Monday, May 25, 2009

Storey Sisters - Bad Motorcycle

Something to start your work week, a female rocker from 1957 here by The Storey Sisters on Cameo Records. Also credited as The Twinkles, the gals are Ann & Lillian and based from where i am currently located, the city of brotherly love Philadelphia. Real cool guitar break in this jammy, anyone know who he was? Hound?

Get on it, puddin' puddin' puddin'!

Storey Sisters - Bad Motorcycle


The Hound said...

sounds like Mickey Baker to me, the clang factor is pretty advanced. other variations of this tune were cut by Tico & the Triumphs (Amy) w/ Paul Simon, and the Risers (Imperial).

Devil Dick said...

Thanks once again Hound!

The Hound said...

oh yeah, and the Crestones on Madison.

MarkusB said...

Tracey Ullman, too... listening to it right now! It's revved way up, too fast for puddin' puddin' puddin'... it's voom voom voom!

I love it!

Anonymous said...

the guitarist was wild jimmy spruill