Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Moby Grape - Omaha - Consolidated Cigar Promo EP

Anyone know what this is all about? Consolidated Cigar???

Weird little promo EP i picked up at the Flea Market. Great track by The Moby Grape. Dig it!

The flip has Tighten Up Your Tie, Button Up Your Jacket by Aretha Franklin & Kentucky Woman by The Union Gap.

The Moby Grape - Omaha - Consolidated Cigar Promo EP

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Devils Music - Devil Dick 78 Mix Vol. 14

i been jamming on some 78's of late and as i been spinning them i been recording some of the ones i dig...

here is a couple quick little 78 mixes from some recent 78's scores. All on glorious and noisy OG 78's records. No noise filters are any bullshit was used so you get it as it is... i for one think 78's have a certain charm with the noise they produce...

Hope you dig them as much as me and you can read my shit writing for the titles....?

The Devils Music - Devil Dick 78 Mix Vol. 14 A

The Devils Music - Devil Dick 78 Mix Vol. 14 B

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Parkays - Late Date

Great & groovy guitar and organ instrumental from 1961 from The Parkays. Good shit right here...

The Parkays - Late Date

Friday, March 25, 2011

Magic Christians - Come And Get It - Nats

So is this really Bad Finger under the Magic Christians moniker? Or The Magic Christains cashing in on the film? Come And Get It written by Paul McCartney and originally done by Bad Finger so I'm not sure what is going on here as this sounds pretty close to the original, either way the B-Side is the tits. It's not hard to do, but i'm confused....

Magic Christians - Come And Get It

Magic Christians - Nats

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wisdom - Nefertiti - What-Cha-Gonna-Du-About-You

Great funk instrumental backed with some 2nd hand Temps style funky soul.

Wisdom - Nefertiti
Wisdom - What-Cha-Gonna-Du-About-You

Friday, March 18, 2011

Click - Fat Lady In The Wicker Chair - Dancing Babies

I found out about Click when i stumbled across his self titled album in the bargin bin at a record store years ago. I bought it not knowing anything about it but the album looked a bit "psychedelic" and it was from 1969. A good year. I must have played that record one thousand times. Almost everyone i played it for found charm in that records grooves. A few of the songs have made mix after mix and i'd say it still holds a place in my musical heart. A burned copy is always in the car for long drives. Its an odd mix of folk & psych in a singer songwriter tradition but with a weird bend to it. And this 45 is no different really. Odd & great. I was really "psyched" (pun intended) when i found this 45 out at the local flea market because i did not know it existed. I only thought the full length "Click" album was the only thing Mr. Click Horning had released. You can visit his website and order this great rare and way out of print album directly from him HERE, if you so desire. I would recomend it. Looks like he still plays every Sunday afternoon in NH.

Click - Fat Lady In the Wicker Chair

Click - Dancing Babies

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Carl Perkins- Shine Shine Shine

No need for any words on Mr Blue Suede Shoes...? This is little rockabilly number from later in his career, pretty sure sometime in the 60's. Still a cool little rocker.

Carl Perkins- Shine Shine Shine

Monday, March 14, 2011

Johnny Horton - Long Way Home Tonight

Most of Mr. Horton's stuff i can do without, but for a while there in the late 50's he was rockin and boppin with the best of them. Lots of folks tried their hand at Rock and Roll after it went big time. This track and Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor being my 2 faves from Johnny.

Johnny Horton - Long Way Home Tonight

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Weasels - Beat Her With A Rake - Im The Commander

Hints of Black Sabbath and an appreciation of early punk bands like the Sex Pistols and Dead Boys...? Sold! I am in!!!

Sorta like a better played Dayglo Abortions Acting like Black Sabbath...

The Weasels were best known for their dark-humored 1978 single "Beat Her With a Rake," the Weasels were an irreverent, sneering, in-your-face punk band along the lines of Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, and Dead Boys. One thing that separated the Los Angeles-based Weasels (who shouldn't be confused with a 1960s band that had the same name) from other late '70s punk outfits, however, was a definite heavy metal influence. At a time when it still wasn't fashionable to like metal in punk circles, the Weasels combined hints of Black Sabbath with their appreciation of early punk bands like the Sex Pistols and Dead Boys. The Weasels were formed in L.A. in 1977, when singer Mike Brophy joined forces with guitarist Greg Durschlag, bassist Richard Sakai, and drummer Jim Connelly. It wasn't long before they started playing the L.A./Hollywood club scene; their live performances didn't make them a huge name in the punk world, though they did acquire a small cult following in Southern California. In 1978, the Weasels released the metal-influenced single "Beat Her With a Rake" on their own Siamese label, and the equally metal-influenced "I'm the Commando" became the record's B-side. Though some women in the L.A. punk scene found "Beat Her With a Rake"'s dark-humored, misogynist lyrics offensive, others saw the tune as a sick, twisted joke and didn't take its lyrics seriously. Rodney Bingenheimer, who was one of the first American radio DJs to play punk, thought enough of "Beat Her With a Rake" to play it on his weekly radio show on L.A.'s KROQ-FM. The Weasels had been playing the L.A. punk scene for about five years when, in 1982, they decided to breakup and go their separate ways.

The Weasels - Beat Her With A Rake

The Weasels - Im The Commander

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Devils Music - Devil Dick Mix 13 - Just Some New Shit Mix

A mix of some newer 7's a just picked up on the cheap, a nice little collection of indie, alt, punk rock, shits or whatever you wanna call it. Being the old fuck i am i will admit i know nothing about any of these bands but some of the tunes aint so bad...

The Devils Music - Devil Dick Mix 13 - Just Some New Shit Mix

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Space Negros - Go to Russia...

This is a weird one... Starting with the name and ending with the music.... I mean "Space Negros"...? and the music sounds like twisted TV theme show music from a bad dream or nightmare. Even their take on the Beatles is a little unsettling. ART rock, or no wave, or post punk or whatever it is you wanna call just call it odd. Someone called it an exploration of exotic music and rock. I guess that works too...

All i could come up with in my 2 second search of the webs is that Erik Lindgren seems to be the main cat in this odd mess and he runs the label this was put out on, Arf! Arf! records.

Erik Lindgren (15 December 1954) is an American composer and keyboards player. He runs Arf! Arf! Records, and has led (or been a member of) several ensembles such as The Moving Parts, The Space Negros, The Rising Storm, and Birdsongs of the Mesozoic.

Lindgren was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in December 1954.[1] He attended Northfield Mount Hermon School from 1969–1972, and received his BA in Music from Tufts University in 1976 where he worked with T. J. Anderson. In 1974–75 he spent his junior year abroad in London studying composition at the Guildhall School of Music with Alfred Nieman and piano with Birgette Wild. Lindgren received an MA in music composition and piano performance from the University of Iowa in 1977 where he studied with Donald Jenni, Richard Hervig and Peter Lewis.

As a contemporary classical composer, Lindgren has a catalog of over five dozen works, ranging from solo piano pieces to chamber music to orchestral works. He also owns Foot Foot Music BMI which publishes all of his original compositions. In 1978, Lindgren established Sounds Interesting Productions, a commercial recording studio and music production company based in Cambridge, MA.[1] In 1998, he relocated his facility to Middleborough, MA. National and regional credits include original scores for ABC, NBC CBS and PBS, Eastpak, Boston Globe, Basketball Hall Of Fame, Jordan Marsh, Polaroid, Prentice Hall and the Christmas Tree Shops. Lindgren also markets The Well-Tempered Music Library that consists of seven CDs of stock commercial music that he composed and produced.
Lindgren was a founding member of the new music ensemble Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic that Billboard Magazine described as “a mesmerizing venture into the space age jungle.” The quartet has toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada and held residencies at Dartmouth College, Emory University, Duke, UNCA and the Massachusetts College of Art. Birdsongs’ has recorded for the Rykodisc, Cuneiform and Ace of Hearts labels and released an album in 2005. Recently the group collaborated with Duplex Planet editor/National Public Radio correspondent David Greenberger on 1001 Real Apes.
The composer celebrated his 50th Birthday performing live, original works, at The Longy School of Music, Pickman Hall, Cambridge, MA (June 4, 2005).

For over twenty years, Lindgren has run the Arf! Arf! record label which has released five-dozen archival CDs documenting ’60s Garage/Psychedelic Rock and “Incredibly Strange Music.” Arf! Arf! issued four CD retrospectives by his ’80s experimental studio group The Space Negros. Lindgren has also produced over one hundred records for such diverse artists as Willie Loco Alexander, the Rising Storm, The Turbines, The Cynics, Magic Mose & his Royal Rockers, featuring 'Blind Sam,' Ed “Moose” Savage And His Litany Of Complaints, and harmonica virtuoso Richard Hunter.

The Space Negros - Back In The USSR
The Space Negros - Go To Hell

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tony March - Baked Bean Baby

Tony here is trying hard to rock here and it comes across a wee bit, but falls short of Buddy Holly or whoever it is he is trying to imitate. (Elvis?) It has its charm though.

File Under: Not quite Rockabilly.

Tony March - Baked Bean Baby

Monday, March 7, 2011

Danish Lost And Found - The First Cut Is The Deepest - No No No No

Some Pop Garage rock from Denmark. Pretty chill version of The First Cut... Looks like this was also put out on Barry records. Couldn't find much more.

Danish Lost And Found - The First Cut Is The Deepest

Danish Lost And Found - No No No No

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Devils Music - Devil Dick Punk & Hardcore Mix Vol. 12

Just a mix of some of the HC & Punk crap i've been listening to lately... like it or not.

The Devils Music - Devil Dick Punk & Hardcore Mix Vol. 12s