Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Solace - Black Black - Limited Vinyl Pressing

To all that do not know, I play in a band called "Solace" and the good folks at "land-o-smiles" records just put out our last record on limited press color vinyl.

400 pressed and never to be re-pressed:

take a gander at these beauties!

if you dig on heavy 70's style hard rock in the vein of Black Sabbath get your hands on a few copies now!


here's a few reviews:

SOLACE - BLACK BLACK EP Underdogma Records


SOLACE is back with a blast! After the mighty debut album FURTHER and the weaker follow up "13" I personally didn’t give a dime for a good comeback. The Split with GREAT DAY FOR UP some years ago was a first step, but with this 4 track EP they are back with a blast! The opener WORLD OF FIRE is an 8 minute long Stoner monster with a lot of tempo changing and with the mighty vocals from Jason! This song features all the SOLACE sound. Fat and mighty grooving guitar riffs, great solo guitars, variations in the songs and the mighty, from screaming to whispering, vocals from Jason. DESTROY THE GIFT starts with some Doom Metal riffs and turns into a typical Solace smasher! Highlight on this EP is the 14 minute Doom smasher called THE DEVILS CLOCK. The riffs will blow you away and it sounds like a bulldozer destroying some walls. The song turns into a solo-guitar ending with some great tunes. This is the part you can bang your head out! Cool! And the last track is a cover version of a CURE song! You will not know that song after some listening! It rocks and you think it is a SOLACE track! One of the heaviest and best Stoner Rock bands from the states are back and I can’t wait to hear a new record! Get it!

Music: Stoner Rock
Sound: 9
Music: 9
Info: 4 Songs / 33 minutes



Solace - The Black Black
Review by John Pegoraro (CosmicDoom.com)
Underdogma Records (CD)/Land o Smiles (vinyl)
Release date: May 2007

This time last year, New Jersey's Solace had imploded. Their third full-length, A.D., was dead in the water and they were headed for the “coulda shoulda woulda” file, another obscure band that coulda shoulda woulda kicked the world in the ass had they not been too busy tripping over their own feet.

Then they were offered a slot on the Roadburn Festival and that one gig managed to reinvigorate the five-piece. A.D. has been dusted off, and while it's still not finished (making it our Chinese Democracy), the four new tracks on The Black Black offer nothing but good news for the band and for their fans.

If I had to describe The Black Black in a word, it would be one long girlish shriek of joy. The three originals - “Khan (World of Fire),” “Destroy the Gift,” and “The Devil's Clock” - and their cover of The Cure's “World War” deliver classic Solace and then some. The current line-up recorded only one other original, “Cement Stitches” from their split with Greatdayforup, and while a great song, it didn't fully capture what the band was capable of doing. Solace is a guitarist's band, and The Black Black is replete with riffs, harmonized solos, blistering solos, moody solos, solos that make the hairs on your arm stand up, and the type of solos that make your dog run around in circles, barking at nothing, but never to the point where they sacrifice actual songs. They've stepped up their songwriting in the years since 13, and the end result is an ugly, aggressive, and unique blend of rock, doom, and metal. Credit to that also needs to go to frontman Jason, whose use of both clean, melodic vocals and a fierce shriek adds considerable dynamics to the tracks (especially "The Devil's Clock").

Is this the best material Solace has written? Damn straight. Given the 33 minutes running time, it's debatable whether this will be Album of the Year or EP of the Year. Either way, this is highly recommended. Holy fucking hell, this rules.

URL: http://www.diedrunk.com/

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Play LOUDER! For Best Results said...

I own the black vinyl version, because it's limited to 100 copies and because I'm a nerd.And the record is called "the Black Black", so how could the wax be any other colour than black, huh?