Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Joey Rand - The Long Blond Curls - Heaven Is Where You Are

Pretty rare rockabilly record from Joey Rand on Blue Grass Records out of Kentuckey. The Long Blond Curls is the money. Heaven is where you are is a pretty lame vocal ballad, imho. I can't seem to find a date for this but the other 2 records on Blue Grass are from 1958 and 1959 so i guess this could be 1957, 58 or 59...?

The Long Blond Curls was comped on SLOW BOOGIE ROCKIN' Volume 1 CD i couldn't find much more on Mr. Rand. Just another in long line of lost wanna be rockers...

Joey Rand - The Long Blond Curls

Joey Rand - Heaven Is Where You Are


Bob said...

I don't think that this Blue Grass label is out of Kentucky; but rather out of New-York.

I believe that Joey Rand's real name is Joseph Graziano and he's still performing today. See http://joeyrand.com/bio-of-joey-rand

Devil Dick said...

Thanks for the info Bob. I got the info that blue grass was out of kentucky here:


and thanks for the link!

Devil Dick said...

also makes sense that he was from jersey since that is where i found this little gem! cheers!

Darrell said...

Actually Joey Rand is my father in law . His real name is Joseph Rinando, the song was written by him and his sister. He was from Brooklyn and moved out to Long Island, where he still lives.

Devil Dick said...

Thanks Darrel!!