Monday, November 29, 2010

Drivin Dynamics - So Fine - Sully 917

Driving Dynamics: Featuring early Randy Meisner of The Eagles

Nebraska garage rock combo the Drivin' Dynamics formed in the state's Gering-Scottbluff area in late 1961. Singer/bassist Randy Meisner, guitarists Larry Soto and Richard Rohnke, and drummer John Ankeny made their debut at a private party and within weeks landed a gig in support of Bobby Vee. Throughout 1962 the Drivin' Dynamics appeared regularly at the Henry, NE, dancehall Little Moon Lake. With little competition, they quickly emerged as the region's most popular rock & roll outfit. Rohnke left the lineup in late 1962 to enter the military, prompting the addition of saxophonist Paul Asmus. Soon after, the Drivin' Dynamics self-released their debut four-song EP, featuring the instrumental original "Sidewinder." After a New Year's Eve gig, Ankeny also announced plans to enlist, and upon adding Soto's younger brother Bobby, the group began touring beyond the western Nebraska circuit, promoting their appearances via Oklahoma City's 50,000-watt radio station KOMA. In the wake of Beatlemania, the Drivin' Dynamics updated their repertoire, adding British Invasion covers alongside their traditional R&B staples. They also expanded their roster, recruiting lead guitarist Dave Margheim and pianist Steve Cassells. In mid-1965 the group signed to Ray Ruff's Sully label to cut their second single, "So Fine." The record fared well regionally, and by year's end the Drivin' Dynamics were regularly playing locales as distant as Rapid City, SD, often outdrawing national acts in the process. In February 1966 the Drivin' Dynamics traveled to Denver to compete in a battle of the bands contest, coming in second to local favorites the Soul Survivors. Soon after, Meisner accepted the Soul Survivors' offer to join their ranks and relocated with them to California, where the act renamed itself the Poor. Meisner later resurfaced in the country-rock combo Poco before ascending to multi-platinum success as a member of the Eagles. In the meanwhile, the Drivin' Dynamics returned to Nebraska before going on temporary hiatus. The Soto brothers reunited the band in mid-1967, and while close to three dozen new members rotated through the lineup in the decades to follow, upon their 2000 induction into the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame the group was honored as the longest-running rock act in state history. ~ Jason Ankeny, Rovi

Drivin Dynamics - So Fine

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Love - Your Mind And We Belong Together - Elektra EK-45633

This Thanksgiving i am giving thanks to my "TRUE" friends and FAMILY and for LOVE! & Arthur Lee!

@ 2:40, the click and then what may be the best guitar solo ever.... more feel in this solo than everything Clapton has ever done combined...

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!

Love - Your Mind And We Belong Together

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Devils Music - Devil Dick Flea Market Funk Yo Holmes Mix Vol. 10

A way while back @ the last 45 sessions DJ Prestige asked me to put together a mix for him. Well, i've been a little side tracked and DJ Prestige has been busy as well. (revamping his blog and i hear talk of Marriage!?!?) Well i finally got something put together for him and here is what i came up with. A nice little hunk of funky goodness. I just threw together some of the funky 45's that have hit my plate as of late! So with out further ado i present:

The Devils Music - Devil Dick, Flea Market Funk Yo Holmes Mix! AKA Metal As F*ck and Funkier Than Thou!

1- Willie & the Magnificents – Concerto In F Pt.1 – All Platinum
2- The Olympics – Baby Do The Philly Dog - Mirwood
3- Executive Suite – You Got It – Babylon
4- General Crook – Reality – Wand
5- Clarence Reid – Nobody But You Babe – Alston
6- Harvey Clark & the Dawn Monet Singers - Do Your Thing – Kapp
7- Pan Earth – Mandingo – Family Spirit
8- Freddy Scott & the Four Steps – Same Ole Beat – Marlin
9- The Triumphs – Burnt Biscuits – Volt
10-Dynamic Corvettes – Key to My Happiness – Abet
11-Nu-Sound Express Ltd. – Aint It Good Enough – Silver Dollar

if you want the tunes you gotta visit my man over @ Flea Market Funk!!!

(just follow the link yo!)

The Devils Music - Devil Dick Flea Market Funk Yo Holmes! Mix Vol. 10

The Pilgrimage - Bad Apple - You Satisfy Me - Mercury 72631 - 1967

2 killer garage rockers from the Pilgrimage today. The Pilgrimage were from Long Island of all places. 1967 Rare & Fuzzy!

co-written by: Lori Burton

The Pilgrimage - Bad Apple
The Pilgrimage - You satisfy Me

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pan Earth - The Mandingo

Some killer funk jams here from 1975 on the Family Spirt record label. 75 is a little late in the funk game w/ most tunes by then crossing over into the disco category but these hold pretty true. Some Funky & FUZZY & buzzy guitars help the cause as well! If you follow this blog at all ya know how the devil feels about fuzzy guitars!!! I think the instrumental version is even better/fuzzier where the git can really be heard w/ out the vox... As for Pan Earth i know nothing. I took a shot based on title alone, and thinking it might be disco because of the year i almost didn't, but i'm glad i did as this one has made a bunch of mixes and comps for friends. Hope you dig it as much as me...?

Pan Earth - The Mandingo

Pan Earth - The Mandingo Instrumental

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jericho - Cheater Man

Some nice rock on the Bearsville label. Slight Southern vibe even though they are from Canada. Maybe a little Bloodrock sounding too? Produced by Todd Rundgren.

Jericho - Cheater Man

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Lords - Fire - And At Night

The Lords were the most long-living and successful beat band of West Germany. The band's main headquarter was Düsseldorf/North Rhine-Westphalia. No other German band was so active during more than 40 years.

In 1959, The Lords started out as a skiffle band in Berlin using partly custom-made instruments. In 1964 when Beatlemania and the British Invasion swept across the world, they turned into "Germany's First Beat Music Act" and developed their classic style for which they are still known in Germany today. In the period from 1965 until 1969 they had 11 hits in West German pop charts. Their first hit single from 1964 was Shakin' All Over (originally recorded by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates in 1960). Their other hits included the blues traditional Poor Boy in 1965, Poison Ivy in 1965 (originally by The Coasters, 1959), the Baptist traditional Gloryland in 1967, and Rockin' pneumonia in 1967 (originally by Huey "Piano" Smith & the Clowns). They also appeared as supporting act of The Kinks and The Who on German tours of the two English bands, and performed on the contemporary TV music program Beat-Club several times. These Beat-Club performances are still repeated on German TV well into the 2000s, being largely responsible for today's classic image of The Lords back then. Their 1960s cover versions of Shakin' all over, Poison Ivy, and Gloryland still get much more airtime on German radio today compared to the original, earlier, or later recordings of these songs by English and American performers whose versions are therefore comparably unknown in Germany.

And at night was the A Side, but for me Fire is where it is at! This is pretty wild...

The Lords - Fire

The Lords -And At Night

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hank Thompson - Rockin' In The Congo

Lotta Country dudes at the tail end of the 50's gave Rock a try and turned Rock into Rockabilly. Hank is a little late here as this is from 1960 but this is a good one anyway!!!!

Hank Thompson - Rockin' In The Congo

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Joe Dodo and The Groovers - Groovy - Goin' Steady

I really aint had much to say these days... long story that i will not get into but here are 2 Great Las Vegas grind type Rockers!!! Sax break in Groovy is aces Daddy-O! Enjoy

Joe Dodo and The Groovers - Groovy
Joe Dodo and The Groovers - Goin' Steady

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

River City Street Band - S/T - (Selected Cuts)

Originating from Fayetteville, Arkansas, they recorded two albums on Enterprise. Their sound was rather specific, with the nice guitar solos of Fuzz Foster, a gritty lead singer, a dynamic rhythm section and a prominent horn section. The result is a mixture of good rock, R&B, hard rock and big band sounds.

Produced by Tim Riley and recorded at the famous Ardent Recording Studios, their first album contains some good tracks, notably Some Other Man, So Many Things, If You Can and the nine minutes of Lamp Of Love.

The engineers were all active members of the Memphis scene: John Fry (the Ardent Studios owner), Richard Rosebrough (later in Alamon and Big Star) and Terry Manning.

The personnel was Tommy Bird (lead vcls, gtr), Fuzz Foster (lead gtr, vcls), Randy Gardner (drms, perc), Blan Heath (organ, piano), Ethridge Hill (trumpet), Dick Johnson (bs, vcls), Tom Jones (no connection!) (trombone) and Dale Marlow (trumpet).

By the looks of these guys you'd think you were in store for a Lynyrd Skynyard tribute band but these Hayseeds are getting FUNKY! Some nice fuzz guitar too.... i paid a Quarter for it, you get it free bitches!

River City Street Band - S/T

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sagittarius - Present Tense

Present Tense is the first Sagittarius album, released in 1968 by Columbia Records. Though the record was basically a Gary Usher solo project, he enlisted many top LA session musicians, and heavily utilized Curt Boettcher as a songwriter, musician, vocalist, and producer (even going so far as to include two tracks that Boettcher had produced on his own as the leader of the group The Ballroom). The album also contains the recording "My World Fell Down", which had no Boettcher involvement, albeit the LP version was edited, with the musique concrète bridge from the single version being excised (though a few extra bars of music were added in between the first and second verses).

Sagittarius - Present Tense

Friday, November 12, 2010

Holocaust - Death or Glory

I get so bored
Going nowhere... Pissed off with life
Don't need no girl to hold me...
I only love my knife
When it's night
And I'm out on my own on the street
There's murder on my mind

I don't hate authority...
They know I'm not all bad
I know that nobody loves me...
It don't make me sad
I'm gonna stand up
To the ones who bring me down...
Murder on my mind

I can feel it now
It grows stronger every day
And my hatred grows
More and more in every way

Sing a song of death and glory
Sing a song of spite
Sing a song of good and evil
I'm gonna win my fight
I just wanna flush the shit from the street...
Murder on my mind

Holocaust - Death or Glory

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chris Kenner - Johnny Little

Chris Kenner - Johnny Little

Robert Ashley - Comic Strip Rock N Roll

Robert Ashley - Comic Strip Rock N Roll

The Family Tree - He Spins Around

Good Bowie-esque rock.

The lead singer was Bob Segraini later of the Wackers.

Segarini's earliest band,'The Ratz, was a local Los Angeles group with Gary Duncan, who later formed Quicksilver Messenger Service. Segarini next started Family Tree with guitarist and keyboardist Jimmy De Cocq, singer Michael Dure, drummer Vann Slatter and bassist Bill "Kootch" Trochim. They only released one album, Miss Butters. Next Segarini formed Roxy with De Cocq and Randy Bishop playing bass and vocals. The group signed with Elektra Records in 1969, but after one album, producer Gary Usher reorganised the band adding drummer Spencer Earnshaw and former guitarist from Family Tree, Mike Stull and bassist Bill 'Kootch' Trochim. The new group released three albums as The Wackers, Wackering Heights, Hot Wacks and Shredder.

This cut is not on the Lp.

The Family Tree - He Spins Around

Monday, November 8, 2010

Love Sculpture - Forms And Feelings (Selected Cuts)

Love Sculpture were a Welsh blues-rock band of the late 1960s, led by Dave Edmunds (born David Edmunds, 15 April 1944, Cardiff, Glamorgan, South Wales), plus bassist John Williams - stage name John David (born John David Williams, 19 January 1946, Cardiff, South Wales) and drummer Rob 'Congo' Jones (born Robert Jones, 13 August 1946, Barry, Glamorgan, South Wales).

Love Sculpture formed in Cardiff in 1966 out of the remnants of another local band called The Human Beans, and disbanded in 1970, although Edmunds went on to enjoy solo success in the 1970s. The band itself was essentially a showpiece for Edmunds' considerable technical ability on the guitar. Love Sculpture mostly performed blues standards, slightly revved-up, but still largely reverent to the originals, releasing their debut album, Blues Helping with such songs as "Summertime", "Wang Dang Doodle" etc. They are best known for their 1968 novelty hit in the UK Singles Chart, a high speed cover version of the classical piece "Sabre Dance", by Aram Khachaturian, released on the Parlophone label (R 5744). The recording was inspired by Keith Emerson's classical rearrangements. "Sabre Dance" became a hit after garnering the enthusiastic attention of British DJ John Peel[3]. In December 1968, the UK music magazine, NME, reported that Love Sculpture had signed a U.S. recording contract with London Records, guaranteeing £250,000.
This was followed by a second album Forms and Feelings, with songs including: "In The Land of the Few", "Farandole", "People People", "Seagull (West Coast Oil Tragedy)", written by Paul Korda, and the equally fast cover of Chuck Berry's "You Can't Catch Me". The U.S. version of the album also featured a recording of "Mars" from Gustav Holst's The Planets, but Holst's estate refused to license the tune for the U.K. version.

Love Sculpture - Forms And Feelings (Selected Cuts)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shank And Maydiea - Bye Bye Baby (My Pride) - Why Don't You Tell Me

Shank & Maydiea; Ed Wells previously of The Six Teens and his sister Maydiea Wells Cole

After The Six Teens ran their course and then faded away. Ed Wells made one more Flip recording, with his sister Maydiea Cole: "Bye Bye Baby (My Pride)"/"Why Don't You Tell Me" was released on Flip in July 1962, as Shank and Maydiea.

Weird and great all at once and at the same time too...

Shank And Maydiea - Bye Bye Baby (My Pride)

Shank And Maydiea - Why Don't You Tell Me

Friday, November 5, 2010

Travis Wammack - Two Little Love Birds - Don't Cry No More

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Travis Wammack - Two Little Love Birds

Travis Wammack - Don't Cry No More

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The 3 Degrees - Look In My Eyes - Driving Me Mad

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The 3 Degrees - Look In My Eyes
The 3 Degrees - Driving Me Mad

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Normal - Warm Leatherette - T.V.O.D.

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The Normal - Warm Leatherette

The Normal - T.V.O.D.