Friday, October 12, 2007

Sure Looks Real Mix

Looks like i'm getting closer to being able to post music here. real close....

But until then here is a track list of my last mix for myself and a few friends.

Eden’s Children – Sure Looks Real
Eden’s Children – Spirit Call
Eden’s Children – Wings
Giant Crab – Cool it… Helios
Giant Crab – It’s Getting Harder
Man – Taking the Easy Way Out
Man – Scotch Corner
Illusion – Man
Taos – 20,000…
Elf – Aint It All Amusing
Christmas – Point Blank
Christmas – Zephyr Song
Lightning – Prelude to Opus IV
Lightning – Hideaway
Ashkan – Going Home
Freak Scene – 1,000,000 Grains of Sand
Freak Scene – Center Of My Soul
Freak Scene – Watered Down Soul
Contraband – That’s Your Way
Grin – The Weight
Ten Wheel Drive – How Long Before I Am Gone

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