Saturday, March 31, 2012

Georges Moustaki - S/T

Yussef Mustacchi, known as Georges Moustaki (Greek: Ζορζ Μουστακί), (born in Alexandria, Egypt May 3, 1934) is a French singer and songwriter of Italo-Greek Jewish origin, best known for his poetic rhythm, eloquent simplicity and his hundreds of romantic songs. He has written songs for Édith Piaf (including "Milord"), Dalida (including Gigi l'amoroso), Françoise Hardy, Barbara, Brigitte Fontaine, Herbert Pagani, France Gall, and Cindy Daniel, as well as for himself.

His parents, Nessim and Sarah, came originally from the island of Corfu, Greece, and were Corfiot Italian Jews, but they moved to Alexandria, Egypt, where Georges learned French. They had a bookshop in the cosmopolitan city where many communities lived together.
At home, everyone spoke Italian. In the street, the children spoke Arabic. At school, young Joseph learned and spoke French. His parents were very attached to French culture and put him into a French school, along with his sisters.
Moustaki went to Paris in 1951 and was inspired by the young Georges Brassens. He changed his name to Georges Moustaki, in honor of him.

Moustaki sang songs in French, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, English and Arabic.
He married at twenty and has a large family in France, Israel, Brazil and Venezuela.

I have no idea what he is saying but I dig this record...

Georges Moustaki -

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little Jimmy Dee - I Should Have Listened - I Went On

Early and obscure Northern soul from 1961. there seems to be some confusion w/ this Little Jimmy Dee and a Rockabilly cat by the same name.

Little Jimmy Dee - I Should Have Listened

Little Jimmy Dee - I Went On

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dance The Slurp - The Wildest...The Kookiest...The Grooviest...The Slurpiest - The Strange Things That Happen To The People Who Slurp At 7-Eleven

I know for a while many moons ago this was a hot 45 when DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist used this in the now famous Brainfreeze mix. I know this has been posted a million times on the web but i'm still cleaning out my draft que in blogger and i've had scan of this sitting around for several years so... anyway, i'm also posting the flip which is basically pretty bad comedy bit about slurpies..... meh.

Dance The Slurp - The Wildest...The Kookiest...The Grooviest...The Slurpiest

The Strange Things That Happen To The People Who Slurp At 7-Eleven

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bill Eliott And Elastic Oz Band - God Save Us - Do The Oz

Weird one here: Australian mgazine goes UK. homosexuality, lesbianism, sadism, perverted sexual practices and drug taking. Obsenity Trials. John Lennon & Yoko Ono.... 1971.

Read more HERE:

Bill Eliott & Elastic Oz Band - God Save Us

Bill Eliott & Elastic Oz Band - Do The Oz

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brass Monkey - Brass Monkey - Funky Monkey

Funky 2 sider about a monkey getting on the radio & having his own TV show.... Go figure. The flip is an intrumental version with some killer guitar work. Everyone i know who has or knows this 45 knows nothing about who this Brass Monkey was/Is.....???

Brass Monkey - Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey - Funky Monkey

Friday, March 23, 2012

Alex Spearman - Take Good Care Of My Children - (Baby) Don't Take Your love From Me

Sorta poppy R&B tune that kinda of reminds me of Clarence Carter a bit and a funkier flip.

You can read more about Mr. Spearman over at Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven Blog: where he goes into greater detail about the man.

Alex Spearman - Take Good Care Of My Children

Alex Spearman - (Baby) Don't Take Your love From Me

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Boots Brown And His Blockbusters - Juicy - Cerveza

1958 instrumentals.... i think i payed a quater for this.... yeah its sounds like it but this is great anyway... nice play on tequilia w/ cerveza...

Boots Brown And His Blockbusters - Juicy

Boots Brown And His Blockbusters - Cerveza

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crabby Appleton - Go Back - Try

Crabby Appleton was an American early 1970s band who scored a Top 40 hit with their first single, "Go Back."
The group is named after a character from the Tom Terrific cartoon.

This a terrific semi heavy pop tune with some nice guitar work. One of my faves.

The Flip "Try" aint to bad either. A semi funky rocker...

This is a European pressing picture sleeve.

Crabby Appleton - Go Back

Crabby Appleton - Try

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Detroit Night Riders - Getting Funky - Night Time In The Ghetto

I'm always down with songs about getting funky and the ghetto. These 2 are no exception. 2 Killer funk cuts by The Detroit Night Riders. Even that group name is cool. I hear this is from 1968...? but could find little else out about The Detroit Night Riders... The A side is a raw instrumental that's pretty amateurish, which adds to the funk if you ask me. Flip is a cool and funky vocal. Cool 45.

The Detroit Night Riders - Getting Funky

The Detroit Night Riders - Night Time In The Ghetto

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chick Willis - Don't Let Me Ketch You (With Your Britches Down)

Funkly blues R&B mover by Mr. Chick Willis.

Robert "Chick" Willis (born September 24, 1934, Cabiness, Georgia)is an American blues singer. His cousin was Chuck Willis.

Chick Willis served in the military in the early 1950s before working as a chauffeur for Chuck Willis during his heyday. He won a talent show at the Magnolia Ballroom in Atlanta, Georgia and made his first record in 1956, with the Ebb Records' single "You're Mine". Initially, he only sang, but learned guitar while touring with his cousin; Guitar Slim was one of his foremost influences.
After Chuck's death in 1957, Willis played with Elmore James, recording singles through the 1960s for Atco and other labels. His 1972 release, "Stoop Down Baby", was a jukebox hit but secured no radio airplay, due to its sexually explicit content. He released a steady stream of albums on Ichiban Records in the 1980s and 1990s, and continued to record into the 2000s.

Chick Willis - Don't Let Me Ketch You (With Your Britches Down)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Charles Feagin - Got To Be Loved By You Baby

Great slow soul tune by Chales Feagin. i could not find anything out about this tune, don't even know what year it is from... Any help?

edit: anon says its from 1969.

Charles Feagin - Got To Be Loved By You Baby

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Electric Lady's - King Kong

Don't know why more people don't dig this 45. Its heavy as hell... Heavy funky soul!

At 20 years Doris Jones formed a group called Sex, Love & Life with her sister Lumishia and a friend; the threesome played places like the Galaxy, the Jupiter, and the Boston Globe. In 1972, as the Electric Ladies, Jones and two other girls recorded "King Kong" on Mainstream Records. The record stiffed in the States and Britain but i think it's great!

Electric Lady's - King Kong

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Human Instinct - Death of the Seaside

The Human Instinct are a New Zealand blues rock band that has been active since the late 1960s. The band currently consists of Maurice Greer (lead vocals and stand-up drummer), Phil Pritchard (guitar), Joel Haines (guitar) and Tony Baird (bass). The band has had more than 25 members and has changed lineups several times since its formation under the leadership of Maurice Greer.

The band is best known for their single "Black Sally" and their album Stoned Guitar, which features the Jimi Hendrix-inspired guitar work of Billy Te Kahika, professionally known as Billy TK.

This is a much more pop/psych style then the heavier stoned guitar....

The Human Instinct - Death of the Seaside

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ronny Davis - Let's Beetle In The Rocket - To Have You, To Hold You, To Love You

A kooky little novelty tune here from 1964. Not sure if this was a goof on the band The Beatles since it is spelled different, & being from '64 that is pretty early but i guess they made a big splash in '64 so maybe good old Ronny here took a stab at them and combined it with another late 50's early 60's subject, "Space".... either way with this a crazy little rocker. Dig.

Ronny takes a more traditional stab on the flip with some mellow love song stylings from the era. Not bad....

Ronny Davis - Let's Beetle In The Rocket

Ronny Davis - To Have You, To Hold You, To Love You

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Goodees - Condition Red

Girl group singing about bad boy love from 1968.

Wiki info:

The Goodees (Kay Evans, Sandra Jackson and Judy Williams) were an American pop music girl group who enjoyed brief popularity in the late 1960s. Formed in Memphis, Tennessee, the group is best known for the minor hit "Condition Red", a teen melodrama that bore a striking resemblance to the Shangri-Las hit "Leader of the Pack".
The three girls became friends while attending Memphis' Messick High School. Interested in music, they started singing at school assemblies and local events. Their “break” came in 1967 when they won a local talent contest. The winning prize included an audition with Stax Records. Stax signed the trio to its newly formed HIP subsidiary.
Goodee Sandra Jackson more recently worked at SoulsVille USA, an on-line museum that chronicles the history of Memphis rhythm and blues.
The band's song "Condition Red" was their only hit, peaking at #46 on the Billboard charts. "Condition Red" can be found on girl-group compilations such as Rhino's One Kiss Can Lead to Another and the first volume of the Where the Girls Are CD series.

The Goodees - Condition Red

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Black Heat - The Jungle Pt. I

Maybe not anywhere near as rare or as funky as The Black Truth Band this 45 still packs a funky wallop! This is a promo copy with the flip being the mono version.

Black Heat was a 1970s funk band founded by King Raymond Green and discovered by Phillip Guilbeau. Their albums include Black Heat (with guest artist David "Fathead" Newman), No Time To Burn and Keep On Runnin'. The group had one hit single, "No Time to Burn", which reached #46 on the U.S. Billboard Black Singles chart.


Johnell Gray - Keyboards, Vocals
Bradley Owens - Guitar, Vocals
Chip Jones - Bass Guitar, Vocals
King Raymond Green - Congas, Timbales, Harmonica and Vocals
Esco Cromer - Drums, Vocals
Ray Thompson - Woodwinds
Rodney Edwards - Trumpet
Ken Carroll - Tenor Sax

Black Heat - The Jungle Pt. I

Friday, March 9, 2012

Oliver Nelson - Dumpy Mama

I posted the flip to this 45 many moons ago. You can check it out HERE: along with a bit of Oliver Nelson info.

Oliver Nelson And His Orchestra - Dumpy Mama

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jimmy Elledge - Funny How Time Slips Away

I posted the Brooke Benton version of this tune just a little while ago and said then that this is my fave version of the Willie Nelson penned classic but i couldn't find my 45 of it. Well, i found it and here it is. Its a bit worn and played but man it is a good song.

As for Mr. Elledge:

Jimmy Elledge (born January 8, 1943, Nashville, Tennessee) is an American country musician.

Elledge sent a demo tape to Chet Atkins when he was 18 years old, which resulted in a recording contract with RCA Victor. His first recording for the label was "Funny How Time Slips Away", which was written by Willie Nelson and produced by Atkins. The song became a hit, peaking at #22 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1961, and sold over one million copies. Elledge recorded for Hickory Records later in the 1960s but never had another hit.

Funny thing is that when i first heard this song i thought for sure that Jimmy was black because the voice is just so soulful on this cut. I had no idea he was a white country singer. Go figure.

Jimmy Elledge - Funny How Time Slips Away

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Black Truth Band - Butternut Part I & Part II

Mega funky shit right here! Wow, i've had this 45 for years and never even looked it up, but i just found out that this is appreantly one of the rarest and sought after funk 45's out there! haha! Nice! I always dug this and even played this out at one of the 45 sessions one night in Asbury Park but really had no idea until now while trying to look up info on it that this was that rare. Seeing as this is from Jersey and i am from NJ this just fell in my lap and i never thought much about the value because i'm not into records for money. i'm into records for the music, so no, this is not for sale...

This is THE baddest 45 i have ever heard, the grittiest Funk ever put on record, this is in the top 10 of the most sought after, rarest Funk 45's ever made, the last one to sell last year sold for $2350.

Released as a Private press on the BTENT Label, out of Trenton, NJ, USA

The Black Truth Band - Butternut Part I

The Black Truth Band - Butternut Part II

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Juggy - Buttered Popcorn - Thock It To Me Honi

Juggy AKA (Murray Jones) cashing in (or trying to cash in) on the James Brown "Popcorn" thang... Juggy Murray Jones was the owner of the Sue and affliate labels. Murray did most of the work himself producing 90% of the records he released on his various labels
in 1968 he sold all the sue masters to united artists. This instrumental 45 came out in 1970.

Juggy - Buttered Popcorn

Juggy - Thock It To Me Honi

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Erroll Garner - Watermelon Man

"Watermelon Man" is a jazz standard written by Herbie Hancock, first released on his debut album, Takin' Off (1962), in a grooving hard bop version that featured improvisations by Freddie Hubbard and Dexter Gordon. A single of the tune reached the Top 100 of the pop charts. Cuban percussionist Mongo Santamaría released the tune as a Latin pop single the next year on Battle Records, where it became a surprise hit, reaching #10 on the pop charts. Santamaría's recording was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998. Hancock radically re-worked the tune, combining elements of funk, for the album Head Hunters (1973).

Other recordings include:
King Curtis (1962)
Woody Herman (1963)
Quincy Jones (1963)
Jon Hendricks (1963)
Erroll Garner (1964)
Maynard Ferguson (1964)
Gloria Lynne (1965)
Manfred Mann (1965)
Public Enemies (1965)
The J.B.'s (1972)
Buddy Guy (1972)
Albert King (1973)
Sly and Robbie (1981)
Acker Bilk (1983)
Jimmy Smith (1995)
Poncho Sanchez (1995)
Carla Cook (2002)
and many others)

Here is Erroll Garner's take on it from 1964.

Erroll Garner - Watermelon Man

Friday, March 2, 2012

Endeavors - Goin' Down

These guys have to be white? but not unlike say, Rare Earth these guys funk it up pretty good. If they aint white than these dudes can rock it pretty good. Either way this is some good funk rock w/ some killer guitar work. I can't find anything about this thing either but i see people calling it northern soul??? i mean am i the only one who hears rock and roll in this thing??? any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & Enjoy!!!

Endeavors - Goin' Down

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bobby Porter - Foxy Devil -

Great Dancing soul cut and a slower soulful cut from Bobby Porter from 1965. This is some killer soul. Anyone have any info on Mr. Porter? It was pretty scrace upon my searching the web....

Bobby Porter - Foxy Devil

Bobby Porter - Searching For Love