Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!


Funky16Corners said...

Happy Birthday man!
You coming on Friday? If so I'll buy you a cold, frosty, delicious beer.

Your driver said...

That's a little cheerier than your first birthday post. I know every feeling you describe, but fuck it. We all feel that way because mortality sucks. The good news is we all feel that way, so how big of a deal can it be? It took me twenty years to get out of Jersey and almost 40 to quit drinking, so I don't think I can make it, but I appreciate the offer. If you're ever in Northern California I'm buying the herbal tea. Great blog.

Melissa Joy said...

Happy birthday. I'm enjoying your blog!

we have a common friend. Please tell deacon that his old merch gal says hello!

Anonymous said...


Aesop said...

And me too! Happy Birthday, sir.

Mondo said...

Happy Birthday DD - raise a glass and shake a leg!

Devil Dick said...

Thank all you peeps! and happy b-day aesop too!

larry, i will see Fraiday and take you up on the offer!

& thanx jon! I'm feelin much better today!

Chest Rockwell said...

I like you dude. I've never seen anyone play guitar with as much heart and fury as you. Yeah it'd be nicer if you'd chill and open up a bit but fuck it, not everyone loves me unconditionally off the bat! Thems the breaks. Just Keep on Rockin'

Happy Birthday ye old fuck!


Neal Welsh Guy

Devil Dick said...

neal ur my fave welsh guy ever!!!