Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Clockwork - Cybernaut / Mean Lady

A great heavy prog instrumental on the A side which for my money ends to soon and abrupt. Seems like they start start really cooking and then they were like "shit that's all that is going to fit on the 45!" and end the jam suddenly. Too bad really, because like most proggy goodness i could listen to these stoners ramble semi aimlessly for hours. Side B is more of a crunchy rocker with a great fuzzed out solo. Reminds me of maybe Stepson or Kin Ping Meh a bit. Ace 45.

Clockwork - Cybernaut

Clockwork - Mean Lady

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dynamite Butch - Freedom Song

I'm back!

Hitting you with a heavy riff rocker with a killer guitar solo and some weird/wild synth action from Dynamite Butch circa 1974.

Thanks to the wife for fixing my broken shit!

Dynamite Butch - Freedom Song