Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sharon - The First Talking Cover Girl!

Merry Fucking Christmas! Don't say I never gave you nothin'....

Sharon - The First Talking Cover Girl!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dog Of Mystery - I Saw Mommy Kissing Satan's Claws

On this fine x-mas eve of 2011 i give you one of my all time fave holiday classics. Pre-Monster Magnet, Dog Of Mystery, doing I Saw Mommy Kissing Satan's Claws. This is taken from the uber rare Island of Misfits Toys tape compilation from 1988, put out by Cool Beans Tapes. Cool Beans was run by John McBain who was the original guitar player for MM & DOM. Lead vocals are done by one of my all time fave rock dudes and all around swell guy Big Tim Cronin. Awesome.
Have a happy!

Dog Of Mystery - I Saw Mommy Kissing Satan's Claws

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Truk - Truk Tracks

Band Members:

J. Martin (Moby) Anderson, bass & vocals
Danny Cornett, drums & vocals (original drummer)
Bill (Willie) Daffern, drums & vocals (on last 4 songs cut--lead vocal on Winter's Coming On)
George Michael (Mike) Graham, lead vocal
James Patrick (Pat) Graham, organ & vocals
Glenn Ray Townsend, guitar & vocals

"Criminally overlooked hard-rock with some psych elements thrown in and great multi-layered vocals. No one seems to know this..."

"A hard rock outfit from Oklahoma, with histrionic vocals and loud organ. Their album contains a cover of "Gun's Yellow Cab Man"; the other cuts are self-penned. "You" is a beautiful ballad.

In 1973 Glenn Townsend resurfaced with Johnny Rivers and later Willy Daffern played with the reformation of Captain Beyond."

"A lost little slab o' sludgy early 70s rawk from Truk -- who, as far as we know, only ever cut this one LP for Columbia Records. Truk obviously had a pretty strong affinity for the trailblazing trudge of titans like Cream, and the powerful, messy drunken genius of early Guess Who. It's the kind of record where the drums and electric guitar crunch buries the sound right into the middle of your chest when it's played loud enough. The sound was surely found at a dime-a-dozen in '71, but they sure don't make them like this today! 10 tracks, including "Country Woman", "Got To Find A Reason", "Pretty Lady", "Yellow Cab Man", "Silence Ending", "Max", "Sun Castle Magic" and more."

"Dewey Martin produced Truk and later became a mechanic. In the late '70s he also played sessions on a Hoyt Axton album. Buddy Emmons kept on recording hundreds of country sessions, Harvey Kegan rejoined Doug Sahm and Augie Meyer, and Steve Lefever became a session man, notably with Alexander Harvey. Darnell, Bradstreet and Alden are currently playing in country-rock outfit The Electric Range."

"Truk Traks Album cover picture shot at the East-West Truck Terminal in Orange County during a strike by the Teamsters. The L.A.P.D. was called by the security dude, who was not told we had permission to shoot the pictures."

All of the above info is stolen from CROTCHBAT. The record and rip are mine...

Truk - Truk Tracks

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Boys - First Time

Great little known and under rated power pop punk from UK band The Boys.

You can read more about them HERE:

The Boys - First Time

Thursday, December 8, 2011

in every dream home... a heartache mix tape - sometime mid 2007

More mix tape bullshit. The cover has the track list all over the place. side b starts on the second half of side a and continues on the 2nd half of side b and ends on side b on the 1st half and is missing the last track..... get all that?

some really great songs on this one. if you can't find some stuff you like on this you probably don't like music very much....

in every dream home... a heartache mix tape - sometime mid 2007 A

in every dream home... a heartache mix tape - sometime mid 2007 B

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Insane - Why Die! - 7

Ripping U.K. hardcore punk in the same vein as Discharge. From 1982.

The Insane - Why Die!

The Insane - War & Violence

Friday, December 2, 2011

Unknown Acapella Doo Wop Group - (Del Rockers?)

Ok, so i bought this acetate for 25 cents and I'm a bit puzzled (not hard to do). There are 2 different sets of writing on this thing. The pencil underneath i can not make out, but on top of the pencil in pen it says Del Rockers, 1981, Ricky - Tom - Frank - Walt + Mike on both sides. Is this really from 1981? I have several other Audiodisc acetates and they look just like this one but are from the early to late 50's. Were they still making these audiodisc acetates in 1981? and the acapella doo wop sounds on this sound hauntingly authentic. Did the Del Rockers nail it in 1981? Or did some band called the Del Rockers mock up this acetate as a goof or trick? I don't know.... Both tunes are pretty good for accapella, which I'm not really a big fan of. I don't really know the names of the songs but i took a stab considering they say the same thing a bunch of times in each song. If any of this rings a bell drop a note and let me know. Thanks.

Unknown Acapella Doo Wop Group - Memories Of You

Unknown Acapella Doo Wop Group - It's Really Love

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Sharpees - Do The 45

This record is pretty beat and i wouldn't have even bought it if not for the picture that was stuck in the sleeve. I found this @ the local flea market and bought it because of that pic. I mean, the song is great ( a cool little soul dance number from 1963) but the record condition leaves a bit to be desired. I've talked about it before but it always sorta bums me out when i find stuff like this while digging for records. People will clean out houses and take the entire contents to the flea market and try and sell whatever they can and it bums me out that stuff like pictures and personal family items that no one in the family wants just end up in a pile of junk with strangers rooting through it... Anyway try and enjoy the tune even with the snap crackle and pops and dig on that family photo and hope that one day your stuff doesn't end up in a flea market because no one in your family cares enough....

The Sharpees - Do The 45

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sonny Spencer - Oh Boy - Gillee

Sonny Spencer- Gilee/ Oh Boy - Memo (17984) from 1959. Sonny Spencer had many hits singing with The Rainbows. (Rainbows featuring Sonny Spencer)

Sonny Spencer - Oh Boy

Sonny Spencer - Gillee

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Robert & Johnny - We Belong Together - Walking In The Rain

Robert & Johnny were an American doo-wop duo from The Bronx.

The duo's full names were Robert Carr and Johnny Mitchell; they released about a dozen singles for Old Town Records in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Two of them charted; "We Belong Together", which hit #12 on the U.S. Black Singles chart and #32 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1958, and "I Believe In You", which hit #93 on the Hot 100 later that year. They wrote most of their own songs, and were distinguished by their vocal style, which Richie Unterberger has described as "one smoky, one nasal".

"We Belong Together" was a 1958 American rhythm and blues hit by Robert & Johnny. It was written by Johnny Mitchell, Robert Carr, and Sam Weiss. It reached #12 on the R&B charts and #32 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The song was later recorded by several others. The Fleetwoods released a version on their 1959 album, Mr. Blue.
A rendition by Ritchie Valens was released in 1959 on the Del-Fi record label and can be found on several of his albums. It's also featured in a scene from the 1987 hit film about Valens, La Bamba.
The Belmonts released a remake on the Laurie label, Laurie 3080, in 1961, after they had split with Dion. It was not a hit, but was later reissued on a collector's label because of its musical value.
In 1961, Jimmy Velvit recorded it in the Dallas, Texas area. (see "Rockin' With Velvit" CD Seduction Records SCD-102, 2000) It attracted a lot of attention and air-play and became the #1 song on the Dallas radio station, KLIF, for a period of six weeks.
A different singer using the name Jimmy Velvet had a #75 hit with the song on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1964.
Peaches & Herb included the song on their album, Let's Fall In Love.

Robert & Johnny - We Belong Together

Robert & Johnny - Walking In The Rain

Monday, November 14, 2011

Carol Jarvis - Rebel

He's different, yes, different
From others I know
They call him a rebel
But I love him so

He's got ways about him
I don't understand
And yet he's no rebel
When he takes my hand

My friends say I'm foolish
That he's not my kind
But his tender kisses
Have made up my mind

He's different, so different
I'll have to agree
But though he's a rebel
He's just right for me

My friends say I'm foolish
That he's not my kind
But his tender kisses
Have made up my mind

He's different, so different
I'll have to agree
But though he's a rebel
He's just right for me


Carol Jarvis - Rebel

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Heartbeats - I Found A Job - Down On My Knees

In February 1958, the Heartbeats recorded "Down On My Knees" and "I Found A Job" (one of the many answers to the Silhouettes' "Get A Job"). With high hopes that "I Found A Job" would crack the Pop charts...

The Heartbeats - I Found A Job

The Heartbeats - Down On My Knees

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Cruisers - If I Knew - Miss Fine

Like lots of old good records when you find them out in the wild they are usually pretty beat up. This is because they were played over and over again. I can see this gem being played at some house party in Philly (where i found this and where the cruisers were from) and picked up and played again and again while drinks were drank, drugs were drugged and dancin' and carrying on ensued, hence they wear and tear. I notice this same pattern on lots of old Rolling Stones records compared to Beatles records of the same time. This is because Stones fans of the day were a rowdier brand of hooligan while Beatles fans were mostly young girls.... Anyway, If i Knew is the A side here but the $$$ is Miss Fine IMHO....

The Cruisers from Philadelphia, PA never had a significant record. Patterning themselves after the Harptones, group leader Gene Williams, Randy Hamilton, Paul Long, and McKinley Anthony began recording on V-Tone Records. The deal resulted in two single releases in 1960: "Miss Fine" b/w "If I Knew," and "Don't Tease Me" b/w "Crying Over You;" the latter got pegged for mass distribution two years later by Guyden Records only to die a second time. Five years passed before their next deal in 1967 with Gamble Records, who were charting with the Intruders' records. "I Need You So" b/w "Take A Chance," reeked with sentiment but despite its charm didn't sell, and the Cruisers languished for nearly three years before their final release. Bunny Sigler brought the Cruisers' doo-wop skills out the closet with "Picture Us" b/w "Mink and Sable Mable," but Gamble Records only seem able to get hits on Sonny & the Intruders; while others including Ruth McFadden, the Jaggerz, the Futures, the Butlers, and the Epsilons always came up empty. Sigler later cut a solo version of "Picture Us" on Philadelphia International Records, and the Cruisers went on with their lives.

The Cruisers - If I Knew

The Cruisers - Miss Fine