Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016

Little Sammy Gaha - Heavy Head

Little Sammy Gaha was an expatriate Australian singer who used Paris as a home base for recording and touring Europe throughout the early-to-mid seventies. Although not French, he cut a string of singles, including the romping ruckus that is “Heavy Head” in Paris, so I consider him a kindred spirit and outsider joker in this pack of Frankish Rock tribes. This altogether hairy vocalist was given to strange promotional gag shots in ripped T-shirts, short pants offset with clashing women’s leggings and blue platform shoes. Hahahahaha... Li’l Sammy’s even licking an all-day sucker on the sleeve of this demented 45. With a guttural vocal alternating between Louis Armstrong and a laryngitis-afflicted Wolfman Jack as they both beat the flames off the seat of their respective pants, his delivery is pricelessly demented. The backing music to “Heavy Head” combines Ten Years After’s Utopian Woodstock descending riff from the quick parts of “I’d Love To Change The World” that keep charging over a stampede of drums accompanied by the most waka-jawaka-ing I’ve heard within any song outside of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone.” And since it’s a fairly long track, it gives L.S.G. the space to explore the multitude of ways he can beat his heavy head, describing its condition in a hundred ways until he comes to the conclusion: “Don’t worry if it comes off! / You can get another one! / It’s allllllllright!!” Yeah, he’s gotta head full of ideas driving him insane, running roughshod AND gettin’ trampled in the process, hahahaha...Gaha truly broke out of the box and decided to just spazz it out on the B-side for kicks.

I took this review by music_emporium off the discogs page for this release because it pretty much nails it.

Little Sammy Gaha - Heavy Head

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Equus - Black Widow / The Desert Song

Unknown hard rocker from Equus. Year unknown.

PS - added the A side by Anon request.

Equus - Black Widow

Equus - The Desert Song

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Eldaros - Rock A Book

Rocking R&B number from 1958 by The Eldaros. Every time i type "Eldaros" my fucking computer changes it to "Elders". Foreshadowing to computers taking over the world me thinks...... They were from Syracuse NY and can read about them HERE; if you so desire....

The Eldaros - Rock A Book

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Illinois Speed Press ‎– Get In The Wind (Vocal / Instrumental)

I don't know why this band doesn't get more love...?!? Heavy fuzz guitars and good strong vox make this a keeper for me. From 1968. Love the out of key guitar at the end of the solo. Almost as heavy as what Blue Cheer or Iron Butterfly were doing at the time yet no one cares about this band all that much. I guess the rest of the stuff isn't as heavy but it's still solid. Anyway here's the 45 w/ the Instrumental version for this that need that....

Illinois Speed Press - Get In The Wind - Vocal

Illinois Speed Press - Get In The Wind - Instrumental

Monday, June 6, 2016

Mike Malone ‎- Don't Lecture Me

Don't lecture me, why can't you see, I gotta be, what i wanna be, even though you think i never will....

Mike Malone - Don't Lecture Me

Friday, June 3, 2016

Roy Johnson And The Outlaws - Forgive Me Baby

Great funky lo-fi soul jam from Roy Johnson and the Outlaws. I have no idea who Mr. Johnson was/is, nor anything about his Outlaws, but i reckon he fashioned himself a James Brown wanna be.... Heh. I love this tune and slight ineptness and lo-fi sound. Dudes with some drinks and just jamming it out hard. This is one of the first 45's i picked up years ago when i started to think out of the box of record collecting and picking up things i knew nothing about but looked cool. I think i paid a dollar at a thrifty store. Score.

Roy Johnson And The Outlaws - Forgive Me Baby