Friday, December 21, 2007

Top Overblown, Fuzziest, Wasted & OTT guitarist / 60’s & 70’s:

Jimi Hendrix: On record he sure has some fuzzy moments but shit man, wild thing and the star spangled banner are as fuzzed out, freaked out & as wasted as anything ever.
Plus he died from dugs, it don’t get any more “wasted” than that….

Tony Iommi: The first Black Sabbath record alone puts him in the Fuzzy Rifftastic Hall of Fame but the riffs and fuzz just kept on coming… Best band ever? Yes, IMHO.

Glen Buxton & Michael Bruce: From 1968 to 74 they were the BEST American band EVER! Sure they sold a lot of records and were “popular” but there is NOTHING fancifully about their playing. Buzzy, Fuzzy, & ALWAYS WASTED! The 1st 2 being complete freaked out and wasted and over the fucking top!

Gary Ray Thompson: The 1st Frijid Pink album contains the most over the top buzzy, fuzzy, wasted & strangled guitar sound EVER. I’d trade in ALL my Cream records for just one song off of this record. Eric Clapton is a limp wristed fag…

Ron Asheton: Before the Tinny Din of the Raw Power the 1st Stooges set the bar for every blown out punk band to come. The year: 1969. The Fuzz: OVER THE TOP!
I Wanna Be Your Dog is worth admission here alone…

Larry Wallis: Pink Fairies: Kings of Oblivion: HOLY SHIT!!! WASTED SHRED!
One can only wonder what it would have sounded like had Mr. Wallis stayed with Motorhead… Dream on…

Randy Holden: GUITAR GAWD!!! Anyone who writes songs about his wailing guitar in A-OK in my book. And it doesn’t hurt that his tone and playing is about as buzzy, fuzzy and strangled and anything you have never heard before. The air is thick with cottage cheese & riffs! It doesn’t hurt that he was also a small part of the history of:

Blue Cheer: Leigh Stephens: Buzzed, Fuzzed, Wasted, and Baked! The 1st 2 Blue Cheers albums are HIGH on the list of Freaked out power house blasters! These guys single handedly killed the flower power scene of San Francisco. Set phasers on hippy kill!!!

Jim McCarty: Cactus: Hard to believe this cat was a Detroit Wheel. Scorching, Sloppy, Fuzzy & Mean solo’s abound all over these cactus records. Break out the bong mother-fuckers!!!

Mark Farner: Grand Funk: INSANE FUZZ & WHA WHA!!! This dude was Jesus on ACID! Long Hair, Long Riffs, Long Solo’s! Garage band made good. You know this already though so I’ll shut up now….

John Baxter: Buffalo: Australia’s answer to Black Sabbath. Heavy on fuzz and thick with mean riffs. These record aint for the faint of heart. If you’ve not heard these and you fancy yerself any kind of fuzz fan re-think your position in life and get down under right fucking quick!

Leslie West? Maybe…. Had his moments and was on Heroin most of the time but not as wasted and freaked out as some…. Maybe, maybe not. Certainly cooler than you though.

Mick Box: Uriah Heep: He gets some props: Gypsy is a stunning skull fucker…. Some of the shit leaves me cold though…

Honorable mention to the cats from Bubble Puppy, Banchee, SRC, Edgar
Broughton Band. Power of Zeus, Jerusalem, Fresh Blueberry Pancake, I don’t know their names & I’m too lazy to look them up…

These guys aint “wasted” enough of the time: Humble Pie, Ten Years After, Groundhogs, Bloodrock, Atomic Rooster, Gun, Wishbone Ash, Savoy Brown. Sure there good and all but too much “Clean” Noodling and “light” moments for complete fucked up-ness…

Yeah, yeah I know, there are a million “little” buzzy, fuzzy, and wasted bands I’m missing…
Just fucking add them already will ya huh….?


Play LOUDER! For Best Results said...

Tony Mc Phee on "Split"!!
Have a great christmas time!

Anonymous said...

At first I thought you were dissing Hendrix here, and couldn't quite believe it...

Like you said, lots of other buzzers out there. I'd also nominate Randy California from Spirit. Pretty gnarly on the git-ar. Not sure I saw Johnny Thunders or Keith Richards on there either. Have there ever been two more f*cked up guitarists (and I mean that in a good way)??

Excellent post - thanks for the list!

Devil Dick said...

never dk! never!
hendrix is my god!
I'd kiss his 37 year old dead feet right now if they wuz in front of me!!!

dk said...

We definitely agree on that!

I gotta also add George Brigman to the mix here.

His album 'Jungle Rot' is simply one of the most fuzzed out albums of the 70's. The guy worshipped at the alter of The Stooges and The Groundhogs, and it shows in his sound.

Highly recommended!!!

Devil Dick said...

This is why i am doing this!
I will certainly find the George Brigman record now. Thanks dk!!!!!

fughk ewe said...

Awesome post. I'm always looking for fuzz fest freak-out. The whole soundtrack from Devil's Angels is dominated by the fuzziest buzzsaw guitar I have ever heard. Thanks Davie Allan!!

Here is my favorite Davie Allan fuzz jam: