Thursday, May 28, 2009

Forward to the Caves 5/28/09 Play List:

were on the air for those that care 8 to 10 PM tonight!

Here is what we are playing:

Pure Hell - No Rules
45 Grave - Black Cross
Fatal Rage - I'm Appalled
Avengers - We Are The One
Middle Class - Out Of Vogue
Weirdos - We Got The Neutron Bomb
Bishops - Somebody Is Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In...
Ether - Ya Gotta Kill Me
Victims - Real Wild Child
Cyanamid - This Is Hell
Happy Flowers - Mom & Dad Likes Baby Better Than Me
Minor Threat - Salad Days
Guinea Worms - Box Of Records

Vee Dee - Glimses of Another World
Les Face - Pull My Trigger
Mac Blackout - Whos Gonna Set The Fire
Mac Blackout - Pocket For Everything
Les Face - She Was A Mutant
The Lights Out - Somethings Rotten In The Land Of Hope
The Lights Out - Destroy Create
Les Face - Tylenol Killer
Haunted George - Buzzards Are His Flesh
Cynics - She Fell
The Chocolate Watchband - Till The End Of The Day
Loot - Baby Come Closer
Q65 - Cry In The Night
Surf Teens - Point Of Surf
Ramrods - Flowers In My Mind
Werps - Loves A Fire
The Starfires - Fender Bender
Crossfires - Fiberglass Jungle
Craftsmen - Rock Along
Clease - The Weird One
The Rugby's - You , I
Pamela Web and the George - Hold On I'm Coming
Mongo Santamaria - I Can't Get Next To You
Riot - Put The Gun Down Brother
Tribe - Think People
Skull Snaps - Al's Razor Blade
Mody-Vations - Ghetto Kung Fu Pt. 1
Pan Earth - Mandingo

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