Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Dischas - Let's go Together - Never, Never

Switching things up yet again, I give you some serious & heavy "krautrock" from The Dischas.

I couldn't just post 1 side I had to do both because i dig these eaqually.

There is not much I could dig up on these guys but I do know that this 45 is from 1969 and that they changed their name to "Dschinn" after this was released and cut a Heavy Psych monster of an album under that name in 1972. And "Let's Go Together" from this 45 was re-cut and put on that Dschinn full length.

If anyone has any more info feel free to drop it!

Sit back and groove on some German vibes from '69!

Dischas : Let's Go Together

Dischas: Dischas Never, Never

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Anonymous said...

I love these cuts A side & the B...