Monday, September 27, 2010

Wallace Brothers - Precious Words

I'm re-upping this file because it was dead and by request: I originally posted this back in Dec. 2008! So here you go Marie...

Some mid week 60's soul and another one of the faves here @ the devil's music:

I usually dig my soul on the heavy & funky side of things but when i dug this little gem up a few years back i really fell in love with it. The raw emotion and feeling in this cut really hit me hard. From 1964 here are the Wallace Brothers with Precious Words.

The Wallace Brothers, who were actually cousins Ervin Wallace and Johnny Simon, started in the music business as young teenagers and were among the first black artists to record at Fame Studios. Their early recordings were raw, unpolished soul and although the production values weren't necessarily the highest, their uninhibited vocals were highlighted by that very lack of sophistication. The emotion and intensity in the tracks come through as strongly now as they did some 30 years ago when they were cut. Their later Jewel 45s were more sophisticated – classic period Muscle Shoals music – but still had that same vocal intensity.

The guys came from Atlanta, attending the Archer High School there, and if you can believe the info on the back of their only US album, by the ages of 14 and 16 respectively they were apparently on the road with their own 6-piece band, not only sharing the vocals but with Simon playing sax and Wallace trying his hand at guitar. But much of this may be marketing tosh as these "facts" are accompanied on the sleeve of a picture of 3 smiling young teenagers in tuxedos and four similar gents on the back!

Their first disc was cut locally in Atlanta for the tiny Royal concern and, as its name “Faith” implied, heavily sanctified soul. A funeral slow number featuring an organ and a meandering sax, its the young harmony vocals that grab the attention, as the uninhibited gospel phrasing very much set the tone for their subsequent recordings. It obviously caught the ear of Russell Sims in Nashville as he picked it up as part of his increasing interest in R & B. Their next 45, “Precious Words” was, if anything, even more church based than their debut, and may well have come from the same initial Atlanta session. This had good chart success and was built on by “Lover's prayer” which became their biggest 45.

Wallace Brothers - Precious Words

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Weekend - Heavy Rock Music!

If anyone is keeping track here is where the devil will be all weekend!!!

Friday night Solace is playing @ The Saint in Asbury Park NJ!

Time Friday at 8:00pm - Saturday at 1:30am

Location The Saint
601 Main Street
Asbury Park, NJ

More Info (732) 775-9144

And Sturday night Solace will be playing @ The Millcreek in PA - Part of the Small Stone Records Showcase

Time Saturday at 6:30pm - September 26 at 2:00am

Location Millcreek Pub
Philadelphia, PA


Solace (Asbury Park, Nj)
Sasquatch (Los Angeles, Ca)
Roadsaw (Allston, Ma)
Gozu (Boston, Ma)
Ironweed (Albany, Ny)
House of Broken Promises (Indio, Ca)

Dixie Witch (Austin, Tx)
Throttlerod (Richmond, Va)
The Brought Low (New York, Ny)
Sun Gods In Exile (Portland, Me)
Luder (Detroit, Mi)
Red Giant (Cleveland, Oh)

Come out, drink up, HEAVY TUNES!!!

(BBQ @ JJB's early Sat before Millcreek!)

Killer Artwork by Brian Mercer on the Small Stone Poster!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Weirdos - Destroy All Music


I've already posted their legendary 2nd 7 inch Here:

Check it out if you missed it. This is the equally great 1st from 1977.... Life Of Crime is a MONSTER!

The Weirdos – Destroy All Music
The Weirdos – A Life Of Crime
The Weirdos – Why Do You Exist

This shit rules...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Adam And The Ants - Xerox - Whip In My Valise

Adam and the Ants 2nd 7 inch. I just picked this up at the Flea Market and while it isn't all that rare i only paid a buck for it. It was sitting in a pile of trash that had just been picked clean by some other record hoarders so i got sloppy seconds and this was about all that was left. Too bad too because the guys in front of me pulled out a bunch of pretty cool albums. A bunch of early punk stuff by The Ramones, Runaways, Saints, etc... Oh well.... You win some you lose some... I only paid a buck for it....

Adam And The Ants - Xerox
Adam And The Ants - Whip In My Valise

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Steve Rowland and the Ring Leaders - Out Ridin' - Here, Kum The Karts

I've been sick as a dog over here @ the devils music and not feeling much like doing anything so i'll cut to the chase... Here is a quick one and something i just recently picked up. 2 cool instrumentals with some nice organ work. Killer sax (check that break out on Out Ridin') and some subtle but great guitar work. Mix that all with some motorcycle & car sounds and you get a great intro 2 sider from Mr. Rowland and the Ring Leaders.... i am not sure why you need more than one ring leader but....

Steve Rowland (born Stephen Rowland, 3 September 1932, U.S.[1]) is singer, columnist, record producer and actor. He grew up in Beverly Hills. His father is film director Roy Rowland, his mother Ruth was a writer, whilst Louis B. Mayer was her uncle.

In 1950s, Hollywood, he went on to act in thirty five TV shows like Bonanza, Wanted: Dead or Alive and a two year role in The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp. Film appearances included co-starring roles in Battle of the Bulge with Henry Fonda; Gun Glory with Stewart Granger; Crime in the Streets with John Cassavetes and Sal Mineo, and the original The Thin Red Line with Kier Dullea and Jack Warden.
During the making of five films in Spain, Rowland enjoyed Spanish chart success with the group, Los Flaps. The lure of the exciting British music scene of the Swinging Sixties brought him to London, where he produced thirteen Top Ten hits for Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. Among those worldwide hits were "Hold Tight", "Zabadak", "Bend It" and "The Legend of Xanadu" (a million selling UK Number One).
He also discovered Peter Frampton and The Herd, and with "Way Of Life" had a #6 UK Singles Chart hit with his own group, The Family Dogg. He produced hits for P.J. Proby and The Pretty Things. In 1970 he produced the album "Coming From Reality" for Detroit Folk-Rock star Rodriguez. In the 1970s he was awarded a gold album and ASCAP award for producing Jerry Lee Lewis (the London Sessions). In the late 1970s, he was creative manager/A&R for Hansa/Ariola, where he discovered and signed The Cure and The Thompson Twins, and handled Boney M and Japan.

Steve Rowland and the Ring Leaders - Out Ridin'
Steve Rowland and the Ring Leaders - Here, Kum The Karts

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bunny Sigler - Let The Good Times Roll

Not unlike the King Curtis record i posted a while back when i put this record on i just listen to the whole thing from start to finsih. It is just that good. So i had a hard time just picking a few. I mean this is just feel good stuff from start to finsih. Even the songs about heartache somehow make you feel good... And that is something i need big time these days as i struggle with some real life shit... This is actually one of the records that took a hit in the car crash as seen by some of the scratches on the cover but the vinyl is in decent enough shape so enjoy!

Anywho, here is the 411 on Bunny:

Walter "Bunny" Sigler (born on March 27, 1941 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a pop and R&B songwriter and record producer who has done extensive work with the team of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff,[1] and who was instrumental in creating the "Philly Sound" in the early 1970s. He is nicknamed "Mr. Emotion."

Sigler has worked with most of the artists associated with the Philadelphia stable including The O'Jays, The Roots, Jackie Moore, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, Barbara Mason, Billy Paul, Lou Rawls, Patti LaBelle and Stephanie Mills. He also co-wrote "The Ruler's Back", the opening song on the widely respected and critically acclaimed album The Blueprint by Jay-Z.

Originally a performer, Sigler first recorded for the V-Tone Records label in 1959. He has also recorded for the Decca, Parkway, Gamble, Philadelphia International and Gold Mind labels. Gold Mind, headed by Philly guitarist/writer/producer/arranger Norman Harris was a subsidiary of Salsoul Records. In 1967, he had a hit record on Parkway: a cover of "Let the Good Times Roll/Feel So Good," which peaked at #22 in August.

Selected Side 1 cuts:
Bunny Sigler - Let The Good Times Roll
Bunny Sigler –Can You Dig It
Bunny Sigler – Follow Your Heart
Bunny Sigler – Girl Don’t Make Me Wait
Bunny Sigler – Sunny Sunday
Bunny Sigler – There’s No Love Left (In This Old Heart Of Mine)

Selected Side 2 cuts:
Bunny Sigler – Its Up To The Woman
Bunny Sigler – Lovey Dovey Youre So Fine

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Awesome Color - I.O.U. - Flying

As i stated in my Drunk Driver post, i am glad kids are still making noise out there and while this is nowhere near as noizey as D.D. these kids and i do mean kids (just look at them baby faces) have their own brand of noise going on.

A DJ at me old radio station turned me on to these guys. (Thanks Mike!!!) I made it a point to see them at the last SXSW and was not disappointed. There was much feedback and guitar and amp abuse. I stood right next to a Mr. J. Mascis who knows a thing or 2 about guitar rock.... I bought this 7 inch at the gig... I'll admit i am a bit behind the times when it comes to newer bands but i keep finding little gems like this hidden amongst todays "pop"ular musick,,,, and that is fine by me.

here is the 411:

The band was formed by Michigan natives Michael Troutman (aka Michael Awesome), Allison Busch (aka Allison Awesome), and Derek Stanton (aka Derek Awesome) in Brooklyn, New York, in 2004. Inspired by Detroit garage rock, they came to the attention of Thurston Moore, who signed the band to his Ecstatic Peace label. They released a self-titled debut album in 2006, which was followed by a second album, Electric Aborigines in 2008, both released by Ecstatic Peace. (Vinyl editions for both albums were released by American Dust.) The first album drew comparisons with the Stooges (with Stylus Magazine going as far as saying "there are times when you could play Fun House and this album back-to-back and not be able to tell the difference between the two") as did Electric Aborigines, although this album expanded the band's sound and drew comparisons with The Scientists and Spacemen 3. The band were described by Rolling Stone as sounding like "a grimier version of Sonic Youth". In 2007, the song ¨Hat Energy¨ from the album Awesome Color appeared in the film I Know Who Killed Me, starring Lindsay Lohan. After the second album, the band toured the world in support of Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. during 2008. They recorded and released a new album called Massa Hypnos on April 6, 2010. They have been touring to promote it with Tyvek and Hair Police.

Awesome Color - I.O.U.

Awesome Color - Flyingl

Friday, September 10, 2010

NONOYESNO - Lederhøsenverbot (12")

Staying w/ the noise angle here is some German noise from 1990 featuring Helios Creed! Get your weekend started off with a BANG! Come get some...!!!

NONOYESNO – 3rd From The Sun

Monday, September 6, 2010

Drunk Driver - Knife Day - January 2nd

Enjoying Labor Day!!!???!!!

I'm glad kids these days are still making fucked up noise... & this is about as fucked up and noisey as it gets!!!

Too bad these cats have already broken up... i read something fucked up shit about the break up...

Thanks Big Tim!

Now get drunk and break shit no work today!!!!

Drunk Driver - Knife Day

Drunk Driver - January 2nd

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Majik - "The Black Album"


In my never ending search for all things Jersey i just dug this little nugget up. Obviously "rockers" who were "trying to cash on on the "now sound" of the times this falls a bit short but it does have a certain charm w/ its slight cars vibe... i even hear a tiny bit Devo.... I'm sure this thing is long out of print so grab it now if South Jersey New Wave / Power Pop is your vibe.

A very rare record, featuring former Versylus vocalist Art Devlin. Versylus was a late 70's progressive rock band based in South Jersey. Devlin left in 1980 to pursue an opportunity with The Majik, a more pop oriented vocal group.

The Majik (1980) featured Art Devlin (vocals and keyboards), Rich Rankin (lead and rhythm guitars), Hoppy Riddle (bass guitar) and John Leper (drums). They were a group based out of the South Jersey area from 1979-1980 and were compared to such bands as the Cars and Talking Heads. Two albums were recorded by this four piece band. The first album just called the 'White Album' was written in a more traditional 'classic rock' style while the second album including their single 'I Don't Need You To Tell Me So' was written in a 'new wave' style as it was known at that time. The second album known as the 'Black Album' was recorded in Philly in a 'live' or no overdubbing style in a session that lasted two days. Thirteen songs were recorded but only ten made it to the final pressing.

The Majik - "The Black Album"

Friday, September 3, 2010

Plastic People - Rejection

I used the flip to this is a mix i did like one trillion years ago... You can find that HERE: if you want. It was part of my 2nd mix ever, a nice cellection of rockers!

The A side is a totally different vibe than the b side, it is a more mellow intrumental jam...

Here is the lowdown in Plastic People:

Plastic people formed in 1967 by Guitarist, lyricist, and vocalist John Earl Walker, three years later they changed the name of the band to “Plum Nelly” who recorded several albums for Capitol Records in the mid-'70s, and gained national exposure opening shows for B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Alice Cooper, and Iggy Pop, to name just a few.

Funny there should be an Alice Cooper connection because i am going to see him this Sunday down in Atlantic City NJ! Still one of my all time faves after all these years!


So i have some bogus info here: jan was nice enough to leave a comment correcting me. Check the comments for the REAL deal!

& Thanks Jan!

Plastic People - Rejection

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hot Cha Cha - Cheesecake Cover #2

Just some mid week eye candy because i have a million of them...

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