Sunday, January 16, 2022

Fayrewether – Everything's OK / Poltergeist

Fayrewether – Everything's OK ---- Fayrewether – Poltergeist

Various – Life's Tough For The Stupid

I HATE this new blogger layout.... i have no idea what i'm i'm doing..... Various – Life's Tough For The Stupid Various – Life's Tough For The Stupid Label: Rave – RAVE 008 Format: Vinyl, 7", Limited Edition, Red Vinyl, 7", Limited Edition, Gold Country: US Released: 1990 Genre: Rock Style: Garage Rock, Punk Tracklist A More Fiends– Big Tea Party B Starvation Army– Conquistador C The Big Thing– De Nile D Reverb Motherfuckers– Ballad Notes Limited pressing of 1000, one record gold (yellow), one record red vinyl.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Clease - Weird One

I posted this one 6 years ago. Link long dead. It's an ALL TIME fave. If you missed it th efirst time here it is again. Clease - Weird One

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Devil Dick Covid Recovery Mix

Been fighting this damn covid since xmas. had a small (7 people) get together of family and all 7 of us got sick. A few worse than others. i'm on the mend but the crazy thing is that all i can smell is faint cigarette smoke. I HATE CIGARETTES! This is a curse..... Here's some tunes i threw together. Bored. Some of these may have been used before. I can't remember and i can't remember (or care) what number mix this.... devil dick covid recovery mix

Jefferson lee - Book Of Love / Sorcerella

Jefferson lee - Book Of Love ------- Jefferson lee - Sorcerella

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Saturday, January 1, 2022

The Citations - Moon Race

I stopped posting here mostly because i kept finding my posts up on youtube with no credit given to where the scans or music came from. Sorta pissed me off after a while.... (I know real word problems) So i started a youtube chanell and all i got was grirf over there with copyright infringements..... boggles my mind that someone thinks that some dumb 45 that no ones cares about and gets 36 plays on youtube is worth giving a copyright strike but so it goes... anyway, fuck the last few years up the ass with an oversized cactus. I'm over here fighting covid and not giving a shit about much these days. If this offends you in any way go piss up a rope.... old man rant over. enjoy a nice lil surf rocker or not, i don't really care. The Citations - Moon Race