Sunday, October 21, 2007

Record cover of the week & a few scores

One of my fave cha cha lp's here. a disembodied pair of legs with some hot fishnets.

I didn't get out to the spot and looks like i missed out as DJ Prestige had a special guest out for a dig, DJ Andy Smith. and by the looks of things on his "Flea Market Funk" blog the duo faired pretty well too.

No worries I had a good time out in Philly with my Kids and lady friend and I also managed to pick picked up a few Lp's today.

Julie London - Julie is her name Volume Two - Liberty LRP 3100
The Surfaris - Hit City 65 - Decca DL 4614 - Still in the shrink!
Claude Williamson Trio - Keys West - Capitol T6511
Easy Rider - Music From the Soundtrack - Dullhill DSX 50063
B.T. Express - Do It 'till You're Satisfied - scepter SPS 5117
Beatles - Bach - Bacharach - Go Bossa - MFP 5206
Art Mooney - Cha Cha Cha - Parade SP 379
Honey to A Bee - Rated "X" Records Promo 12"

Man, The Beatles - Bach - Bacharach is a strange piece. I mean it's a mix of The Beatles, Bach, & Burt Bacharach all doing Bossa Novas in a Brazilian style... Looks German. Kooky man, Kooky!


Play LOUDER! For Best Results said...

This cover is absolutely gorgeous!

Devil Dick said...

Yeah, i really dig this one!

One of my all time faves.


Anonymous said...

ya missed out this week my man, but your scores look pretty good. talk to you this week.