Wednesday, January 16, 2008

J.D. Blackfoot - Epitaph For A Head

What we have here is some wild guitar driven psych. This cut is one of my all time faves.

American Indian J.D. Blackfoot was born Benjamin Franklin Van Dervort in Cleveland Ohio.
He was the frontman for an Ohio band called the Ebb Tides (as Benny Van), he re-formed the group under his own name around 1969 and started to dabble in acid rock and folk/country-rock. He cut a few albums that are now highly sought after by psych collectors:

The Ultimate Prophecy:
The Song of Crazy Horse:
Southbound and Gone:

This cut is his first release under his own name and is a non album cut, at one time it could only be found on 45. I believe it’s since been released on the CD version of The Ultimate Prophecy.
It’s a wild heavy, trippy, psychedelic ride full of insane guitar work (can you see the trend here?) I mean, it is REALLY is WILD! Don’t believe me? Click the damn link!

You can read the whole story here: JD Blackfoot at his official web site. And if you fancy any form of lost psych nuggets, might I suggest you pick up his albums. The Ultimate Prophecy being his finest work. Please buy directly from the man himself, he will even autograph all CD's bought from him! I’m still trying to track down an original vinyl pressing, any help would HIGHLY appreciated!


J.D. Blackfoot - Epitaph For A Head


VenĂ¢ncio Rock and Roll said...

ae...amigo. mais postes de jd blackfoot em

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this. I have a copy of the 7" but it has a big crack that sometimes plays (with a loud click sound) and sometimes just skips... Fine if one is in the same state the artist must have been to create this amazing recording, but annoying if you are trying to listen with a more um, sober frame of mind.


Anonymous said...

Wow. This takes me back to my teen years in Columbus. I have an original Ultimate Prophecy album, in good condition.