Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sound Experience - 40 Acres And A Mule

Sound Experience hailed from Philly via Baltimore under the guidance of Stan Watson and his Philly Groove/Soulville labels. Stan Watson was a man who, along with many other artists/producers of the time, contributed some of the best funk music out of Philly.

Sound Expirence formed at Baltimore's Morgan State College in 1970 and consisted of Arthur Grant (vocals); Reginald Wright, Leroy Frailing, Anton Scott, Melvin Miles, Johnny Froman, Gregory Holmes, James Lindsay and when they hooked up with Watson moved to Philadelphia.

This cut here, in keeping with my current guitar oriented theme is a fuzzy wall of psychedelic guitar funk! Driving rhythms and a wicked vocal hook! You can’t help but sing “Give me my mule!” Every time it comes around as if “YOU” were really owed it! So there is a little bit of pent up anger and pissed off-ness about this that I think makes it even more “Real” and makes this track really cook.

I knew this track was a winner the first time I heard it and when I spun it at the last 45 Sessions at the world famous Asbury lanes in Asbury Park NJ and The Soul Chef came up to me while I was spinning it and proudly showed me his copy he pulled out of his 45 case I knew others agreed!!!!!

Sound Experience : 40 Acres And A Mule


Unknown said...

I organized the concert at the Glen Mills School that brought Stan Watson to the school with the band.
I can still see Stan pulling up to the gothic era building in his two-toned green Cadillac.....and the wonderful speech he made to the young men and women.....and 40 Acres and a Mule? Wow....brought the house down with the kids dancing in the seats! Wonderful.....

Jack Riehl
Cape May, NJ

Devil Dick said...

Thanks for the story Jack!