin'

Majic Ship - It's over

Monday, January 14, 2008

White Lightning - Of Paupers And Poets

I hope everyone had a great weekend? The East Coast here was supposed to be hit with a big snow storm last night but all we got was some rain, so on this wet Monday afternoon I give you some guitar driven garage rock to help you get through the wet...

"White Lightning", later to be just "Lightning" was formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1968 by ex-"Litter" guitarist "Zippy" Caplan and bassist Woody Woodrich. The two musicians had been jamming together for close to a year before they decided to become a group.

The song Of Paupers and Poets was written by Warren Kendrick. Originally a Pop-Bubble Gum style song, it was reworked into a heavier version and recorded before the band had stepped one foot on stage.

William, the flip side to Of Paupers and Poets was the first original song written by "White Lightning". The song was named after the group's equipment manager, Bill "William J. Animal" Pluta. Originally a wild scream by Pluta was planned and recorded just in front of the guitar solo, but Kendrick stormed into the studio room insisting it be deleted.

Although the song Of Paupers and Poets made the Top 40 charts in the Twin Cities and was the A Side of the nationally released Atco 45rpm , it is the flip side William that "White Lightning" is best known for.

Originally released on Warren Kendrick's Hexagon label, Of Paupers and Poets was later picked up by Atco (an Atlantic subsidiary) for national release but failed due to lack of promotion. Both Hexagon and Atco 45rpm records are hard to get and command decent money on the collector's market.

So if you can't find an original here are both sides for your minds eye...

White Lightning - Of Paupers And Poets

White Lightning - William

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Forward To The Caves Play List 1/10/08

I know i said I'd be back next week but then I realized I forgot to post the play list for last Thursdays Radio show, a show that Lady Miss JJB so capably hosted solo!!

So without much fanfare here you are, the forward to the caves radio show play list for 1/10/08!

Meatjack - Blue
Entombed - Somthin' for Nothin'
500ft of Pipe - Detroit City
Motorhead - Fast & Loose
Boris - Rattlesnake
High On Fire - Fury Whip
Fleetwood Mac - Station Man
UfO - Silver Bird
Crabby Appleton- Go Back
Geronimo Black - Bullwhip
Traffic Sounds - You Got to be Sure
Tom Petty - Runnin' Down a Dream
Linda Hoyle - Mr Backlash

Nina Simone - Do I Move You
Bea Foote - I want long time Daddy
Billie Holiday - Now Baby or Never
Ella Johnson - Hittin on Me

Moby Grape - Fall on You
Dust - Pull Away
Budgie - In for the Kill
Bang - Mother
The Electric Prunes - Too Much to Dream
The Seeds - Can't Seem to make you Mind

The Nazz - Magic Me
Big Star - Can't Have Me
Bob Seger System - White Wall
Iron & Wine - Pagan Angel & the Borrowed Car
Mother Earth - Soul of a Man
Neil Young - Cowgirl in the Sand

Every Thursday Night: 8-10 EST

91.7 Stockton State College, Pamona, NJ

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Golden Highlights - Vodka

Here is a little something to get you through the weekend! Some VODKA!

Obviously a play on "The Champs" on their 1958 hit "Tequila". I couldn't find too much about this little 45 here because every time I looked up Golden Highlights and or Vodka all i got back was taste testing results for vodka!!!

I did find a Hanover Records 45 discography that states this here little goof ball came out in 1959 and a little bit of info that the label was started by Steve Allen because of some dispute with Dot Records over the Non-release of a Jack Kerouac album called Poetry for the Beat Generation. A record that Hanover eventually put out after Dot pulled it. 100 or so copies came out on Dot before it was pulled. If in fact this is the same Hanover records...?

I hope you all are having some fun over here in my new little vinyl blog world. Because I'm having a blast sharing some vinyl love with you all!

So enjoy some Vodka! I'll be back next week for some more vinyl treats!

The Golden Highlights – Vodka

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Devo - Be Stiff

Looooong before Nickelodeon's Rugrats there was Devo.

Progressive? Punk? New wave? new traditionalists? all of the above?

This is devo's 3rd single & was produced by Brian Eno in 1978 on Stiff records. i was 12 and listening to kiss... when i heard these guys for the first time i thought "what is this strange music?" kind of like when i first saw captain beefheart and i was never the same again...

Of course i dig on all the early devo but i have a fondness for this cut because of the sharp cutting & angular guitar.

I highly doubt that there is anything to add that has not been written about these Akron Ohio misfits of De-Evolution so if your not familiar or even if you are, i'm sure its been a while so dig in and be stiff!!!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Panic Buttons - O-Wow

In honor of my man DJ Prestige of Flea Market Funk fame and his upcoming "Asbury Park 45 Sessions" Jan. 18th and my Philly/Upper Darby gal pal JJB and her Eye Eat Music web blog i bring you some early Philly Funk via "O-Wow" from the "Panic Buttons" on Gamble records. This was released 1st on "Chalom" records which was right in Upper Darby PA. I'm hoping that one day being as i spend a bunch of time in good old U.D. i may come across a first pressing but for now dig the re-issue from Gamble.

Regardless of what label this is on what we have here is a charging little funk diddy from 1968. Banging horns and some sweet & funky guitar playing. This is guaranteed to wake you up this dreary and wet, but warm morning here on the East Coast...


Panic Buttons : O-Wow

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Don Pearly - Drag Race

They say it's going to be 60 or more today so i think i'm going to take a half day off from work and maybe head down to the beach & boardwalk here at the jersy shore. (Yeah there is no such thing as global warming right?)
So here is a little hot rod rockabilly number for the warm weather. I thought this song was fitting. Looks like this was Mr. Pearly's only record. I couldn't find much about him personally but this cut has been on a bunch of hot rod comps, one of the coolest ones i found while searching is this one by artist Robert Williams called Chrome, Smoke & Fire. I'm going to have to track this comp down because it looks pretty keen. Anyway here's today's 45 cut. Enjoy the weather whereever you are...

Don Pearly : Drag Race

Monday, January 7, 2008

Preacher - Life Is A Gamble

Here is another one from the fuzzy funk files.

Another cut from the "Chains & Black Exhaust." comp.

Dig on this Detroit fuzz with the low baritone!

Now if i could only find a copy of Gran Am - Get High....

Preacher : Life Is A Gamble

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Revels - Church Key

I just woke up after a night out see Jucifer and i need something a little smooth around the edges. If you've never seen or heard of them they are a 2 piece consisting of a female singer/guitar player, a drummer and a WALL of amps. It was indeed LOUD!!! So loud in fact we left early. (does that mean i really am getting old?)
Clicky here for more info:

So after all last nights racket let's go surfing in January and have a few beers while we are at it shall we?

The Revels were a hard-partying rock & roll surf style frat band from California who are best known for this classic hit instrumental "Church Key".

I was lucky enough to dig this original red vinyl copy up several years ago, so on this cold cold morning here on the east coast sit back and imagine some soft white sand under your feet some chicky babes in bikini's dancing to the jams and dig on some groovy sounds from a distant past... oh and if it's after 12:00 go grab one of them 6-packs too!

While your at it stop over at my boys new addition to the blog world
Blues For The Red Boy. He's a swell cat and his digs are deep so I'm sure he will be dropping many choice cuts in the near future so stop by and stop by frequently!

So here we go!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Forward To The Caves Play List 1/3/08

Whoa! What a mix!!! A little Psych, a little metal, a little punk, a little funk!
Here is what we played last night!


Aphrodite’s Child – Babylon
Rare Earth – Here Comes the Night
Joe Tex – Skinny Legs and All
Z.Z. Hill – Ha Ha (Laughing Song)
Clarence Carter – Strokin’
Attitude Adjustment – Grey World
Blast – It’s In My Blood
Shattered Faith – Right Is Right

Nektar – Nelly the Elephant
Raven – Faster Than the Speed of Light
Metallica – Jump in the Fire
Riot – Fire Down Under
Medieval – Hell is Full
Voi Vod – Warriors of Ice
Alice Cooper – (We’re All) Clones
Falling Idols – Defeating the Purpose
Rubber City Rebels – Rubber City Rebels

Bad Brains – I
The Fall – Look Now
The Crucifucks – Democracy Spawns Bad Taste
Killing Joke – Exit
Minor Threat – Minor Threat (Demo)
Belching Penguins – Dead People Can’t Drive
Ugly Americans – I Love My Mom
Angry Samoans – Gas Chamber
MDC – John Wayne Was a Nazi
Sacred Denial – The Victim Is Whom?
The Fartz – World Full Of Hate / Bible Stories
Section 8 – Fat, Drunk & Stupid
Teen Idles – Teen Idles
Flipper – Sacrifice
Government Issue – Religious Rip Off
Crawlpappy – This Street Is Mine
Youth Brigade – It’s About Time That We Had A Change

John Entwistle – Heaven & Hell
Savoy Brown – Some People
Crowbar – Oh What A feeling
Joyous Noise – Lost Man
Wishbone Ash – Queen of Torture
Rare Bird – Sympathy
Young-Holt Unlimited - Wah Wah Man
Ike & Tina Turner & the Ikettes – Contact High
Shack – Too Many Lovers
Nu-Sound Express – Aint It Good Enough
The Escorts – Disrespect Can Wreck
The Brothers Three – Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out Pt. 1

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Forward To The Caves Radio Is Back On The Air Tonight!!!

After a month or more hiatus we will be back on the air tonight 8 to 10pm EST....

Seems the station has recovered from the fire and everything "seems" to be in working order: (both turntables have been broken on & off for months) Looks like they have some new folks in charge over there and they actually seem to be getting stuff done!

So if you care, please join me in another eclectic journey into the vinyl (mostly) un-known!!!!!!!

Forward To The Caves Radio Show

The Dischas - Let's go Together - Never, Never

Switching things up yet again, I give you some serious & heavy "krautrock" from The Dischas.

I couldn't just post 1 side I had to do both because i dig these eaqually.

There is not much I could dig up on these guys but I do know that this 45 is from 1969 and that they changed their name to "Dschinn" after this was released and cut a Heavy Psych monster of an album under that name in 1972. And "Let's Go Together" from this 45 was re-cut and put on that Dschinn full length.

If anyone has any more info feel free to drop it!

Sit back and groove on some German vibes from '69!

Dischas : Let's Go Together

Dischas: Dischas Never, Never

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sugar Billy - Super Duper Love Pt. 1

Happy 08 everybody!

i woke up new years day ready to post up some soulfull love in the form of Sugar Billy's Super Duper Love and i do a google search to give you a little scoop on the cut and the very 1st thing that pops up in my search is Larry's post on his most awe inspiring blog Funky 16 Corners

Why would i think that a 45 this good wasn't already covered by 16 funky corners or Flea Market Funk? Silly me....

I also noticed that all my saved files in Div Share were MISSING! So i was a bit bummed on both fronts but wanted to post this gem anyway. So Div Share seems to be working now and all my files are back so If you want to read a real blog and get the scoop about this cut head over to Funky 16 Corners because there is no way i can compete with the stellar writing & knowledge that goes on over in that part of the blog world!

Anyway, here is my cut:

Sugar Billy : Super Duper Love Part 1