Saturday, July 19, 2008

Asbury Park 45 sessions quick re-cap:

One thing i can say about the 45 sessions is there is never a dull moment!!!

i heard lots of excellent 45's ive never heard before and I can't wait to see the set lists posted over at Flea Market Funk so i can get on the prowl for some of the gems i heard.

In the mean time here is what good ol' devil dick spun:

1st set:

Jimmy Radcliff - Lay A Little Lovin' On Me - RCA
Wisdom - Funky People - Retta's Records
Betty Evert - Take Me - Uni
Rasputin's Stash - Mr. Cool - Cotillion
John Paul - I'm A Bad Son-Of-A-Gun - Phillips
The Five Du-Tones - Divorce Court - One-derful!
Jeanette (Baby) Washington - Move On - Neptune
Ed Pauling & the Exciters - Soul House - Savoy
Billy Harner - Homicide Dresser - Kama Sutra
Otis Clay - She's About A Mover - Cotillion
Bobby Harris - Sticky, Sticky - Shout
Chet "Poison" Ivey - Shake A Poo Poo - Tangerine
Tony Mason - Groove City - RCA

2nd set:

Fugi - Sweet, Sweet Lady (Part 1)- 20th Century
Segments Of Time - song To The System - Part 1 - Sussex
Executive Suite - You Got It - Babylon
Sonny Lovall - Ghetto Boy (Part 1)- Mystic Insight
Willie Henderson - Break Your Back - Brunswick
Bethea - Moon Dream - Dynamo
Truth - Excedrin Headache #24 - SOC - Sounds Of Cleveland


Funky16Corners said...

Good hanging dude. I'm already on the prowl for that Ed Pauling...

Anonymous said...

You spun some great stuff, and have wonderful rapport with the audience.
I'm already on the prowl for a new fan.

Devil Dick said...

Thanks guys!
i need some new "fans"...
ha ha ha!!!