Saturday, July 19, 2008

Overkill - SST 008 - 1982; 7 Inch

Long before New Jersey/New York's Overkill, who's 1st EP w/ "Rotten to the Core" on it i dig but soon lost interest in, I had heard the West Coast Overkill on the 1st Blasting Concept and really dug the punky metal vibe of Hell's Getting Hotter. My love of the band was further enhanced when I heard them on the 2nd Blasting Concept doing "Over the Edge" i knew i had to track down all of their stuff, and so i did. And now i give the 1st 7 inch to you. And while it may have lost a bit of luster after 25 years and it certainly is not the greatest SST recording (that award goes out to The Stains who's 1983 release of 1981 recordings is THE SHIT in West Coast HC IMHO) this is still a nice visceral nugget of early 80's punk madness that i feel is right up there with the best of them....

Overkill - Hell's Getting Hotter
Overkill - Our War
Overkill - Burn The School
Overkill - Don't Wanna Be Told


Douchess of York said...

Nice one! You can get the rest of Overkill over at my blog. Keep it up!


Aesop said...

Totally underrated band. "Triumph of the Will" kicks so much ass.

Anonymous said...

Your absolutely right about the Stains!