Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sugar Billy - Super Duper Love Pt. 1

Happy 08 everybody!

i woke up new years day ready to post up some soulfull love in the form of Sugar Billy's Super Duper Love and i do a google search to give you a little scoop on the cut and the very 1st thing that pops up in my search is Larry's post on his most awe inspiring blog Funky 16 Corners

Why would i think that a 45 this good wasn't already covered by 16 funky corners or Flea Market Funk? Silly me....

I also noticed that all my saved files in Div Share were MISSING! So i was a bit bummed on both fronts but wanted to post this gem anyway. So Div Share seems to be working now and all my files are back so If you want to read a real blog and get the scoop about this cut head over to Funky 16 Corners because there is no way i can compete with the stellar writing & knowledge that goes on over in that part of the blog world!

Anyway, here is my cut:

Sugar Billy : Super Duper Love Part 1

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Todd Lucas said...

Very cool stuff DD. Love the variety, from funk to punk.