Saturday, July 31, 2010

Teddy And Darrel - Wild Thing

Tongue firmly planted in cheek Teddy and Darrel simultaneously take the piss out of Wild Thing AND create a masterpiece while doing so!


Teddy And Darrel - Wild Thing

Friday, July 30, 2010

King Curtis - Instant Groove - Selected Cuts

Alright, something i don't do very often and give you multiple cuts from an album. I usually don't do this because I'm not here to rip artist off and give away free music just for the sake of giving it away so i usually only post a track or 2 from albums to share some great tunes and possibly turn some people on to something they might not have heard before, but when i put this album on the other day while moving some record boxes around the house and trying to make some order of the mess the car crash has laid on me i was saying to myself man, just about every tune on this record is a killer. So i couldn't decide what cuts to share so i'm just going to share a bunch of my faves from this KILLER 1969 King Curtis album. There were a few slower cuts that i omitted but i kept the heat intact. Anyway, if you are down with funk and soul music chance are that you know all about Mr. Curtis, if not, these are some Funky hot jams that should liven up your mood. There are a couple of great cover songs on this baby as well and you can read about the life & death of Mr. King Curtis AKA Curtis Ousley HERE: But for now hit play and get your weekend started!

King Curtis – Instant Groove

King Curtis – Hey Joe

King Curtis – Foot Pattin’

King Curtis – Games People Play

King Curtis – Sing A Simple Song

King Curtis – The Weight

King Curtis – Hey Jude

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Vapors - Sixty Second Interval

The Vapors were a new wave band that i guess is best known for the song which i think is a sly modern double entendre for masturbation... i dig that song, but if your old like me i don't have to hear it ever again.... it's kind of like a new wave Stairway To Heaven or Freebird. Great but... This song that follows it on the Vapors 1980 New Clear Days album is a keeper and i could listen to this one for a long time... the whole album is actually pretty good. Too bad these guys never got past turning Japanese...

The Vapors - Sixty Second Interval

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

INDIGO: The Devil's Most Prized Record!!! ONE OF A KIND! PRICELESS!!!

Here it is! The Devil's Most Prized Record!!! So RARE! A limited edition of ONE!!! Unplayable brown SPARY PIANT colored vinyl with hand drawn SKULL graphics and signed by the artist himself, my son Indigo!!! This record means more to me than any other record in my collection. It has hung on my wall since my boy did this for me several years ago. He must have been about 5 or 6 or so years old or so when he did it. This one will stay with me FOREVER!!! Jealous? I know you are...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Billy Duke And His Dukes - Fork In De Road

Take the road to de left? Take the road to de right?

which road is dark, which road is light?

One is the road to the Lord above; the other is the road to de blues….

Billy Duke And His Dukes - Fork In De Road

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Hawks - The Grissle - Grasshopper

So i got up and ready to go to work today and it was a real hassle. And i was thinking with all the shit i have going on in my life right now and dealing with this house mess (see car crash pics below) and worrying about getting all of my things out of a condemed house and dealing with trying to re-locate and temporarily living out of a Hotel and all, i was thinking i don't have time to keep doing this stupid little blog. But i got to work and i had a few new nice comments saying thanks for the tunes and that some people come here everyday and all and a few more people started "following" the blog so instead of putting the "Closed" sign up like i was thinking about doing i decided to just keep on keeping on... So i will not put the closed sign up and i will try to keep posting. Don't think it will be as regualr as in the past but i will try. Till the next time enjoy some Las Vegas Grind Type music from 1960 w/ The Hawks!!!

The Hawks - The Grissle

The Hawks - Grasshopper

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Eagles - Stalactite

No not those "Eagles"... This is a British group from 1963 and this rules.

This is my favorite record at the moment.

Very Moonterkkers like w/ a Joe Meek vibe.

I needed this.

a few corrections/additions from some Termbo peeps:

the band real name was les Aiglons (the baby eagles), from Lausanne, Switzerland.

The funny thing is that the band leader, Leon Francioli, is since years a world-wide famous jazz musician... that don't wanna hear from the Aiglons stuff again.

The Eagles - Stalactite

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jackie Lomax - The Eagle Laughs At You (Buyer Beware) & Some Bad News For The Devil....

Ok a few things here. This Jackie Lomax 45 is something i have been looking for for a long while. So when i recently found a copy of eBay that was described as VG ++ i jumped at the shot to own a nice copy. Well when it arrived the 45 looked like a car ran it over. Speaking of which as you can see from the pictures below that is exactly what happened to my Mothers house this week. A car literally drove through the house. Through the living room, through the dinning room and partially through the kitchen. And while i have a good portion of my record collection at my Lady's house in Philly the majority of it is still housed (or was) at my Mom's.... Needless to say a bunch of vinyl was eliminated from this earth when this even took place. Along with my Great Grandma's Leather Bound piano and some of my guitars and more sentimental items than you can shake a stick at. Anyway, the house is now unlivable and my folks are being put up in a hotel and the insurance company told them to start looking for a rental for the next 6 months. The house is done. I need to move all my records that survived out. No easy task for someone who has over 10,000 records....

So a few words before i part, buyer beware and insure the records. I may not be around as much in the next few weeks as i have a lot of work to still do moving and cataloging all the damaged material is the house. Thankfully no one was hurt and records can be replaced. Skull mugs that i made for my mom when i was 6 years old can not.... Such is life...

So enjoy a VG - record NOT a VG ++... Still a great song either way.... and count your lucky stars that you and yours (and your records) are safe and sound. and if you want to read about Mr. Lomax do so Here...

Jackie Lomax - The Eagle Laughs At You

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thor - Wasted

weird tune here. Thor is best know as the muscle bound metal guy from the great white north. This song from 1978 has a sorta lazy scuzzy Lou Reed NY early CBGB kinda sound. At least to my ears. I can just envision the mighty Thor in the studio cutting this track, shirt off, grabbing his pecks and writhing around in a dimly lit isolation booth crooning....

Sometimes i feel that i'm waaasted...

Fucking creepy... and what's with the bicycle bell...???

Oh yeah, and if you never seen it he is also star of one of the greatest B movies ever Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare and by great i mean so bad its good.... Just witness the final battle scene w/ SATAN!!! Did i say B-movie? more like C or D or Zzzzzz...

Thor - Wasted