Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Cordials - My Hearts Desire - Listen To My Heart

Me and a buddy of mine has been looking for this record for years. Its a pretty rare one, and my friends uncle was in the group making it even that much more desirable. I've only seen the original once and it was 300 bucks. Too rich for my blood, so when i saw this reissue for a few dollars i jumped at it. I was thinking of giving it to my friend but i don't think he quite desereves it just yet... but i'll give to you all for free now. maybe one day i'll slip the wax into his hands but until then i'm keeping the physhical item in my possesion for a while... i bet he doesn't even notice i put this up here.... :)

The Cordials - My Hearts Desire

The Cordials - Listen To My Heart


Bubble Loo said...

i know the feeling...thanks for the rarities brother!

PJ said...

Like you, I had been looking for this record for YEARS. I finally found an original a few months ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmBgZtNnToE


Devil Dick said...

cool thanks PJ!