Monday, April 28, 2008

Runnin' With The Devil - A Guest Mix Presented by Fufu Stew!!!

Happy Monday people or if you here on the East Coast happy wet Monday as it appears to be raining from Maine all the way to FLA....

But never fear we have something very special here to keep you indoors and dry for at least a little while, a very special guest mix by my man vincent from over at FuFu Stew and while most folks know him as a soul & funk cat, believe me his knowledge goes as deep as his crates when it comes to ALL kinds of wax.... Don't believe me? Just look at this mix!!!!!!!

I'd like to take this time to thank him for stopping over at the devil's music, for his hard work putting this together is HIGHLY appreciated! So without further ado, a few words from our sponsor!

Hello, kiddies.

I must say thank you to the mighty Devil Dick for allowing me to share this post with you. It's a far cry from the usual Funk and Soul that I normally serve up in the Fufu Stew kitchen, so fasten your seatbelts for I'm about to take you on a very loud and very fast ride.

Dateline: 1991... those were the days. Just old enough to drink, the club scene was far superior than it is now (here in Baltimore at any rate), and the botanical refreshments were much cheaper... My taste in music was much different then too. The flavour of the day was Industrial, Goth and in some cases even a little bit of Metal. The common thread being loud and fast grooves that would have one flailing around on the dance floor with reckless abandon. The mix that I give to you is a sample of what was piercing my ear drums when I went out to dance.

Runnin' With The Devil

Introspeak from the motion picture "Head"

01 Can You Dig It-Pop Will Eat Itself (RCA). I'm starting off kind of easy with this funky little alternative ditty from 1990 that was a definite floor filler when we went to Cignel on Friday nights.

02 No Name No Slogan-Acid Horse (Wax Trax). Here's one of the many and various side projects commandeered by Ministry's Al Jourgensen, this time a collab with Punk legends Cabaret Voltaire.

03 Headhunter-Front 242 (Wax Trax). It wasn't a good night in the clubs if you didn't hear at least one track from the kings of the Industrial scene. It was a special night if they played this one, one of my all tine favourites from 1989.

04 A Screw-The Swans (Some Bizarre). Here's a classic for the Goth freaks, with a surprisingly funky groove to counteract the droning guitar and sinister vocal.

05 Envoye-The Young Gods (Wax Trax). The first time I heard this Swiss outfit, I knew that I was in for a full on sonic assault. A generous helping of Industrial that kept both the Goths on the floor and the moshers in the pit.

06 Age Of Greed-Killing Joke (Noise International). This track from 1990 saw the return of the old Killing Joke style that was popular in the early 80s. Lyrically, it explains Jaz Coleman's displeasure of the direction the band was going in when most Punk acts were switching over to dance music. I was fortunate to get to see the band during this tour, and I can assure you the sound was loud and maniacal...

07 The Great American Nightmare-Rob Zombie Feat. Howard Stern (Warner). Although this track was released in 1996, the sound presented within certainly fits the overall Industrial theme.

08 950-Hilt (Nettwerk). Here's a side project from Canada's Skinny Puppy. I think this release from 1991 is their only effort.

09 You-Bad Brains (CD Presents). Here's one of Bad Brains' first recordings, taken from the comp "Rat Music For Rat People". The tempo on this one is much faster than the version on the "Black Dots" comp.

10 In My Veins-Prong (Spigot). Here's the metal portion of the show, taken from the Primitive Origins EP released in 1987.

11 The Nile Song-Zen Guerilla (Union Hall). Wind down just a bit with this ultra rare 45 from 1993. The music on this Pink Floyd cover is still loud enough though...

12 Babylon's Burning-The Ruts (RSO). Getting back to the early Punk stuff, here's a track from the Times Square soundtrack from 1980.

13 Fearless Vampire Killers-Bad Brains (Abstract). A pure Bad Brains staple, enough said...

14 Hold On-My Name (C/Z). Here's the first of three offerings from the storied "Teriyaki Asthma" EPs which saw the recording debut of Grunge legends Nirvana, along with other notables such as Alice Donut and L7.

15 Self Destruct-UK Subs (New Red Archives). I've had this Punk classic stuffed in the back of the crates for decades. For the first time in over ten years I pulled it out picking a random track to include here.

16 Forkboy-Lard (Alternative Tentacles). From the classic "The Last Temptation Of Reid", Ministry meets the Dead Kennedys. Enough said...

17 Pablo Picasso-Burning Sensations (San Andreas). I just recently saw "Repo Man" on cable a few weeks back which prompted me to pull out the soundtrack, hence this track's inclusion.

18 Solid Alligators-Yeast (C/Z). Here's one from the first "Teriyaki Asthma" EP...

19 The Radiated-Helios Creed (Amphetamine Reptile). With a name like Helios Creed, it's got to be good. It helps that we were long time Chrome fans too...

20 The Head Talks Cheese-Pitbull Babysitter (C/Z). Here's the last of the TA selections. This one comes from Vol. 2

21 Loose-Birthday Party (Strange Fruit). This Stooges cover is by far my all time favourite track from the mighty Nick Cave. It was recorded for the first of two John Peel sessions back in 1981.

22 Brothers Grimm (Live)-The Cult (Beggars Banquet). I finish up with this fairly rare track, recorded live at the Lyceum back in 1983. Some of you may still have the old Dreamtime cassette which contained the complete performance. If so, lucky you, because apparently they're pretty hard to come by. This one came from the b side of the Go West 12".

By now, you should be well exhausted...

Please download and enjoy Runnin' With The Devil, 71 MB

Here's the link to the mp3 file

Here's the link to the zip file

Again, I'm glad that I got to do this one for you. After a steady diet of Funk 45s for the past three years, hearing these old joints again was quite a welcome change of pace. It sure helped to relieve some of the stress that I've been under the past few weeks. I'll have to dig out some more of this stuff for another mix in the near future.

Peace and blessings.

Thank you Vincent!
I hope you all enjoyed this wild, raucous and noisy ride?
I know i did~!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Egyptians - Love Train

Good morning everybody!

Hope you all had and or are having a great weekend?

Things have been popping' over here at the devil's music with a whole lotta treats to come!

For one, stay on the look out for a Banging Mix by my man Vincent FuFu Stew coming very soon!

Looks like the devil and his lady friend will sometime in the near future be presenting a guest mix over at "Planet Mondo" so keep your eyes & ears peeled for that! And in the mean time here is something I've yet to hit on over here at the devil's music and something I'm not very well versed in over all, acapella doo wop, but i do LOVE this track!!!

I picked this up several years ago but I really don't know much about this group but they deliver some smooth vocals and excellent harmonies here on this cut.

This one has seen lots of play time being hauled out of the archives at the drop of a hat. if anyone out there has any info about this excellent group please feel free to add some comments!

The Egyptians - Love Train

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Johnny Wakelin & The Kinshasa Band - Black Superman - Muhammad Ali

ok, i had way too many beers last night at band practice but i'm up bright and early this morning and already at work getting ready for my 5 hour meeting today (Ugh!) & it looks like it's going to be another beautiful day here on the east coast so please check out & enjoy this odd little nugget and story....

Oh, yeah and if your in the area and fancy some hard guitar driven rock n' roll, pony on up to the Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ tomorrow where yours truly will be weilding the 1959 Les Paul TV Yellow Special and laying down some think & heavy riffs with my band Solace! Speacial guests, The Shame Club & Angels of Meth: (not for the faint of heart) Thanks & Cheers!

Singer Johnny Wakelin traversed the oddest of paths from the seaside cabarets of Brighton, to the top of the British charts. An unassuming, mustachioed white gentleman with a droll humor that sat well within his taste for R&B, reggae, and African rhythms, Wakelin was one of the more surprising of Britain's entries into the mid-'70s disco movement. His hits, after all, might have condemned him to be remembered as a mere novelty artist, but he was also capable of some surprisingly effective rhythm and beat. Discovered by Pye Records producer Robin Blanchflower, the man who launched Carl Douglas to the top of the charts with "Kung Fu Fighting," and working with Steve Elson and Keith Rossiter in addition to Branchflower, Wakelin set about writing songs that would, he hoped, "catch people's eye." His first release did just that, diving into the socio-political arena by way a tribute to boxer Muhammad Ali, "Black Superman (Muhammad Ali)"; the pugilist was making his much-heralded comeback at the time, and "Black Superman" effortlessly rode the wave of attendant interest. Credited to Johnny Wakelin & the Kinshasa Band, the song appeared in late 1974 and, by January 1975, was making its U.K. chart debut. The catchy tune would eventually peak at number seven in Britain, while it reached number one in Australia and spent a staggering six months in the U.S. charts. 1975 brought a further single, "Cream Puff," backed by "Gotta Keep on Going"; it flopped, but both songs would be incorporated into Wakelin's March 1976 LP debut, Reggae, Soul & Rock'N'Roll. Abandoning the Kinshasa Band, Wakelin returned to Muhammad Ali for his next release, and promptly scored another major hit single in July, 1976. "In Zaire," replaying the famous "Rumble in the Jungle" fight, surpassed its predecessor, climbing to a stunning U.K. number four. And, while it was to prove Wakelin's last hit, the remainder of the 1970s would be just as fruitful for him, on a musical level, at least. The next three years brought a further three albums to the racks, African Man, Double Trouble and Golden Hour, respectively. All were accompanied by a fresh crop of singles, including the radio hit "Africa Man" in 1976, "Afro Afrique" and "Doctor Frankenstein's Disco Party" in 1977, and "Lay down and Rock Me" in 1978. Wakelin continues to write and perform in England.

Johnny Wakelin & The Kinshasa Band - Black Superman - Muhammad Ali

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Champs - 3/4 Mash - Mr. Cool

Ok, I’m feeling much better today after getting out some angst with my last post so I’m going to switch up again and serve some wild & cool instrumental rockers for you today by “The Champs”.

An instrumental quintet formed in Los Angeles in 1957, the Champs comprised Challenge Records executive Dave Burgess (born Lancaster, CA) (guitar) and session players Buddy Bruce (guitar), Chuck Rio (born Daniel Flores, Rankin, TX) (saxophone), Cliff Hills (bass), and Gene Alden (born Cisco, TX) (drums). This lineup recorded Rio's "Tequila" as a B-side to Burgess' "Train to Nowhere." "Tequila" topped the charts in 1958. The Champs essentially were a one-hit wonder, though they recorded a few more singles in the same Latin dance style and kept going until the mid-'60s. The group's lineup was fluid, and later members included Glen Campbell as well as Jimmy Seals and Dash Crofts, who formed the successful '70s duo Seals and Crofts.

While they may have had or been a one “hit” wonder I think you can agree that these tunes are pretty damned cool none the less!!!!!!!!!!

The Champs - 3/4 Mash

The Champs - Mr. Cool

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Anti Nowhere League - I Hate People

And now for something completely different!

i'm feeling a bit surly today so here is some gnarly English punk to match my mood.

when i first heard these guys back in the early 80's this was about the most obscene ugly shit i ever heard and i loved it. A far cry from the dungeons & dragons bullshit of most metal that was going on and these guys weren't a
"political" band, they just seemed to be telling the story of their lives and those lives seemed to be pretty fucked up... i guess it was pretty real.... but to this suburban teenage kid from NJ it was a whole new world.

Anti-Nowhere League are an English punk band formed in 1980, by lead singer Animal (real name Nick Culmer) and rhythm guitarist Magoo (real name Chris Exall), with Bones [real name Tony Shaw] on drums and Baggy Elvy on bass.

Their first gig was at Tunbridge Wells, on the day of the annual carnival, at which they got arrested. This led to their first press coverage with the local newspaper describing their gig as a 'cacophony of noise'. In 1981, Gooky (who left the same year), Hopper and Clive "Winston" Blake came in on lead guitar, drums and bass respectively, although Hopper was quickly replaced with PJ ('Persian John') (real name Djahanshah Aghssa). They managed to get a slot in The Exploited's Apocalypse tour, along with Chron Gen and Anti Pasti. This led to them signing to John Curd's record label WXYZ, with Curd and Chris Gabrin co-managing the band.

Later that year, they also opened for The Damned on a short tour round the north of England and Scotland. November 1981 saw the release of their first single, a cover version of Ralph McTell's "Streets of London", with the song that was to become the group's anthem, "So What" on the B-side.

In 1982, they took part in the 'So What Tour' in the company of such groups as Chelsea, Chron Gen and the Defects, and the release of their debut album We Are...The League. However, the Obscene Publications Squad seized all copies of their records, which were removed from retailers and they were banned from TV and radio. In addition, they were removed from the Top Of The Pops recording studio because Animal was carrying a 3ft axe around with him. The year finished with the 'Hardcore Storms America' tour with the UK Subs.

some other lame shit happened the next few years and they called it quits in 1989 with some more boring bullshit happening with those stupid ass fucking millionaire rock stars metallica and blah blah blah....

looks like they are on some sort of a comeback tour or some shit.... read about it here if you care or dare....

Anti Nowhere League - I Hate People

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Tomko's - The Spook

For many a year now I've had the (un)pleasure to have lunch with Deacon Brimstone as we work in the same "Hell Hole" and since we found out early on that each of us play in a band and each of us have this strange affliction.... Vinyl addiction. We've always sorta "hung out" together even taking 1/2 a day off yesterday and do some vinyl digging round the northern tip of NJ... (Gonna post my scores later if i can find the time)

And while we don't see eye to eye on many issues one of the things we always agree on is "Monster" records and our love of them.

When we started hanging out and talking records i realized i had a lot of catching up to do in the monster record category. See, his Monster collection is pretty impressive and i started trying to find as many as i could to fill my voids. And here is one that has avoided me for many a years until i stumbled upon this rare gem in a lot of six 60's "Pop" records. A bid later and a few dollars i scored the lot and waited anxiously for my records to arrive.

Well here it is:

I don't know much about "The Tomko's" maybe Mr. Brimstone can chime in on that but i do know this is a pretty wild and "spooky" 45. Screams, howls, cries, wind & wailing and screeching sax and some insane laughter make this a real nutty rocker!

So strap yourself in on this beautiful Saturday afternoon for a wild fun-house type ride!!!


The Tomko's - The Spook

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Terry Knight and the Pack - Got Love - Better Man Than I

Hello folks, please excuse my absence over the last few days but i am back.

Did you miss me???

I'm going to do my best to get back into the swinng of things 'round these parts and here's a couple a hip cuts from 1966 to break back in...

Hailing from the Flint, Michigan, Terry Knight and the Pack achieved semi-legendary status during their short formation between 1965 and '67.

Previous DJ sensation and indefatigable self-promoter Terry Knight fronted the act as singer and songwriter. Don Brewer and Mark Farner played drums and bass, respectively. Curt Johnson supplied fuzz guitar solos while Bobby Caldwell provided melodic keyboards.

A quintessential garage band, TK&TP openly imitated best-selling rockers of the mid-'60s, especially the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. Due to the band's lack of refinement and Knight's compositional idiosyncrasies, much of their material transcends its inspiration to qualify as lost classics of the Nuggets era.

Six of their nine 45s made regional Top 40s throughout Michigan, Ohio and New York, with two of them - "Mister, You're A Better Man Than I" (originally by The Yardbirds) and "I (Who Have Nothing)" (a cover of a Ben E. King song) - hitting the national charts. "I (Who Have Nothing)" went to #46 and earned the band an appearance on Dick Clark's television program Where The Action Is.

TK&TP were mainstays on Cleveland's TV rock & roll showcase, Upbeat. In addition, they opened regional gigs for the Rolling Stones, Dave Clark Five and The Yardbirds. Michigan newspapers lavished praise upon the band, with extensive coverage by Lorraine Alterman (later of The New York Times).

After their second LP, Reflections, Knight left the band to pursue a frustrated solo career as producer and singer. The Pack continued without Knight with even less success. The band was largely forgotten until Farner and Brewer formed the nucleus of Capitol Records' best-selling act of the early '70s, Grand Funk Railroad, initially managed and produced by Knight.

Terry Knight and the Pack - Got Love

Terry Knight and the Pack - Better Man Than I

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hubert Sumlin Live @ The Brighton Bar 4/11/08

Hubert & Howlin' Wolf

What a night last night!

The JJB and I met up with DJ Prestige for some Fantastic Vegan food at Sister Sue's in Asbury Park. If your ever around the area I HIGHLY recommend the Vegan Jerked Chicken and plantains!!! Wicked Good. We tried to talk Pres into going up to the Brighton w/ us but no dice.

DJ Jack The Ripper was gigging at the Brickwall in Asbury and we had every intention of going back over there after we went and saw Hubert Sumlin at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch because Hubert was playing early but alas many blues numbers and many beers later it just didn't pan out so my apologies to Pres & the ripper for not making it back down to asbury but I'm sure they were understand as we were in the presence of a true legend Hubert Sumlin!

In Case you don't know Hubert was a member of Howlin Wolf's band for over 2 decades and was cited by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the top 100 guitarist of all time and is a member of the Blues Hall of Fame!

His often imitated but never duplicated guitar playing can be heard on such Howlin' Wolf songs as Built for Comfort, Shake for Me, 300 Pounds of Joy, Goin' Down Slow, Wand Dang Doodle and of course Killing Floor.

Just hearing him do "Killing Floor" was enough for me. I mean here was Howlin Wolf's guitar player, a 76 year old veteran of the blues wailing away, strutting and just busting it out. It was pretty special. I'm I am glad you got the chance to see him play.

I don't do this too often but i approached him after the gig and told him thank you for that. and told him how special i thought it was. He shook my hand and grabbed my shoulder and said this. "Did you feel it?" I know I did and it sure was special wasn't it? Indeed it was, indeed it was...

Blues: Hubert Sumlin, Life Lessons and Guitar Lessons

Hubert Sumlin, Robert Cray & Jimmie Vaughan -- Killing Floor

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tangerine Zoo - Trip To The Zoo

Going keep with the “psych” theme here….

I picked this up recently out at “the spot” from “the old man” after his used car salesman pitch of “this is some wild psychedelic garage rock!”…

He doesn’t need to sell me on most things anymore but he seems compelled to do so.

I’ve heard of the band before but didn’t own anything by them so it was a welcome edition to the devil’s vaults.

Anyway, this is a pretty wild little psych ride so here’s a little something to start your weekend & get your “Trip to the Zoo” on!!!

Boston psychedelic band the Tangerine Zoo formed in 1967 in nearby Swansea, MA. Guitarist Robert "Benny" Benevides, bassist Tony Taveira, and drummer Donald Smith first collaborated in the Ebb Tides, which the previous year issued "My Baby's Gone" on the Arco label. With the additions of singer/guitarist Wayne Gagnon and keyboardist Ronald Medeiros, the group renamed itself the Flower Pot, abandoning the Ebb Tides' garage rock sound in favor of a more psychedelic approach. In addition to serving as the house band at the local Venus de Milo restaurant, the band also opened for the likes of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Van Morrison, and Deep Purple. Their growing popularity was buoyed by a large fan base in Boston, and in late 1967 signed with the New York City-based Mainstream label. While recording their debut LP, label execs demanded another name change, fearing backlash from the obvious marijuana reference in the Flower Pot moniker; after setting on the Tangerine Zoo, the group released its self-titled debut in early 1968. Taveira exited the lineup prior to recording the follow-up, Outside Looking In. In mid-1969, the Tangerine Zoo was invited to play the Woodstock festival, but were forced to decline due to prior commitments. The band dissolved in 1970, with Gagnon soon resurfacing in Wadsworth Mansion, which scored a Billboard Top Ten hit with 1971's "Sweet Mary." The original Tangerine Zoo lineup reunited in 1988 to play a charity fundraiser, intermittently reconvening during the decades that followed.

Tangerine Zoo - Trip To The Zoo

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Third Rail - No Return

Going to get back to the muisc...

Today i give you 2 minuets of Psychedelic Car Crash Horror!!!


Here's some info but it's really not that important as this completely insane odd ball of a cut stands pretty goood all on its own....

The Third Rail were a studio-only group (although they did play one show in Cincinnati), comprised of the unlikely trio of Artie Resnick, his wife Kris Resnick, and Joey Levine. Artie Resnick was a Brill Building veteran who had co-written the Drifters' "Under the Boardwalk" and the Rascals' "Good Lovin'," while Levine was a teenager who had done a bit of recording and played in some local New York bands. They did do a full album, Id Music, as well as a few other singles, in an odd and oft-awkward blend of late Brill Building-period pop-rock, early bubblegum, psychedelia, and trendily socially relevant lyrics, usually featuring Levine's high youthful vocals. After the Third Rail dissolved following their last single in 1968, all three of the members played leading roles in early bubblegum rock. Joey Levine had a hit with "Yummy Yummy Yummy," on which he sang, though it was credited to the Ohio Express, and all of them became staff songwriter/producers for Kasenetz & Katz Associates.

Third Rail - No Return

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vinyl Eye Candy 4/8/08

No music today just some vinyl eye candy. i haven't done this in a while but before i had vinyl to mp3 capability i used to post some of my Cha Cha & Cheesecake covers for a hoot. Today's post inspired by "I'm Learning to Share" and his recent post of newly acquired vinyl and for reminding me that sometimes these things are as visually stunning as enjoyable to listen to!

So here are a few of most recent "Cover" acquisitions!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Stone The Crows - Raining In Your Heart

Here is an album and a cut that me and the JJB both enjoy a great deal...

I recently used this track in the FuFu Stew Funky Side of the Rock Mix but this track is certainly worthy of being used on its own.

Stone the Crows was a tough-luck, working class, progressive soul band that came out of the pubs of Scotland in the early '70s. They had everything going for them at the start: not one, but two gritty singers, a talented guitarist, a rhythm section that had played with John Mayall, and the name recognition of having Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant as their producer. Despite favorable reviews by the critics, however, they never managed to sell their hybridized soul music to a large audience.

Here is some great call & answer vocals by Maggie Bell and Jim Dewer (later of Robin Trower fame) It’s a great soulful bluesy number with some really heartfelt vocals by the duo of Bell & Dewer.
Great rolling organ work by John McGinnis & Great hot guitar action by Les Harvey, brother of Alex Harvey of the Sensational Alex Harvey band, Les Harvey would actually die on stage by being electrocuted but here his playing is pretty electric.

Stone the Crows - Raining in Your Heart

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Aphrodite's Child - 666

Chariot's of Fire Goes Satanic...

On this Sunday morning while the "Old Lady" is out at Church ( The Devil does not frequent such establishments) let me give you some biblical themed Heavy Progressive Psych w/ some Satanic overtones. Selected tracks from Aphrodite's Child" Concept album, 666. This is a pretty trippy and wild ride.

Enjoy the info below if your not familiar with the group and a few of "The Devils" Fave tracks of the album...

Aphrodite's Child was a Greek progressive rock band formed in 1967, by Vangelis Papathanassiou (keyboards); Demis Roussos (bass guitar and vocals), Loukas Sideras (drums and vocals), and Anargyros "Silver" Koulouris (guitar).

The band began to record their crowning achievement late in 1970: a musical adaptation of the biblical Book of Revelation, entitled 666. Silver Koulouris, having finished his Greek army duty rejoined the band. However, relations between all the band members were not good at the time, and continued to worsen during the album's creation.

Essentially, 666 was Vangelis' concept, created with an outside lyricist, Costas Ferris. The music that Vangelis was creating for 666 was much more psychedelic and progressive rock oriented than anything the band had done before. This did not sit well with the other band members, who wished to continue in the pop direction that had brought them success.

By the time the double LP 666 finally came out in late 1971, and having sold over 20 million albums, the band had already split. Both Vangelis and Demis Roussos pursued successful solo careers, Roussos as a pop singer and Vangelis as one of the pioneers in New Age music.

In 1981 Vangelis wrote the score for the film Chariots of Fire, set at the Paris Olympics in 1924. The choice of music was unorthodox—while most period films featured traditional orchestral scores, Vangelis' music was modern and synthesizer-heavy. The movie won a half-dozen awards, including an Academy award for Best Picture of the year. Vangelis won the Academy Award for Original Music Score. The opening theme of the film was released as a single in 1982, topping the American Billboard chart for one week after climbing steadily for five months. Only one other instrumental track, 1985's "Miami Vice Theme," by Czech musician Jan Hammer, has topped that chart since...

Aphrodite's Child - Four Horseman

Aphrodite's Child - The System - Babylon

Aphrodite's Child - Seven Bowls

Aphrodite's Child - Battle of the Locusts - Do It

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Roy Buchanan - Hey Joe - That's What I Am Here For - My Baby...

This one is going out once again to my man dk for his love of all things Hendrix.

Roy Buchanan is one of my all time fave guitarists. A master of the telecaster. His playing is some of the most original, soulful, vibrant, passionate and gnarly all at once and IMHO has more "Feeling" than just about any guitarist past or present. His style is somewhat choatic but in a very controlled manner. Never as slick as say Clapton his style veers and careens all over the place which IMHO makes it all the more awesome...

Born September 23, 1939 he died August 14, 1988 after being arrested in his hometown of Reston, Virginia, for public drunkeness, Buchanan was found in his cell hung with his own shirt; a fact that still raises question to this day.

Even posthumously, he commands the ardent respect of his fellow guitarists and a devoted army of fans. The Buchanan sound is totally unique: heartbreaking, searing solos, trademark shimmering tone, and a mixture of snarls, wails, note bends, volume swells and squeals that mark him as a wizard of the instrument. He was a pioneer in the use of controlled harmonics, and although this technique has been used by rock's greatest guitarists, especially Jeff Beck, Robbie Robertson and Z.Z. Top's Billy Gibbons, all acknowledge Buchanan as the master.

Please take a listen to his tribute to Jimi Hendrix with his take on "Hey Joe" from his 1974 album "That's What I Am Here For" as well as the original "My Baby Says She's Gonna Leave Me" and the Jack Bond penned "That's What I Am Here For" Buchanan really rips on these tunes and proves what an awesome player he really was.

Hey Joe

My Baby Says She's Gonna Leave Me

That's What I Am Here For

And here is my all time fave Roy songs, originally on his self titled album from 1972 this is live from 1983. This has more "Felling" than any thing almost any guitarist has ever produced.... If this don't make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck...

"The Messiah Will Come Again"

There was a town
It was a strange little town they called the world
It was a lonely, lonely little town
'Till one day a Stranger appeared
Their hearts rejoiced
and this sad little town was happy again
But there were some that doubted
They disbelieved,so they mocked Him
And the Stranger He went away
and the said little town that was sad yesterday
It's a lot sadder today
I walked in a lot of places I never should have been
But I know that the Messiah,
He will come again...

Friday, April 4, 2008

"She" & the Devil: Unicorns & Rainbows Mix

Please take a gander at my lovely lady friends blog Eye Eat Music where she spins a true tale and presents a pretty stellar mix.....

She's a good egg, and lord know why she puts up with the devil....

Forward to the Caves Play List 4/3/08

We were back on air last night aftwer taking a few weeks off.

Here's what you missed:

Elias Hulk - Unchained - LP

We Can Fly
been Around Too Long
Yesterday's Trip
Anthology Of Dreams
Delhi Blues
Aint Got You

Black Pyramid - Visions of Gehenna
Black Pyramid - Caravan

Eternal Elysium - Shadowed Flower
Eternal Elysium - Northern Smile
Eternal Elysium - Absent Pain
Eternal Elysium - Views on A) B) C)

Chowder - Eyes Sown Shut
Odd Zero - Sleep Deprived
Thunderclap & Newman - Look Around
Count Five - There Coming To Get You
Luther Stag - Satisfaction
Terry Knight & the Pack - Got Love
Dearly Beloved - You Aint Gonna Do What You Did To Him To Me
Tangerine Zoo - Trip to the Zoo
Small Faces - Tin Soldier
Third Rail - No Return
Shadows of Knight - Gloria '69
Hot Soup - You Took Me By Surprise
Asterix - If I Could Fly
Boffalongo - Mr. Go Away
Manfred Man - Prayer
Edward Bear - Best Friend
Khan - Space Shanty

Christ Child - Blow It Up

Spontaneous Combustion - S/T - LP

Side A

Speed of Light
Listen to the Wind

Side B

200 Lives
Down With the Moon

Soundtrack of Our Lives - Origin Vol. I LP

Side A:

Believe I've Found
Trancendental Suicide
Heading for a Breakdown
Mother One Track Mind
Midnight Children

Side B:

Lone Summer Dream
Royal Explosion (Part II)
Wheels of Boredom
Song for the Others
Age of No Reply