Monday, January 28, 2008

The Wretched Ones - Goin Down To The Bar

New Jersey’s legendary DIY punk rock band “The Wretched Ones”:

Their heavy blend of oi, punk, metal & rock has been slaying fans for going on 20 years.

These guys come from a long pedigree of NJ Punk, Hardcore & Shore Core bands and are a direct descendant of another legendary NJ band “The Burnt"

This 7” is from 1991 (mines on red vinyl) and if I remember correctly was voted single of the year by the Aquarian weekly , beating out my very own band “Godspeed” for the title and rightly so.
This song is legendary!!!

They will be playing The Brighton Bar Sat. Febuary 9th in Long Branch NJ.

These guys are what you call “Lifer’s”… and thank God they are.

If you are anywhere near the area you should go down to the bar, Brighton bar that is and have a beer with the wretched ones.

“Play loud as hell, while drunk as fuck”

The Wretched Ones – Goin’ Down To The Bar

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Anonymous said...

Great album cover. Is that guy swinging a microphone? Classic!