Thursday, October 25, 2007

Forward to the caves halloween spectacular 10/25

Forward to the caves radio show! TONIGHT! 8 -10pm EST

Listen in via the web at:

Anyone tuning in will get the great privilage of seeing what a truly geeky record collector i am while i spin nothing but cheeky 50's & 60's monster rock n' roll 45's from my personl collection in honor of the greatest holiday known to man, halloween.

Nothing but tunes about monsters, witches, werewolves, frankenstein, dracula and martians....


Anonymous said...

My brother was a member of the Upperclassmen, who had one record -- a 45 with Cha Cha with the Zombies (which was really supposed to be the filp side of the "hit" Cryin

How do I track down a copy@

Devil Dick said...

Hey, that is awesome!
I found my copy on ebay years ago.
you can try searching there.
That was the only 45 they ever cut?
Where was it cut?
I hope you stop back and check this post. Any info on the band & record would be great!
Cha Cha with the Zombies is one of me & my kids fave 45 cuts.
They love dancing around with the lights off to this "creepy" 45!