Friday, October 19, 2007

Forward to the caves play list 10/18/07

twas a good night of RAWK!!!
The tunes were cranked and the Guinness dos flow...
glad a few tuned in and thanks to all the fat bastards that called in. your love, hate and ridicule is appreciated....

until next week...


The Guess Who - Dirty
The Weirdo’s - Life of Crime
Creepy John Thomas - Down in the Bottom
Ars Nova - Well, Well, Well
Five By Five - Fire
The Zombies - Indication
Wanda Jackson - I'd Be Ashamed
Roy Hogsed - Cocaine Blues
Hasil Adkins - Kim Hutching Rock
Jan & Arnie - Gas Money
The Accelerators - Ground Zero N.Y. City
West Bruce & Lang - Why Dontcha?
Thee Hypnotics - (let it) Come Down Heavy
Tarkus - Rio Tonto

Juicy Lucy - Midnight Sun
Los Holy's - Piedra De Doce Anc
Axe - This House is not a Motel
Rare Earth - (I Know)I'm Losing you
G.Kerr Orch. - Backlash
The Creation - How Does it Feel
Wire - 12XU
Los Shains Docena 3 - Tema de los Shains
The Kinks - Too Much Monkey Business
The Motors - Phoney Heaven
Sham 69 - Borstal Breakout
The Stranglers - Get a Grip on yourself
Killing Joke - Exit
The Offenders - Face Down in the Dirt

Meatmen - War of the Super Bikes
The Exploited - Horror Epics
GBH - Christianized Cannibals
S.O.A - Public Defender
Shel Silverstein - Masochistic Baby
Wishbone Ash - Blind Eye & Whiskey Lady

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