Sunday, November 4, 2007

Record's of the day, missed WFMU record fair & run in w/ the soul invaders 45 guy...

I didn't make it up to the WMFU record fair as I am trying to be thrifty these days, i have some things coming up that are going to require some cash. IE, studio time w/ my band solace and plain tickets to London for a one off gig w/ Orange Goblin Nov. 8th but i did manage to get out to one of the flea markets and buy some trash.

So today i give you my 2 new latest editions to the devil's music record cover club.
Both for a buck. I also got some odd ball 78's and a few minor league rock records as well as some really cool and "odd" jazz, soundtrack, electronic, spoken word and folkways type ethnic records.

I have my fingers crossed as a friend of my mother has informed her that a relative has just passed away and he had a "HUGE" record collection and asked my mom if her son, that being me was interested. well of course! so we shall see how that pans out.

I also had another run in with the guy who had the soul invaders inc 45 and all i can say is the guy is pretty out there. He seems real "odd" about parting with this 45. he says he still has it and that he is going to "give" it to me if i buy all of his 78's he has but when i ask him what kind of 78's he has he tells me he doesn't know. Well i aint buying things sight unseen ya know...??? so I don't know what is going to happen with this damn 45! I have my fingers crossed but I aint holdin' my breath ya know what i mean?

Anyway here is a list of my recent scores:

Carl Hoff - Kentucky Babe - Okeh 6478
Tommy Tucker Time - The Train Song - OKeh 6487
Phil Harris - Some Little Bug - Ara 136
Peerless Quartet - The Railroad Section Gang - Victor 16727

The Ventures - Secret Agent Man - Dolton 316
Sly & the Family Stone - Fun - Epic 5-10497
Dion - Daddy Rollin' (In Your Arms) Laurie 3464

Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - I Miss You - Philadelphia International KZ 31648
The Ink Spots - 18 Hits - King 5001X
John Williams - Plays Bach, The Complete Lute Music On Guitar - Columbia M2 33510
Cheap trick - Dream Police - Epic
Watch the Skies - Reverie - Encounter ER 1002
Jim Kweskin & Jug Band - Unblushing Brassiness - Vanguard 2158
Paul Horn - Inside - Epic - BXN 26466
The Music of the Tonga - National Geographic Society 3516
Indian Music of the Upper Amazon - Folkways FE 4458
African Flutes - Folkways FE 4230
Cancion Protesta: Protest song of Latin America - Paredon P1001
Sir Winston Churchill "The sinews Of Peace" Spoken Arts SA 917
Black Pioneers in American History - Caedmon TC 1299
George Crumb - Night of the Four Moons, Voice of the Whale - columbia 32739
Bernard Gunther - Sensory Awakening: Couples - No label
Touch - Created by Morton Subotnick on the Buchla Electronic Music System - Columbia MS 7316
Gruppe Between - Einstieg - Wergo 1001
Terry Riley - Songs for the Ten Voices of the Two Prophets - Kuckuck 067
Computer Music - J.K. Randell Quartet in Paris Monologues by a Mass Murderer - Nonesuch H-71245
Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center - Columbia ML 5966
Panorama Electronique - Electronic Experimental Music by Kagel/Elmert/Henry/Ligeti - Limlight LS-86048
Luciano Berio - Laborintus 2 - RCA Red Seal LSC-3267
Darius Milhaud - Aspen-Serenade - Everest 3176
Environments - dawn at New Hope, Pennsylvania June 1969 - Atlantic SD 66002
Andres Segovia - An Andres Segovia Recital - Decca DL 9633

oh yeah, we also scored this awesome vintage Rush mirror for a buck!!!

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Play LOUDER! For Best Results said...

The RUSH mirror is awesome!
If there's too much records in this LP collection, let me know...;-)