Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A hot mess of records in the back of a truck, a trip to my Father's, some scores & 50,000 hits....!!!

A hot mess of vinyl

This weekend after a Great BBQ and Pool party Saturday w/ friends I took a trip down to my Pops place Sunday in south NJ. Now I've not talked to my Dad since my Grandmother died a year & a half ago and to say the least I have been a bit pissed at him for missing his Grandson's birthdays and not even a card at Christmas for the boys but he called me a week or so ago with a peace offering of records. So I ponied up the Kids & the JJB for the trek down to see the old man. We sat and shot the shit for a while and watched the Yankee game and the boys were happy to see him and before we split I pulled these records out and threw them in the back of JJB's truck. I've not even gone through them really, just a quick peek, i saw some Beatles, some classical and a hodge podge of stuff but it's not what in the pile this time but the thought that really counts, so me & my pops made up which is good because neither of us are getting any younger. There was talk of a fishing trip soon as well, we will see what happens...

Mystery records:

So after out trip to south Jersey me and JJB made our way back to Philly Monday for some Great food and beer at "Nodding Heads" where i had a n awesome jerked chicken sandwich with fried plantains and Spanish fries, JJB had the fish and chips. The homemade beer was excellent as well...

I had the "Grog" and JJB sampled a few other things....

JJB gets her drink on!

So after some food & drink we made it on over to another record store than we have never been to before and the only thing stopping us there was time & money. But I managed to pick up a few things but had to get out of there before we could even go through 1% of the store. It was a diggers paradise! Records EVERYWHERE! Boxes of 45 tucked in every corner and hardly any rhyme or reason to any of it. It was a daunting task and JJB gave up quickly and i followed soon after. DJ Prestige and Jack the Ripper if you guys are listening? You need to get your asses out to Philly ASAP so we can take you guys to this wicked spot post haste! Tons of soul, funk, and jazz albums & 45's....

Make it so!!!

Here is the small pick up i scored:


The Dramatics - A Dramatic Experience - Volt (I already have this but this copy was CLEAN and only 3 bucks)

Hanson - Magic Dragon - Manticore (No, not THAT Hanson! Stay tuned for this one! This is some Rocking Funk induced music ala Hendrix inspired)

Drugs Won't Get It, People Will - An Educational Record About Narcotic Use - Private


Daddy Kae & Yvonne - Eleven Commandments Of Love / Shug!! - Fairmount
Black Heat - No Time To Burn / Super Cool - Atlantic
Natural Four - Can This Be Real / Try Love Again - Curtom
3 Of A Kind - Save It (Don't Give It Away) / You're Everything In Life - Sussex
Bobby Byrd - Keep On Doin' What You're Doing / Let Me Know - BrownStone
Black Blood - A. I. E. (A Mwana) / Marie - Therese - Mainstream
The Mustangs - Baby Let Me Take You Home / Davie Was A Bad Boy - Keetch

Like i said, we didn't even scratch the surface of what was there and i could have spent a thousand dollars had i had the $$$ to burn....

*edit: I just edited the title and added this little section because i just realized that I am over 50,000 hits! So many thanks to all the folks who stop by and check out my small little corner of the vinyl blog universe!



Todd Lucas said...

Neat story, glad that you and your dad patched things up. Keep us informed on what was in that pile of records that he gave you.

The record store in Philly sounds like my favorite kind of place. You never know what you'll find somewhere like that.

DD, are you interested in participating in this year's Vinyl Record Day festivities? It's once again being organized by JA Bartlett of The Hits Just Keep On Comin' blog. If so, I can send you the info.


Devil Dick said...

Thanks man! I'm glad me & my pops patched things up too, I'm gonna get to that pile of records a bit later today and will keep you all posted.

The store we found is a nice little spot but certainly not "un-known" while in there there was a revolving door of peeps, mostly young white dudes all talking about soul & funk and feverishly pulling out Dennis Coffey records... but there was SO MUCH stuff it was a bit overwhelming...

And yeah man anything vinyl related i can get behind i will back! send along the info & cheers!dd

Todd Lucas said...

DD, here's the email that I received from JA Bartlett:

Good morning all:

Vinyl Record Day is coming again, on Tuesday August 12th, the anniversary of Edison's invention of the phonograph in 1877. It's a day for celebrating the vinyl medium, which is what we did a year ago with the first Vinyl Record Day blogswarm. I'd like to organize another one for this year. (Last year's lineup is here: http://jabartlett.wordpress.com/2007/08/12/vinyl-record-rundown/)

Like last year, what you write about on the day is entirely up to you. You needn't think deep thoughts--just relate whatever you do on that day to VRD, the phonograph, etc. Many of you post vinyl rips regularly (so every day is VRD), but if you've got a rip you've been saving for a special occasion, VRD might be it. Whatever topic you choose, all I ask is that you let me know what your topic is going to be, and that you link to my blog so that interested readers can find the rest of the blogswarm posts. (I'll send the exact link to use as we get a bit closer to the date.)

If you plan to participate, please let me know. And if you know of a blogger who might be interested in participating but is not on this list, please pass this message along.

The Hits Just Keep on Comin'

Anonymous said...

WOW Tommy, I really didnt know about you and your pops.... Glad to know you ponied up...nice stack of records though!

Thanks for taking good care of my buddy over there! She's braggin about your fabulous-ness!!! (I don't even think I spelt that right... but WhatEv)

crotchbat said...

Ah, family... Glad things worked out, DD.

Also: I heartily endorse Hanson's Magic Dragon. Rad cover too.

Anonymous said...

Great Black Heat album, and a nice post.

Congrats on the hit milestone, as well as patching things up with your old man...

Devil Dick said...

many thanks for checkin' in people, i do really appreciate the comments and thanks for the continued support!

Todd, i emailed JA about vinyl record day and wait for his reply!
Thanks again!
dd aka tommy

ps - stay tuned for the magic dragon by hanson lp as per crotchbat i too heartily endorse this killer album!