Monday, April 30, 2012

Angel - Good Time Fanny - Who D'Ya Think Your Fooling

Glam-rock band Angel, was a concept from Andy Scott and Mick Tucker from Sweet. The band was formed in 1974 from the members of Pebbles, at a time when bands such as Slade, Sweet, Mud and Suzi Quatro were dominating the European charts.

The band members were:

Brian Johnson: (Lead Vocals)
Joe Ryan: (Guitar)
Martin Kemp: (Bass)
Steve Rickard: (Drums)
Bob Banasiak.: (Guitar, Bob replaced Joe in August 1974)

Can you say Glam Rock Boy Band....??? Still a fun little record. But I'd rather go put some Sweet any day....

Angel - Good Time Fanny

Angel - Who D'Ya Think Your Fooling

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Joe Quaterman And Free Soul - Find Yourself

Quarterman was an unfairly overlooked funk and soul singer influenced by -- but not imitative of -- James Brown. Honing his chops in church choirs and various vocal groups, Quarterman earned the nickname "Sir" in high school while singing with a group called the Knights; he subsequently joined up with a female backing quartet as Sir Joe & the Maidens and cut a few records during the early '60s. Quarterman went on to play trumpet in the El Corols (aka the Magnificent Seven), whose highest-profile gig came as Garnet Mimms' backing band. In 1970, after playing jazz with the Orlando Smith Quintet, he formed a backing group called Free Soul, which featured lead guitarist George "Jackie" Lee, jazz-trained guitarist Willie Parker, fretless bassist Gregory Hammonds, keyboardist Karissa Freeman, drummer Charles Steptoe, and horn player Leon Rogers. Their first single, "(I Got) So Much Trouble in My Mind," was also their biggest, reaching the R&B Top 30 in early 1973. Quarterman's only LP, Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul, was released later that year on the small GSF label, and showed Quarterman to be an avatar of the kind of hard, socially conscious funk James Brown often recorded during the early '70s. Further singles followed, including "This Girl of Mine (She's Good to Me)," "I'm Gonna Get You," and "Thanks Dad," before Quarterman moved to Mercury in 1974. Unfortunately, the label issued only two singles, the fine "Get Down Baby" and "I'm a Young Man," before letting Quarterman go. Financial problems broke up the band, and Quarterman quit the business to return to college and earn his degree in architecture. Collectables reissued Quarterman's lone album on CD during the '90s, adding several non-LP singles as bonus tracks."

Joe Quaterman And Free Soul - Find Yourself

Friday, April 27, 2012

Impaler - Rise Of The Mutants

Clocking in at under 10 minuets this is one of my fave EP's... I think i like the Demon Flight EP just above this one. And although this screams Heavy Metal and does have insane ripping guitar playing all over it, it still has a sleezy punk rock vibe underneath it all. It sort of reminds me of New Jersey's mega sleeze rockers Genocide a bit, who i totally dig. These days about all i can take of most metal is about 10 minuets so this fits the bill prefectly.

Impaler - Rise Of The Mutants

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Los Viking's - Dame Una Lagrima Para Llorar & Fuera De Atraccion

I just picked this record and a bunch of other cool records i know nothing about. I've been super busy and not really able to gather any real information on this awesome latin late 60's? rock record but man this song is so cool i just had to share. Its awesome and weird w/ some cool fuzz guitar and a bit of a calliope sound (at least to my ears) and i have no idea what they are singing about but man i really dig this. anyone have any info on the Los Viking's??? Finding stuff like this is the reason i love record collecting..... you just never know what your gonna find.

PS - i hate the new upgrades blogger did.... i have no idea where anything is anymore, making an already computer illiterate that much more disadvantaged.... Ugh....

PSS - I added another track that is equally if not better then the 1st!

Los Viking's - Dame Una Lagrima Para Llorar

Los Viking's - Fuera De Atraccion

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Harvey Averne Barrio Band - S/T

Great Latin/soul/funk rock from The Harvey Averne Barrio Band 1994 reissue on Acid Jazz originally from 1971 & release originally on Heavy Duty Records. This one has plenty of rockin' fuzz guitars to keep the devils interest. If you like funky jams w/ some nice rock and fuzz guitars thrown in the mix then check this out. It's a good one.

The Harvey Averne Barrio Band - S/T

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NIEMEN - dziwny jest ten swiat... ("Strange is this world")

Dziwny jest ten świat ("Strange is this world") - First Czesław Niemen's solo album released in 1967. At 20 December 1968, as first album in communist Poland, "Dziwny jest ten świat" was awarded with Golden record (160 000 copies sold).

Strange to find this Polish Garage Rock LP from 1967 in South New Jersey at a garage sale. South Jersey, where Monster Trucks and Deer Hunting abound and the only thing you are likely to hear coming out of car radio's is Sweet Home Alabama.....

This record was obviously played quite a bit by someone down in the South JERZ.... Pretty cool poppy garage rock sung in Polish. Check out some selected tracks...

NIEMEN - dziwny jest ten swiat...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Bintangs - Ridin on the L & N - Down South Blues

Dutch Rock and Roll from 1969. Very Stones influeneced. The Flaming Groovies must have listened to these guys as well or is this coincidence they sound so similar? Maybe they were both just trying to be the Stones right around the same time.....??? The cover of this 7" has seen better days but that don't make these songs any less cool.... Rock 'N Roll!

Bintangs - Ridin on the L & N

Bintangs - Down South Blues

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Time Machine - Turn Back Time - Bird In The Wind

Light and trippy hippy psych by a band who obviously didnt have enough material for this 7 inch so they basically just fipped over the A side and played it backwards. fucking lazy hippies....

Time Machine - Turn Back Time

Time Machine - Bird In The Wind

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Unknown Chinese? Music

Cool and weird little picture disk flexi here. I don't know anything about Asia (is that even the politically correct thing to say? It was still the Orient when i went to school...) and its languages, so i can't be sure but i THINK this is Chinese? But i could very easily be wrong.... I can't even tell what speed this is suppossed to be at. I copied it 45 rpms and at 33. At 45 the music sounds more "correct" but the voice is so fast i couldn't be sure. At 33 it sounds a lot more creepy, kinda like a very weird old cartoon soundtrack and the voice sounds ok but i can't be sure since i do not speak Chinese.... Either way, i like the way this sounds...

Unknown Chinese? Music @ 45 RPM

Unknown Chinese? Music @ 33 RPM

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wade Flemons and the Newcomers - Where I Stand - My Baby Likes To Rock

Great late 50's (1958) Doo Wop by Wade Flemons and the Newcomers on the great Vee jay record label.

Born on 25 September 1940 in Coffeyville (Kansas), he died of cancer the 13 October 1993 at the age of 53 years.

Here I stand hit # 18 on the billboard rhythm and blues chart.

Wade Flemons and the Newcomers - Where I Stand

Wade Flemons and the Newcomers - My Baby Likes To Rock

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ill Bred Mind - How Can You Be Happy Today ? - Walk On By

Obscure Low Budget Organ Garage Rock 45 - NO INFO AVAILABLE... I found this at a flea market in NJ a few years back and can not find any info. Its not great but its not the worst thing i own....

Ill Bred Mind - How Can You Be Happy Today ?

Ill Bred Mind - Walk On By

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lemming - Lucifera - I Feel Free

Slightly sinister glam rock by Dutch band "Lemmings"...

The Lemming (formerly known as Lemming and before that as Life Color), a Dutch hard rock band between 1973 and 1975 scored three hits in the Dutch Top 40 .
The original lineup of Lemming in 1973 consisted of lead singer Wally Lock (stage name: Wally McKey), guitarist Hans Vos and Harry Bout , bassist Tinny Durrell and drummer Tony Gloudie . Proposal was the band The Lemming to mention, but for the word "The" was under Willem van Kooten then to old-fashioned. In 2002 the band was re-established. Of the original members were there only Wally Lock and Tony Gloudie in the new band.

I'm going to post their first 3 singles. This is the first.

Lemming - Lucifera

Lemming - I Feel Free

Lemming - Father John - Crazy Again

2nd single by slightly sinsiter Dutch glam rock band "Lemmings"...

Lemming - Father John

Lemming - Crazy Again

Lemming - Queen Jacula - Fun With Me

3rd and slightly less sinister single by Dutch glam rock band "Lemmings"...

Lemming - Queen Jacula

Lemming - Fun With Me