Friday, June 26, 2009

The Lyrics - My Son

Whenever shit starts getting heavy and life starts to sometimes spin out of control as it has around here lately i have something that sets things straight, or at least puts some perspective on things; something i didn't always have to help me along in my earlier years but something i am thankful for everyday of my life since their arrival... My sons, who as anyone who knows me in real life can attest too, i love more than anything in this world!

As most people know i usually dig my soul funky and with an edge but after i had my own sons this song really struck me. This a really beautiful heartfelt soul song with a message, that who ever this is on lead vocals from the lyrics, at least in my mind, really means what he is singing... or at least i hope he did.

Before my 1st boy "Herb Apple Pie" was born i made him a tape (yep, cassette) while still in his mom's belly and this was one of the tunes i put on it. I know he still doesn't fully "get" that tape or why i made it but one day maybe he will understand. It may take until he has his own children but i know he will...

For my Sons, i love you both more than you could ever imagine...

The Lyrics - My Son

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Louis Jordan - Old Age - What I Say

It's a rainy, wet and basically miserable day here on he east coast again and not unlike how its been around the devils lair lately. I was out of work for 4 weeks after some surgery and went back 2 weeks ago only to find that nothing was done in my absence and i've been slammed at work ever since, my kids have been sick & i've been dealing with some other issues as well, and on top of all this crap another friend of mine has died. Seems the older i get the more friends i lose. i guess that is the nature of life and the same for everyone....

R.I.P. "Psycho" Sam...

Old age aint nothin' but a matter of time...

Louis Jordan - Old Age

Edit 7/5/09: I added the B side per comment request.

Louis Jordan - What I Say

Monday, June 8, 2009

Isreal "Popper Stopper" Tolbert - Big Leg Woman (With A Short, Short Mini Skirt)

Blind Israel Tolbert had a genuine surprise smash with “Big Leg Woman” in 1970 on Warren records. A great soulfull funky blues party record with some cool guitar, superb keyboard work and some funky drumming and horns.

Tolbert was born in Montgomery, AL on October 28 1939 and went to High School with Clarence Carter. Before and after making records he was a DJ which was how he got the nickname “Popper Stopper”, following in a line from a series of famous New Orleans DJs. After Warren records he started his own Tolchose label.

Isreal "Popper Stopper" Tolbert - Big Leg Woman (With A Short, Short Mini Skirt)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Al Wilson - Listen To Me

Some funky B-side soul magic today:

Allen LaMar "Al" Wilson (June 19, 1939 – April 21, 2008) was born in Meridian, Mississippi. He showed little interest in education but performed in school plays, sung in talent shows and won first prize in a local art contest. Wilson began his career at the age of 12 leading his own spiritual quartet and singing in the church choir, even performing covers of country and western hits as circumstances dictated. While he was in high school, Wilson and his family relocated to San Bernardino, California, where he worked odd jobs as a mail carrier, a janitor, and an office clerk, in addition to teaching himself to play drums; after graduation he spent four years touring with Johnny Harris and the Statesmen before joining the U.S. Navy and singing with an enlisted men's chorus. He also developed his stand up comedy routine to fall back on in case he didn't make it as a singer.

After a two-year military stint, Wilson settled in Los Angeles, touring the local nightclub circuit before joining the R&B vocal group the Jewels; from there he landed with the Rollers, followed by a stint with the instrumental combo the Souls. In 1966, Wilson signed with manager Marc Gordon, who quickly scored his client an acappella audition for Johnny Rivers — the "Secret Agent Man" singer not only signed Wilson to his Soul City imprint, but also agreed to produce the sessions that yielded the 1968 R&B smash "The Snake" (U.S. #27),which has been very popular on the Northern Soul music circuit in the UK; it also provided Wilson with his only British chart hit, reaching number 41 in 1975. The minor hit "Do What You Gotta Do" appeared that same year. In 1969, Wilson charted with his cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Lodi" (U.S. #67), and Rivers' own "Poor Side Of Town" (U.S. #75).

Wilson largely disappeared from sight until 1973, when he issued the platinum-selling Show And Tell, a Johnny Mathis castoff that sold well over a million copies.

This is the B-side to the million seller and kicks the shit out of Show and Tell...

Al Wilson - Listen To Me

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Chubukos - House Of Rising Funk

A MONSTER GUITAR FUNK JAM HERE! Nothing else needs to be said...

The Chubukos - House Of Rising Funk