Friday, July 11, 2008

Los Comandos - Moby Dick

I owe this one all to DJ Jack the Ripper, ledgendary Asbury Lanes DJ who turned me on to this at my very first 45's sessions. As soon as i heard it i knew that one day it would grace my collection. It took me a while but i unearthed this gem straight from Peru!!!

It even has the fancy company stock Odeon sleeve!!!

Go me!

Thanks Jack your ok for a guy that wears womens clothes!!!

Please enjoy this awesome rude crude and funky Led Zepp cover of Moby Dick!!!

edit: i had this set to auto-post Friday and it posted it now.... strange.

Los Comandos - Moby Dick


Dave In Guelph said...

Hi DD,This is linking to your rockabilly mix.

Anonymous said...

Now listen, if you start playing this while wearing a dress -I'm gonna call you a copy cat!

Seriously, nice find. It's a tough one to snag and this sure looks like a beautiful copy!
It really is a 'must have' in the Devil Dick Vinyl Valise.

Devil Dick said...


The correct linky has been added.

Thanks for thhe heads up Dave.

and Jack i aint got the legs for dresses anymore! i will leave that up to you and stick with the devil masks to hide me old & ugly mug...

many thanks for turning me onto this!

Mondo said...

Magic DD.

Led Zepp' covers, now there's a thread I've got
Sandie Shaw doing 'Your time is gonna come' and King Curtis's version of 'Whole Lotta Love' but there must be more out there.

Devil Dick said...

yeah Planet M there are a bunch of good ones out there.

I will be posting Reverberi doing Stairway To Heaven soon as I find my album.
Its a crazy jazzy experimental instrumental thing from 75…

Also Deodato does a version of black dog that DJ pres turned me onto, I think he’s going to post that soon too…?

Here’s a live link via youtube:

Also check out DJ Pres' post by Collective Consciousness Society doing Whole Lotta Love:

cut & paste the linky:

CraterTech said...