Friday, February 29, 2008

Gandalf - Golden Earings - Never Too Far

Here's one of my favorite 45's from one of my all time favorite albums. One day I will own an original LP but for now I am very happy with my original 45. Enjoy these two great trippy and psychedelic cult gems to help get you through the weekend....

Dedicated to my great lady friend over at Eye Eat Music:

Gandalf's self-titled album is an attractive baroque-psychedelia with a spacey air, slightly experimental feel and slightly weird and spacey production and nice balance of melody and quasi-classical keyboards on the cusp between pop, progressive rock and psychedelia. It was produced by Koppelman and Rubin, who are best known for their production work for The Lovin' Spoonful and The Sopwith Camel.

Until recently next to nothing was known about the group apart from their line-up:

Peter Sando (Guitar)
Bob Muller (Bass)
Frank Hubach (Keyboards)
Dave Bauer (Drums)

Peter Sando tells us that Gandalf had their roots in Thunderbirds, an outfit formed by Bob Muller, which were based in Greenwood Lake, New York. They soon transformed into The Rahgoos and went on to play the bar circuit in Greenwood Lake, N.Y., the Jersey Shore, and various New York City clubs and coffee houses, such as The Phone Booth, Murray The K's World, Electric Circus and legendary Night Owl Cafe, in Greenwich Village.

Bing Crosby's 1948 hit 'Golden Earrings' is given a graceful and ghostly treatment with echoed vocals, powerful crescendos and a psychedelic moan that transforms the composition completely.

Tim Hardin's "Never Too Far" commences dreamily and breaks into some heavily distorted guitar riffing that has a strong lysergic edge.

Gandalf - Golden Earings

Gandalf - Never Too Far

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Forward To The Caves Play List 8/28/08

Skullflower - Celestial Highway I-III
Click - Jimbo
Silver Apples - You and I
Rein Sanction - F Train
Roxy Music - In Every Dream Home A Heartache
Joseph - Come the Sun Tomorrow

Bill Carter & the Rovin' Gamblers - Baby Brother
Art Gunn & His Arizona Playboys - Cornbread Boogie
Wayne Raney - Catfish Boogie
Cousin Deems Sanders & His Goatherders - Goatburger Boogie
Bill Haley & The Saddlemen - Sundown Boogie
Billy Briggs - Alarm Clock Boogie
Johnny Bond & His Red River Valley Boys - Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)
Spade Cooley & His Orchestra - Three Way Boogie
Leon McAuliffe & His Western Swing Band - Take It Away Leon
Chet Atkins - Boogie Man Boogie
Johnny Barfield - Boogie Woogie
Turner Bros - Boog Boog Boogie
Jonny Hicks & His Troubadours - Hamburger Hop
Paul Howard & His Cotton Pickers - Drinking All My Troubles Away
Curley Williams & His Georgia Peach Pickers - Georgia Boogie
Bob Willis & His Texas Playboys - Cowboy Stomp
Johnny Bond & His Red River Valeey Boys - Mean Mama Boogie
Wilf Carter - Wha Hoppen?
Pual Howard & His Cotton Pickers - Rootie Tootie

Ruby Wells - You Clobbered Me
Andy Reynolds & His 101 Ranch Hands - Beer Bottle Mama
Curley Willaims & Georgia Peach Pickers - Fiddlin' Boogie
Lefty Frizzel - My Baby's Just Like Money
Johnny Hicks & His Country Hicks - Give Me A Red Hot Mama And An Ice Cold Beer
Little Jimmy Dickens - Salty Boogie
Mustard & Gravy - Be Bop Boogie
Wayne Raney - Real Hot Boogie
Maston Music Makers - Slick Chick Boogie
Earl Songer & His Rocky Raod Gamblers - Mother-In Law Boogie
Tennessee Ernie Ford - The Shotgun Boogie
Tillman Franks & His Rainbows - Hot Rod Shotgun Boogie
Hawkshaw Hawkins - Doghouse Boogie
Ray Hall & His Cohutta Mountain Boys - Dirty Boogie
Roy Hogsed - Snake Dance Boogie
Justin Tubb - I'm Just Fool Enough
Skeets McDonald - Your Sweet Love Is Gone
George & Earl - Done Gone
Bobby Moline - Devil Get Behind Me
Dick Kent - Backin' Up The Devil

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Silvertones - Get It - Bathsheba


10,000 hits & pretty quiet over here, not that i was expecting a cake but jeeze...

gonna stick with the whole surf theme here:

1964 - Wild & Sultry Surf Instrumentals: Both are cool w/ the nod to Bathsheba for it's smooth delivery, sultry sax & whammy bar guitar break and reverb amp smacking...

Silvertones - Get It

Silvertones - Bathsheba

Monday, February 25, 2008

Testing, Testing.... Is this thing on....???

Well, well, well….

I’ve quietly slipped past 10,000 hits and who would have thunk it in such a short time. Even though I started this back in Aug I only started posting music after my fabulous gal pal over at Eye Eat Music bought me the mp3 turntable for Christmas so I hope you all are enjoying the ride so far?

So I don’t have anything special for this small milestone but I’d like to give a bunch of thanks to each and everyone who has checked in over here over the last few months and a special shout to my man DJ Prestige for the inspiration to share my music. Please take a second and let me know how this lil’ blog here is working for you all. Are you guys digging the selections? Any suggestions and or comments would be highly appreciated!!!

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a Devil Dick mix coming soon over at FuFu Stew as I will be contributing one soon over at the Soul Chef’s place! Thanks Vincent!

And thank you too!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Rainbows - Balla Balla

I'm gonna keep going with the whole surf theme here on another cold wet rainy & snowy east coast day and share this "surf" rocker from 1966. From my little record book it looks like there are 4 different "Rainbows" all from around the same time, early to mid 60's and it looks like this particular group only cut this one 45, at least only one was released in the states. And while this is a pretty wild cut and has a nice guitar break it's a bit more of a fun party track than the Stampede cut below. I can picture some buxom gals in bikini's dancing their big bottoms off around a campfire on the beach to this jam here, however these guys were German!!! Go Figure.... I've seen them described as a "beat" band but this reeks of sand to me....

Do they surf in Germany...?

The Rainbows - Balla Balla

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Scarlets - Stampede & Forward to the Caves Play List 2/21/08

With 6 inches of snow here on the east coast i'm gonna give you some wicked early surf rock here from 1959 & man-o-man does this thing SMOKE!

Not to be confused with the early 50's R&B group The Scarlets, this group made one record in 1959 first released on "Prince" records and later in '59 picked up by DOT and what a record it is. It's a shame that they didn't make anymore but maybe they blew their load on this one because is a wild ride!

So dig on this early instrumental surf jam 1959 on this cold and snow filled Friday and heat things up!

The Scarlets - Stampede

And for those keeping score at home, we switched it up BIG time on the radio show last night from last weeks sweet 50's & 60's doo wop and R&B to completely balls out HEAVY jams: With the 1st half of the Show being all bands on the excellent & heavy record label Land-O-Smiles.

Land-O-Smiles Spectacular

Rwake - Leviticus
Solace - World War
Ravens Creed - Exploding The Steel
Raw Radar War - Rupture
Deadbird - Skull White Stone
Earthride - Black
Drugwar - Win This War
Noosebomb - Union of Perversion
Middian - Dreamless Eye

Unearthly Trance - Veins
Witchlord - Blood for Kall
Kongh - Turn to Dust
Misanthrope Project - Self harm
Coffins - Decapitated Crawl
Fistula - Upside Down


The Hounds of Hasselvander - Last Call
Blood Farmers - Bullet In My Head
Entombed - To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth
Cathedral - Enter the Worms
Hyatari - Track 1
Secret Order of Tusk - Man of God
Green Machine - Burden of Karama
Pentagram - Live Free & Burn
The Obsessed - Neatz Brigade
Iron Man - Generation Void
Terra Firma - Spiral Guru

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pabst Blue Ribbon - 1958 Song

I love past blue ribbon. In fact I am drinking one right now: Still can't find it in bottles in my neck of the New Jersey woods though...

I used to love driving up the Garden State Parkway when i was a kid and see the Pabst plant with it's giant Pabst bottle on top. That plant is now long since gone and defunct. Who would have thought that many year later that same young boy would have drunk thousands of said beer...

I'm sending this one out to my blog pal over at "I'm Learning to Share" for his love of all things oddball & kitch.... I doubt many people will have much use for this but it's cool to atleast listen to once or twice... and as i said before, "eclectic"...
man, i love that word.

Picked this acetate up at a yard sale years ago and could never really understand what the hell they were going to do with this thing, i mean it's more than just a jingle is a whole song about PBR! Clocking in at over 4 mins long this is about triple what a regular song being played on the radio back then would have clocked in at...

So tell me, what were they going to do with this thing???

Enjoy some PBR!

og post date: 2/19/08

Pabst Blue Ribbon - 1958 Song

Monday, February 18, 2008

The "Original" Starfires - Fender Bender

I'm sending this one out to fellow record collector, all around vinyl geek and keys basher for NJ garage band The Brimstones Deacon Brimstone over at Blues For The Redboy because the last time he was rummaging through one of my 45 boxes he pulled it out and asked about it. So what we have here is some killer & wild early instrumental Florida Rock & Roll. I mean this one pumps and jumps! There seems to be a bunch of "Starfires" from back in the day and info was once again pretty scarce but i managed to dig this here little bio about the "original" starfires that contains some cool pics if your feeling it.

So here you go Mr. Brimstone, you and everyone else can make your own judgment.

The "Original" Starfires - Fender Bender

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The What-Knots - I Aint Dead Yet

Here's an odd one... A screaming garage hammond fuelled raver with some blue eyed soul? overtones on a label that primarily had only soul acts, Dial. I guess most famous for Joe Tex.
Once again, i could not find dick out about these guys... There is NOTHING on the web that i could find.
So ANYTHING anyone could provide would be sweet. In the mean time enjoy this wailing rocker!!!

The What-Knots - I Aint Dead Yet

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke & Sassafras

What we have here is a shit hot slice of raging psychedelic garage guitar fuzz to start your weekend off right!

In the mist of sassafras
Many things will come to pass
And the smoke shall rise again
To the place above where it began

Time will bring the fire and flame
As surely as it brought the rain
But in the gardens of the moon
Time is held within the silver spoon

If you're happy where you are
Then you need not look too far
If you've found your place at last
Then you need not use the looking glass

Supposedly this song was inspired by an episode of the TV show The Beverly Hillbillies where Granny said, "Hot smoke and sassafras, Jethro, can't you do anything right?" The group liked the phrase and wrote the song around it as an ode to meditating while smoking marijuana.

Though typically overshadowed by International Artists labelmates the 13th Floor Elevators, Bubble Puppy enjoyed arguably the greatest commercial success of all the Texas psychedelic bands, scoring a Top 20 pop hit with "Hot Smoke & Sasafrass." The roots of the group lie in the Corpus Christi-based Bad Seeds, a trio comprising singer/guitarist Rod Prince, bassist Roy Cox, and drummer Clayton Pulley (later replaced by David Fore); with the 1967 addition of guitarist Todd Potter, the foursome changed their name to Willowdale Handcar, finally settling on Bubble Puppy a year later. Their name is a reference to the children's game "Centrifugal Bumble Puppy" in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.

Their raw, garage-psych sound soon landed the group a deal with the famed Texas label International Artists, which issued Bubble Puppy's debut LP, A Gathering of Promises, in 1969; despite the runaway success of "Hot Smoke & Sasafrass," subsequent singles including "If I Had a Reason," "Days of Our Time," and "What Do You See?" stiffed, prompting the quartet to change its name to Demian. A self-titled effort followed in 1971 on ABC/Dunhill, but when the single "Face the Crowd" garnered little attention, the band dissolved.

Bubble Puppy – Hot Smoke & Sassafras

Forward to the Caves V-day Play List - 2/14/08

Nothing but 50's & 60's doo-wop, R&B, & Rock n' Roll about love, loss, heartache and joy...

The Pentagons - To Be Loved (Forever)
The Crowns - Kiss and make Up
The Flamingos - If I Can't Have You
Muddy Waters - Mean Mistreater
The larks - In My Lonely Room
Nathaniel Mayer - I Want A Woman
The Opals - My Hearts Desire
The Wheels - My Hearts Desire
The Wheels - Let's Have A Ball
The Moonglows - Secret Love
The Crows - I Love You So
Sonny Til & the Orioles - I Miss You So
Jess Du Boy - Beautiful Love

The Moonglows - Give Me Back My Heart
The Volumes - I Love You
The Checkers - Night Curtains
Eugene Church - For The Rest Of My Life
The Scarlets - Dear One
Cornell Gunter - She Loves to Rock
The Gems - You're Tired Of Love
Dandevilles - Nasty Breaks
The Spiders - I'm Slippin' In
The Heartbeats - Oh Baby Don't
The Solitares - Blue Valentine

Buddy Knox - Good Lovin'
The Lamplighters - I used to Cry Mercy Mercy
Timmie Rogers - I Got A Dog Who Loves Me and A Woman Who Don't
Drifters - Such A Night
The Egyptians - Love Train
The Sharps - Love Me My Darling
Ivory Joe Hunter - Since I Met You Baby
The Ravens - Until the Real Thing Comes Along
Gene Anderson - I Got It Bad
The Whispers - Fool heart
Slim Harpo - I'm Gonna Miss You
The Prisonaires - Just walking In The Rain
The Angels - Wedding Bells
Master-Tones - Tell Me
The Harptones - A Sunday Kind Of Love

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bl'ast! - Schools Out

breaking away from the Soul & Funk here for a little Hardcore Punk via the West Coast.

Damn i bought this thing over 20 yers ago!!!

This is one west coast band that i am bummed i never got to see and i got to see a bunch of good ones here on the east coast, including Dr. Know, Battalion of Saints but never did get to see Bl'ast...

These guys were a wicked crew with a wicked brew of punk, hardcore and metal ala black sabbath riffs thick with resin....

here's the lowdown:

BL'AST! formed in 1983 The original line up consisted of Clifford Dinsmore on vocals Mike Neider Steve Stevenson on guitars, Dave Cooper on bass, and Bill Torgerson on drums. To make their logo visually "more dynamic," they added an apostrophe to fill in the gap between the letters L and A and tacked an exclamation point on to the end. This doesn't affect the actual pronunciation of the word. Their sound, a unique mix of bands like Black Flag, SSD and Black Sabbath, is quite hard to categorize, lying somewhere in the void between hardcore and hard rock. – "BL'AST! was never a typical sounding punk band and even back in the day we were really technical and metal influenced." – Although released by seminal punk label SST Records, BL'AST is also referenced in Brian Walsby's book on metal, Manchild 2.

Stevenson left the group at some point between the release of The Power of Expression and the recording of It's In My Blood. He was briefly replaced by Kip DuVall, former guitarist of Atlanta, Georgia's Neon Christ. DuVall contributed a small bit of song writing to the second album (credited as "Dr. Twang") but left the band before the recording sessions took place. Blast continued with Neider as the sole guitarist from that point on. Stevenson remained friends with his former bandmates and even went on the road with them, serving as a roadie.

Cooper left in 1989 and was replaced by a string of newcomers. Over the course of the next few years, Blast recorded a series of demos which showcased a new sound for the band as they began to dabble in funk.

Dinsmore left the group sometime in the early 90's and co-founded the band Spaceboy. The rest continued on without him, with Neider taking over vocal duties. They eventually changed their name to Blackout (releasing two 7" EPs under that name) and then again to Lab (who also put out a 7" EP, as well as a hard-to-find 4-song CD you could only get along with a Santa Cruz Skateboards order), continuing into the late 90's.

Bl'ast! briefly reunited in 2001, playing a handful shows on the West Coast. They were also planning to record again, but unfortunately the band fell apart before that materialized. Dinsmore is now the lead vocalist of the band Gargantula. Neider has a new band in the works featuring former KYUSS/QOTSA/Che'/Sort of Quartet/Across the River member Alfredo Hernandez and former Che'/UNIDA bassist Dave Dinsmore who also had played in bla'st! for many years. Rumored to be laying down vocals on some tracks is John Garcia of KYUSS/UNIDA/Hermano infamy.

California stoner band Fu Manchu pay homage to Bl'ast! via the titles of a song "Laserbl'ast!" from The Action is Go and records Something Beyond EP and Start the Machine which are both named after Bl'ast! songs.

for the record, along with the AC cover the slave is a germs cover...

Bl'ast! – Schools Out

Bl'ast! – Your Eyes

Bl'ast! – The Slave

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bags - It's Heavy - Don't Mess With My Baby

Once again here is another 45 i could find nothing about except these 2 names "JERRY RAGOVOY - GENE PISTILLI" wrote some songs for Howard Tate...

Granted i'm not much for finding out shit about these cuts because i just don't have the time to dig that deep. And well for me its the tunes that matter not my blabber....

I played this one @ the last A.P 45 Sessions and it was cool when Bob Shannon asked me it who it was because he dug it.

Good funky jams here. Enjoy.

*Links removed by request:

Monday, February 11, 2008

Third Guitar - Down To The River

today, i got nothing, here's a really good 45...


*edit: I really dropped the ball on this one when I originally posted it. Don’t let my lack of enthusiasm on my original post put you off on this cut as this is a classic funky guitar driven jam! I just wasn’t feeling a huge post and was being a bit lazy about digging for info but I wanted to get this out and share so I hope ya’ll dig…!

Third Guitar - Down To The River

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Dancing Outlaw

its been years since i saw this here dandy of a film and i got to talking about it and low and behold, clips abound all over youtube!

God Bless America!

Exuma - Attica Part 1

This here post is a direct action to my lovely lady friend miss JJB over at Eye Eat Music and her post about the same album.

She has a whole thing going on over there that you can read about here: but the long and short of it is she posted a few tracks off this (MY!) Lp and did not include my favorite! So i am posting it now!

Hope you enjoy and please visit her while your at it, she needs some love. Hell, we both need some love!

Exuma - Attica Part 1

Forward to the Caves Play List 2/7/08

for those keeping score at home here is what was played on our little radio show last night.

Nektar - A Tab in the Ocean

Steppenwolf - Faster then the Speed of Life
The Hollies - Were Through
The Remains - Say Your Sorry
Love - A House is not a Motel
The Grassroots - Feelings
The Chocolate Watchband - Devils Motorcycle
The Deep - Color Dreams
Moby Grape - Hey Grandma
Lord Sutch - Smoke & Fire

13th Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me
The Seeds - Up in Her Room
The Smoke - My Friend Jack
Deep Purple - Listen, Learn, Read On
Savoy Brown - Poor Girl
Savoy Brown - She got a Ring in His Nose and a Ring on Her Hand
Stone The Crow - If Its Raining In Your Heart
Ten Years After - One of These Days

The Groundhogs - The Grey Maze
Humble Pie - Four Day Creep
Rein Sanction - Creel
Love Battery - Between the Eyes
Tad - Jinx
Fluid - Tomorrow
Helmet - Taken
Sister Double Happiness – Don’t Worry
Surgery – Fun City
Big Chief - Chrome Helmet
Unsane - Committed
New Bomb Turks - Jaguar Ride

Sixty Watt Shaman - Stones Throw Away

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The People's Choice - I Likes To Do It & Foward to the Caves Radio Tonight

Just a quick post to let folks know that we will be on the air tonight doing our foraward to the caves radio show @ WLFR 8 to 10pm EST.

Listen via the web at: WLFR

And in keeping with all things funky ala my last few posts i give you todays jam.
I picked this funky little gem up over the summer on the recommendation of Flea Market Funk headmaster DJ Prestige and its a good un'.... I mean who don't likes to do it???

I hope some folks can tune in, we have a nice mix of garage and psych stuff lined up for tonights little braodcast.

The People's Choice - I Likes To Do It

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The New Birth - Got to Get a Knutt

File this under WTF?

A little funky guitar intro, some drum fills, some raging horns, some James Brown screams and then into a 70's TV show theme song type thing ala "The Love Boat" repeat, then breakdown and goof on TV commercials of the day and end with mock sex sounds of females moaning, males grunting that ends with some snoring... and a "someones breath stinks"....


and WTF is a Knutt...????

these cats were on some good weed....

The New Birth – Got to Get a Knutt

Boby Franklin's Insanity

One B or 2? Either way you slice it.....

Here is a few for my funky fuzzy psych soul lover brothers!!!

Fuck if i could find anything out about Boby and his Insanity, but fuck if i don't love these 45's!!! Any help concerning this man would be highy appreciated as it doesnt look like he made a full lenth album?

There is some FUZZY ass guitar and flute galore and these cuts and anyone that knows anything about me knows i love the fuzz! Damn, i mean even the mellower jazzier cut "Our Theme" breaks bad with a fuzzy guitar solo out of nowhere.....

DO NOT let the trashed looking label throw you off on "Don't Lose" as the label may be trash but the music is pure FUZZ FUNK HEAT!!!!

ok, the last cut does go a little near the disco sound but it's still funky!

So please if anyone is reading this and knows the scoop on Boby PLEASE fill me in!!!

Enjoy the cuts from one of my new fave fuzzy funk artist that i know nothing about!

Boby Franklin's Insanity – Don't Lose What You Got (Trying To Get back What You Had

Boby Franklin's Insanity – Sexplot

Boby Franklin's Insanity – Paradise

Boby Franklin's Insanity – Our Theme

Boby Franklin's Insanity – What Ever's Your Sign (You Got To Be Mine)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Rainy Daze - In My Mind Lives A Forest

Whoa man! I’m still recouping from the Super Bowl and while I try and keep this a music blog only I must admit that being from N.J. I am a huge New York Giants fan being as they play in New Jersey! So I’ve been a little preoccupied with football the past few days to post anything new. And I couldn’t be happier that we actually pulled off one of the biggest if not the biggest upset if football history this past Sunday!!!! Hell yeah!

I’m still kind of in shock and disbelief but wanted to put something up so here is a nice little psych nugget I picked up a few weeks back, a little buzzy guitar and some light Pink Floyd influence in spots on this 1967 psychedelic cut…. Here is some lifted info:

Psychedelic pop combo the Rainy Daze formed in Denver, CO, in 1965. Comprised of singer/guitarist Tim Gilbert, his brother Kip on drums, lead guitarist Mac Ferris, bassist Sam Fuller, and keyboardist Bob Heckendorf, the group started as little more than a covers act, nevertheless parlaying a string of frat party gigs into a local television appearance that reportedly caught the attention of famed producer Phil Spector, who extended a management contract. A massive publicity campaign was in the planning stages when the spectacular failure of his magnum opus, Ike & Tina Turner's "River Deep, Mountain High," left Spector's career in shambles; the Rainy Daze were among the collateral damage, and only in 1967 did their debut single, "That Acapulco Gold" -- written by Tim Gilbert in collaboration with his college roommate John Carter -- appear on Denver producer Frank Slay's Chicory label. When the single caught fire locally the fledgling UNI label snapped up national distribution rights, but with "That Acapulco Gold" at number 70 on the Billboard charts, the bottom fell out. Once radio programmers finally intuited the song's pro-marijuana content, it was pulled from play lists coast to coast. The Rainy Daze quickly resurfaced with "Discount City," which went nowhere. The follow-up, "Fe Fi Fo," was quickly deleted and reissued under the new and improved title "Blood of Oblivion," even securing a U.K. release but still failing to crack pop radio. After an LP, That Acapulco Gold, and a Tim Gilbert solo single, "Early October," UNI dropped the group. However, by this time Gilbert and Carter were earning notice as a crack songwriting duo, and via Slay earned a crack at revamping a demo track cut by an unknown psych-pop outfit known as Thee Sixpence. Gilbert and Carter added lyrics and a new melody, titling the finished song "Incense and Peppermints." Thee Sixpence cut the new tune, renamed themselves the Strawberry Alarm Clock immediately thereafter, and in late 1967 topped the Billboard pop charts. No doubt the success of "Incense and Peppermints" contributed to splitting the Rainy Daze in early 1968, but Gilbert nevertheless signed to White Whale to record one final Daze single, "Make Me Laugh," backed by L.A. session players. He and Carter next masterminded Horses, a country-rock quintet whose eponymous 1969 LP was a victim of White Whale's pending bankruptcy. Gilbert soon after retired from music, but Carter forged on, later writing for Sammy Hagar and the Motels. He also produced two songs on Tina Turner's 1984 comeback smash Private Dancer before moving into artist management. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

The Rainy Daze – In My Mind Lives A Forest

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Damned - Problem Child

I've always fancied myself more of a pistols man than a damned man but there is no denying the greatness of this single.

Often credited as the 1st "punk" band or at least the 1st punk band to release a single, release an album and the 1st to tour the United States (they were from England)I have to say "Bollocks" to that! as everyone knows the Stooges put out records in 19-fucking-69 baby!

But anyway.... this little Stiff nugget was released in 1977 and produced by Pink Floyd man Nick Mason after an unsuccessful attempt at getting Syd Barret to produce. weird huh? me thinks so too.....

Lemmy from Motorhead was briefly in the band or at least as a studio session man and for a few live gigs.

Original Damned members Dave Vanian (David Lett), Captain Sensible (Raymond Burns), and Rat Scabies (Chris Millar) had been members of the Masters of the Backside, which included future Pretenders frontwoman Chrissie Hynde. Original Damned guitarist Brian James (Brian Robertson) had been a member of the punk band London SS, who never played live but included musicians who later found fame in The Clash and Generation X. Scabies auditioned as drummer for London SS, but was rejected. James and Scabies had invited Sid Vicious and Dave Vanian to audition to be the singer of The Damned. Only Vanian showed up, and thus became the frontman of the band.

Heh, imagine if Sid had gotten the gig....?

History may have very well been different...? Naw, he would have died anyway i'm sure....

I did see the Damned a few years ago at some punk fest thing here in NJ and they were actually still quite good.

PLEASE enjoy some great English punk on this Saturday morning.

The Damned - Problem Child

Friday, February 1, 2008

Forward to the Caves Play List 1/31/08 & Thanks!

Fisrt off i'd like to thank everyone who has come over to this little vinyl mess of a blog here and checked out what is going on or left comments.

As I said in my title up there this is an “eclectic” musical voyage so if something here isn’t really up your alley please do check back from time to time as I will be hitting all corners of the music world before I am through, and I won’t be through until I am through, dig?

I really want to keep this spot open and ready for anything so with that I say again, thanks for reading, so far it’s been a blast…

Now for those paying attention at home: here is what we played last night on the forward to the caves radio show.

Click - Many Times Jimbo
Incredible Hog - To the Sea
Steel Mill - Get on the Line
Morgen - Welcome to Void
Poobah – Mr. Destroyer
Dischas - Never, Never
White Lightning - William
Power of Zeus - In the Night
Atomic Rooster - All in the Name of Satan

Blackwater Park - Rock Song
Rare Bird - Hammerhead
Host - Dit Vi Ma
Silberbart - Head Tear of the Drunken Son
Spooky Tooth - Fantasy Satisfier

The Skunks - Heart Teaser
Edward Bear - Egdeware Station
Stack Waddy - Mothballs
Joseph - I ain't Fattenin' No more Frogs for Snakes
Warpig - Tough Nuts
Cactus - Feel so Bad

White Witch - The Gift
Yesterdays Children - Paranoid
Mercy - Fireball
Right of Way - Midnight Hour
What-Knots - I Ain't Dead yet
The Gents - I Wonder Why
Wishbone Ash - Torture Queen

Man the 2 hours just flies by and we really didn't even get close to playing all the records we brought with us but if anyone was checking in i hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time!