Saturday, November 24, 2007

Asbury Park 45 Session Play List, Tech problems, good times & lost keys...


My head is still spinning a bit from last nights jam session as i sip some luke warm coffee and try to put the events that took place into some form of order.

Man, it was a whole lotta fun and there was some serious music spun. I can't wait to see play lists from everyone so I can start finding some of the wicked shit that was played!

Yours truly got off to a shaky start due some technical problems and in some part i'm sure my utter stupidity but alas all was rectified and the fuzz & funk was put forth!

i also lost my keys last night which didn't make for a fun time trying to get in the house at 3AM without them so if anyone finds a set of keys PLEASE let me know!

I'm still a bit out of it considering MANY Guinness were drank last night and i very rarely see 3AM anymore being a working man and all so I'm not going to get too detailed since details are a bit "fuzzy" but everyone killed it and i had a wicked good time!

so right to the point, here is what the devil dick played:

Sir Joe and Free Soul - (I've Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind - Mantis
Bob Franklin's Insanity - Don't Lose What You Got (Trying To Get Back What You Had) - Westbound
The Moods - King Hustler - Red Dog
Fantastic Epics - Fun and Funk Part III - Tories
Third Guitar - Down To The River - Rojac
The Wild Magnolias - Smoke My Peace Pipe (Smoke It Right) - Polydor
Ike & Tina Turner & The Ikettes - Contact High - Liberty
Sound Experience - 40 Acres and A Mule - Soulville
Iron Knowledge - Show Stopper - Tammy
Masters Of Soul - I Hate You (In The Daytime And Love You At Night)- Duke
Bags - It's Heavy - GSF

Many thanks to DJ Prestige for putting this thing on and having the old man back. If you aint getting your ass down here for this shit you is missing out BIG!


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