Friday, July 24, 2009

Dave Peel - You're Walking Through The Rooms

Keeping in line with my weird downer outsider type crap here is another gem from Dave Peel. Not to be confused with lower east side yippie: (least i think not)
here is a weird fucked up country jam... your walking through the rooms of my mind...

i read this is from 1970 on the chart records discography which makes sense as it kind of rocks in a rural kind of way but with that country feel, but man, those lyrics and that singing.... whoa/ looks like Mr. Peel recorded a bunch of other records which sadly i know nothing about... maybe i'm better off.

Dave Peel -You're Walking Through The Rooms

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fearns Foundry - Now I Taste The Tears

Lately i 've been on a kind of "outsider" kick and while i don't know much about Fearns Foundry, there is almost ZERO out there other than a few copies of this 45 for sale, this certainly has a real outsider quality. This a real weird downer of a tune that rivals my posts on The Poppy Family or Bill Withers for weird and downer tunes.

Anyone have any info on the record or can point me in the direction of some more oddball, downer, weird and outsider stuff like this please drop the 411 on the devil. thnx!

Fearns Foundry - Now I Taste The Tears

Friday, July 17, 2009

Skull Snaps - Al's Razor Blade

Skull Snaps was a mysterious funk group that released one eponymous album on the small GSF label in 1973 before disappearing. They were in fact the group originally known as The Diplomats who had released numerous singles between 1963 and 1970 with middling success.

Original vinyl copies of Skull Snaps' one and only LP continue to exchange hands on the rare groove market for three figures. There are two reasons for this: one, it's rare, and two, the drum breaks from the album have been feasted upon for samples so frequently that samples of the samples have likely been sampled. It's not that the album is spectacular — it's merely a decent early-'70s funk record from some accomplished musicians who don't exactly leave a trademark of their own throughout its nine songs. This soul-drenched funk album is most notable for the drums of "It's a New Day." It's the album's strongest cut, and the opening drum pattern is as ubiquitous they come — you can hear it get put to re-use in well over two dozen popular rap songs.

Today to get your weekend started I give you this single from 1975 that does not appear on the very collectible Skull Snaps full length album! A very cool groovy funky instrumental jam with plenty of wicked guitar work, just what the devil digs! Dig?

Skull Snaps - Al's Razor Blade

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Rugbys - You, I

Something to get yout weekend started, some nice heavy, fuzzy, funky and psychedelic Rock and roll from 1969 by the Rugbys!

To anyone that follows the devil's music, i know my posts have been pretty eratic and non-consistant lately but that's just how we roll here, loosey goosey. But in all seriousness i no longer have a home PC so i get to it when i can... i hope of few are still tuning in lately...???

As for the Rugbys;

The band was formed in 1965 in Louisville, doing mostly covers. But as competition among Louisville groups to write and record original music increased, The Rugbys released two singles in 1968, "Walking the Streets Tonight" which was written by Doug Sahm of the Sir Douglas Quintet, and "Stay with Me" witten by Steve McNicol. Both songs were released locally, and played on Louisville radio stations. But it was not until the band decided to release the B-side of "Stay with Me", "You, I", also written by McNicol (which then went to #1 on local stations), that they were signed to Shelby Singleton's Nashville. Tennessee record label, Amazon Records. Amazon re-released the single "You, I" in 1969, and the song became a national hit, climbing to # 24 on the Billboard Hot 100 and # 21 in the Cashbox chart. The latter part of 1969 and all of 1970 were spent touring the mid-west and north east, playing on the same bill with artists like Bob Seger, Grand Funk Railroad, the James Gang and many others. Later that year, the band released their only album, Hot Cargo which received only mild success. "Wendegahl the Warlock" was the follow-up single to "You, I", but it did not chart.

The Rugbys rarely perform live anymore, however there are rumors about the release of a new CD featuring some previously unreleased material that was written about the same time as "You, I".

Steve McNicol (guitar)
Mike Hoerni (bass guitar)
Eddy Vernon (keyboards)
Glen Howerton (drums)

The Rugbys - You, I

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Emotions - Boss Love Maker

Today i give you what the ladies think of the devil... Boss Love Maker.

A trio of sisters with a strong gospel base, the Emotions (based in Chicago) were one of the leading female R&B acts of the '70s. Lead singer Sheila Hutchinson and her sisters Wanda and Jeanette were only teenagers when they crashed the soul charts in 1969 with the engaging "So I Can Love You," but they sang gospel as children and enjoyed secular fame locally before signing with Memphis-based Volt and working with producers Isaac Hayes and David Porter.

The Emotions - Boss Love Maker

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Real Thing - You To Me Are Everything

So i bought 2 boxes of records recently of mostly 80's punk and new wave stuff with a little rock thrown in the boxes, and while digging through the boxes when i got them home i found this odd little thing. I say odd because it just seemed out of place amongst the Blondie, B52's and Knack records so i took a peep around the interwebs and found out its a highly sought after piece of early funky DJ disco vinyl that goes for a few bucks. So now i give it to you for nothing...

This Liverpool-based group had its origins in the Mersey boom. Lead singer Eddie Amoo was a former member of the Chants, whose excellent beat singles garnered considerable praise. Although they failed to chart, the Chants continued to record for various labels until the name was ultimately dropped. The Real Thing emerged in 1976 with 'You To Me Are Everything', which reached number 1 in the UK. They were also very snazzy dressers, just check the youtube clip...

The Real Thing - You To Me Are Everything - Short Version

The Real Thing - You To Me Are Everything - Long Version

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Transcendental Sisters of St Francis - Lenny Rich - In Heaven There Is No Beer

Happy 4th America...
I can't tell you how many dumb ass records i have like the one here. I can not resist buying anything off kilter like this shit. I mean just look at these old hags. I bet they were old they day they were born. Funny thing is if you close your eyes while listening you can almost imagine the singing to be done by buxom blonde bombshells in German oompa outfits with some real mini shorts. Kinda strange these old bats singing about beer as by the tightness in their lips it don't look like anything but holy water passed through their gullets, but i've been wrong before maybe they were horny lushes that gulped down more than just beer...?
and that is why i am going to hell... what the fuck, there is no beer in heaven anyway...

Drink up, Drink up, it's later than you think....

Transcendental Sisters of St. Francis - Lenny Rich - In Heaven There Is No Beer

Friday, July 3, 2009

Unholy Swill - War Pigs

It's crazy to me to think that 1990 was already over 19.5 years ago....


Anywho, here is something to get the weekend started, some noisy, don't give a fuck lo-fi punk ass shit from unholy swill. so bad its great.

I don't know shit about this band but i own a bunch of their 7 inches. I always suspected they were from one of the 5 boroughs of NY, probably queens... And in my mind each one of these gutter punks is long since dead of an O.D., AIDS or murdered. But in reality they are all probably wall street bankers and business tycoons. Either way for a hot second back in the late 80's and early 90's these dudes were making some seriously low brow and lo fi burnt out records. Anyone who can destroy War Pigs they way they do here is A-OK in my book...

Post Script: While writing this i got curious about the band and did a quick "google"... heh. Here is their myspace page for the 2 of you that might give a shit...Unholy Swill

Now i gotta go and find one of these shirts!

edit: my kid just came upstairs as i was playing this track, he's 10, and he says "where do i know this song from" i said its a cover of Black Sabbath. His replay was "It sounds like someone took a shit on Black Sabbath"!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!

Perfect description!

Unholy Swill - War Pigs