Sunday, December 7, 2008

E. Rodney Jones & Larry & the Hippies Band - Right On , Right On - Chicken On Down

Ok, here is a little something to get your weekend started and something the devil really digs. Funky psychedelic tunes!

Chicago's E. Rodney Jones who later went on to be a successful dj cut this 45 with Larry? & the Hippies Band? and this 45 is right up my alley with some fuzzy funky wah-wah guitar and a real groove on right on that reeks of incense & peppermint while chicken on down is a bit more of a traditional instrumental soul cut that is still nice and breezy with a certain slow walking jazz vibe.

This is just the thing to get your mind set ready for the weekend so please enjoy.


E. Rodney Jones & Larry & the Hippies Band - Right On , Right On
E. Rodney Jones & Larry & the Hippies Band - Chicken On Down


Anonymous said...

That opening riff which is repeated throughout the tune sounds like a tune from Sly & the Family Stones "Stand" LP. Looks like I'm Gonna have to dig it out, because I can't remeber the title.
This E. Rodney Jones is great.

Rock 'n' Roll Steve said...

I used to listen to Mr. Jones' daily blues show on WXOK-AM in Baton Rouge, LA for years. I even had the pleasure of meeting him at the station once at which time he signed my copy of "Right On, Right On" that was on Westbound (with the horrible psychedelic barf style label). I do know that "Chicken On Down" was not on the flip but a different tune instead and I can't for the life of me remember its name...I'm not at home so it's not at my fingertips but a little web diggin' should turn up the desired info.

Rock 'n' Roll Steve said...

Just did some diggin'..."Football" is the name of the track on the Westbound 45. It was released in 1970.

Anonymous said...

I went to school with Larry Blasingaine, and he play lead guitar also in our school band at Westinghouse Chicago Ill. He graduated after me in about 71", I graded in 69'. Been looking for him for a while now, and haven't seen him since school.