Friday, October 26, 2007

Forward to the caves halloween playlist 10/25/07

Just wanted to drop by and tell you what a great time last nights how was and hit you with the play list!

I had a bunch of calls from people shooting me with ray guns, talking like martians and playing the star wars theme music over the phone at me.

that was a lot of fun. but man those 45's move so quick i can barely keep up playing one right after another....

Gonna try and put together a post halloween show of the same kinds stuff with a buddy of mine who collects the same shit and he's got twice as much as i do....

should be ghoul....

Here's what we played!

10/25/07 – Halloween Show

The Five Blobs - the Blob
The Crewnecks - Rockin' Zombie
The Johnson Brothers - Zombie Lou
The Castle Kings - You Can Get Him Frankenstein
The Goofers - The Headhunter
The Contrails - The Mummy Walk
Don Hinson & the Rigormorticians - Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsaturated Blood
Johnny Thunder - Horror Show
The Moontrekers - Night Of The Vampire
The Ran-Dells - Martian Hop
Dave Gardner - Mad Witch
Joe Johnson - The Gila Monster
The Zanies - Do You Dig Me Mr. Pigmy
Billy Sills - Nightmare

Count Lorry & the Biters - Frankenstein Stomp
The Headless Horsemen Story
Philly Joe Jones - Blues For Dracula
The Jay-Hawks - The Creature
Lou Chaney - Monster Holiday
The Upperclassmen - Cha Cha With The Zombies
Bart Lewis - Frankenstein
The Revels - Dead Mans Stroll
Hollywood Flames - Frankenstein’s Den
Lee Ross - The Mummy's Bracelet
Bobby "Boris" Picket - The Werewolf Watusi

The Frantics - Werewolf
Casper the Friendly Ghost - A Trip To Ghostland
The Zanies - Frankenstin's Labratory
Hutch Davie - Gwendolyn & the Werewolf
Mel Calvin - My Mummy
Frankie Stein & the Ghouls - Weirdo The Wolf
Bob Mc Fadden & Dor - The Mummy
Sam The Sham - Haunted House
The Surfmen - The Ghost Hop
Gene Moss - I Want To Bite Your Hand
The Poets - Dead

Dicky Doo & the Don'ts - Flip Top Box
Cris Kevin - Haunted House
Morgus & the Ghouls - Morgus The Maginificent
The Monotones - Zombi
The Duponts - Screaming Ball At Dracula Hall
Gary "Spider" Webb - The Cave
Scotty McGregor & the Spooks - I'm A Monster

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