Friday, September 30, 2011

The Troggs - The Troggs 1975 PYE REcords

The Troggs were one of the toughest and most gloriously unpolished bands to emerge from the U.K. during the British Invasion era -- the leering, monolithic pound of "Wild Thing" and "I Can't Control Myself" was about the closest thing to the Stooges that emerged on vinyl before James Osterberg reinvented himself as Iggy Pop, and lead singer Reg Presley all but defined the word "lascivious" with his guttural howls and moans on their best recordings. The Troggs had dropped off the charts by the end of the '60s, but they were the sort of band that simply didn't believe in giving up, and in 1975 they returned to the studio to cut their first album in five years. Simply called The Troggs, the album found the group updating their sound just a bit, with the results at times suggesting a cross between Status Quo-style boogie and blue collar glam in the manner of Slade, especially on the honest self-celebration of "Full Blooded Band." The Troggs is dominated by covers, boasting only three new songs, but one of them, "Summertime," was inspired sleaze in the classic Troggs tradition (and features the best rudely suggestive stutter since "My Generation"), and you can't argue that the grimy and stripped down re-imagining of the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" (which rewrites the opening line as "I like the clothes she almost wears") took the song someplace Brian Wilson never would have imagined. The Troggs' take of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" doesn't need to go on for five-and-a-half minutes, and the reggae-influenced recut of "Wild Thing" doesn't work especially well, but The Troggs demonstrate that these guys never forgot how to be rude and crude in the studio, and at their best they turned it into an art form -- not that they'd ever dream of calling it that.

This is a weird record....

The Troggs - The Troggs 1975 PYE REcords

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Steel Pole Bathtub - Voodoo Chile - Arizona Garbage Truck

Steel Pole Bathtub w/ a great noisy take on the Hendrix classic and an equally noisy flip. I always liked these guys w/ their wild brand of post punk grungy psychedlic rock and samples galore. I was lucky enough to catch them here on the East Coast back around the time Lurch came out. Still even have my Lurch T-shirt.... Although it seems to have gotten smaller over time..... I still need a copy of Tulip on vinyl. Anyone?

You can check out their website HERE:

In the meantime, here is the Steel Pole Bathtub Wiki:

Steel Pole Bath Tub was a hardcore punk/noise rock band, formed in 1986 in Bozeman, Montana by Mike Morasky (guitar/vocals) and Dale Flattum (bass/vocals).

Morasky and Flattum moved the band to Seattle, Washington where Darren Mor-X (drums) joined the band, before they all moved to San Francisco, California.[when?] The band became known for their chaotic, noisy style and frequent use of television and movie samples, with several 7" singles and albums on Boner Records, before being signed to Slash Records and releasing their major label debut in 1995. Their signing to Slash was part of a mid-1990s free-for-all signing bonanza of alternative rock bands, particularly bands from the Northwestern United States in the wake of the surprising commercial success Geffen Records had with Nirvana, many of which ended in creative and ownership conflicts. Steel Pole Bath Tub and Slash's relationship was no different. The only album they ever released on Slash contained very few samples, which had previously been a staple of the band, at the insistence of Slash's legal department. The band hoped their second album for Slash would be a cover of The Cars' first album in its entirety, but the label would not allow that idea and then deemed the demos the band submitted (which contained three Cars covers) unlistenable and refused to release them. The band wouldn't release any more significant material until the rights to the music they recorded for Slash would revert to them 2002. In 2002, the band released those recordings as the album "Unlistenable", the title a play on a Slash executives comments on the material and reformed to play the Beyond the Pale festival at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco in November 2002, where they co-headlined with Neurosis and Tarantula Hawk.[1] They reunited to play a show at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, Oregon on September 4, 2008 as a part of MusicFestNW.
The group's song "Train to Miami," from the album The Miracle of Sound in Motion, was featured in a November 2008 television ad for the PC and Xbox 360 game, Left 4 Dead.[2] Mike Morasky is also responsible for writing and performing the songs by the fictional band Midnight Riders in the game's sequel, Left 4 Dead 2.

Darren Mor-X
Side projects

The band joined with Jello Biafra to form the group Tumor Circus, releasing a self-titled album in 1991.
Milk Cult, with Morasky and Flattum (and sound man Eric Holland) using the names The Bumblebee and C.C. Nova, released 4 albums between 1992 and 2000. Their last album, Project M13, was the result of an invitation from the French Government to be guests of the La Friche Art Collective in Marseille.[3]

Dale Flattum
Novex, a Dale Flattum and Darren Mor-X project, recorded with Vern and Justin at the Unwound farm, released as Kleptophonica (2002).[4]
Pink Teeth, a project including Dale Flattum and Zak Sally of Low

Steel Pole Bathtub - Voodoo Chile

Steel Pole Bathtub - Arizona Garbage Truck

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gone Daddy Gone - Mix Tape

I made this tape the night before i left for a tour way back in 94 or 95 w/ my Dad. Hence the "Gone Daddy Gone" motif... We were 3 sheets to the wind. My dad chose the Steppenwolf song among others....

Gone Daddy Gone - Mix Tape - Side A

Gone Daddy Gone - Mix Tape - Side B

Monday, September 26, 2011

Jim Orange - That's My Baby

Ok, a little help here. I could not find anything and i mean anything out about this records. I can't find anything about Mr. Jim Orange on a green record. I couldn't even find out anything about "Golly Records". The only Gaylarks i could find are from mid/late 50's and this doesn't sound that old and none of their songs are the same as this or on Golly records. As for Myron Smith on piano.... well, there is a bunch of them out there and none seemed to match. And nothing on L. Thompson & W. Gollender.... Anyone know anything about this "unknown" soul cut?

Jim Orange - That's My Baby

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pvt. D.J. Sottilaro - The Voice Of Your Man In Service Through Courtesy Of Pepsi-Cola

When your digging for records you never know what you will find. And you find some strange stuff sometimes. I always buy the strange stuff as long as the price it right. But finding stuff like this always bums me out. It's like throwing out a part of someones life. Tossed away & discarded and no one gives a shit... Did Pvt. D.J. Sottilaro even make it out of the war alive? And why doesn't any family member care about this recording? I find it strange and sad.... Seems these were made by the Pepsi Cola company for service men in World War II to send home to family. They would set up portable machines and the men would make a record to send back home to fill family in on what was going on. The record is noisy but you can hear old D.J. telling it like it was back in 1943. I wonder why this was tossed away...?

Pvt. D.J. Sottilaro - The Voice Of Your Man In Service Through Courtesy Of Pepsi-Cola

Thursday, September 22, 2011

6/6/03 - Mix Tape

Another mix tape from a few years back. 2003 to be exact. it is what it is...

6/6/03 - Mix Tape - Side A

6/6/03 - Mix Tape - Side B

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Charlie Ryan - The Hot Rod Lincoln Drags Again!

Charles "Charlie" Ryan (December 19, 1915, Graceville, Minnesota – February 16, 2008, Spokane, Washington) was an American singer and songwriter, best known for co-writing and first recording the rockabilly hit single "Hot Rod Lincoln".

Ryan grew up in Polson, Montana and moved to Spokane in 1943. He served in the United States Army during World War II. After the war, he worked as a musician and songwriter, touring with artists such as Jim Reeves and Johnny Horton. In 1955, he and W. S. Stevenson wrote "Hot Rod Lincoln", and Ryan recorded the first version of the song (as "Charlie Ryan and the Livingston Brothers"). Ryan released a remake in 1959 as "Charlie Ryan and The Timberline Riders"; the song was later covered by Johnny Bond (1960) and Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen (1972), among others.

Birth name: Charles Ryan
Born: December 19, 1915
Origin: Graceville, Minnesota
Died: February 26, 2008 (aged 92)

From Wikipedia.

I just picked this @ the flea market for a mere 2 bucks. Most of the songs are just different takes on "Hot Rod Lincoln" and the ones that aren't.... well, meh. But its still a fun little record and the cover w/ the Hot Rod & Guitar is aces Daddy-O!!!

Charlie Ryan - The Hot Rod Lincoln Drags Again!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Nick Greene - My Lovin' Baby

RARE! Hot rockabilly 45 with scorching guitar. Comped on Bear Family's "Drugstore's Rockin". (That tag stole from an ebay auction)

Looks like this has been comped a bunch of times and rightly so as this is a pretty "hot" rockin' number. Looks like this is from 1957. Dig it greasers!

Nick Greene - My Lovin' Baby

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sir Guy - Fricky Fog - I Cried

Some Funky Virginia Soul music by Clarence "Sir Guy" Barron from 1967. The true title of the A side "Frisky Frog" not "Fricky Fog" as this misspelled label states. Not sure what it up with that....? You can read a bit more about Mr. Barron over at FUNKY VIRGINIA: meanwhile enjoy these 2 great soul cuts.

Sir Guy - Fricky Fog

Sir Guy - I Cried

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mother Night - S/T

Funky progressive latin soul jazz rock mix from NYC circa 1972. Some cool guitar work here and there.... Not my fave record of the day but it has some moments... Some of it gets a little long winded in the jazz/prog progessions and i wish they highligted the guitar a bit more. The horns reach a little into the Chicago (the band not the city) area too.... Meh. This coulda been a little bit more funky but as i said before it has some moments. Check it out!

Side A:
Mother Night - Scuffle

Mother Night - Today's Another Day

Mother Night - Julie Nixon

Mother Night - Utopia

Mother Night - Take A Trip

Side B:
Mother Night - Fools Are You

Mother Night - Warm Spot

Mother Night -Groupie

Mother Night - Guitar Man