Friday, July 18, 2008

Devil Dick - JJB - Planet Mondo Funky Friday & Asbury park 45 Sessions

What an action packed Friday here @ the devil's music!

1st head on over to Planet Mondo where yours truly and my lady friend JJB of Eye Eat Music have both contrbuted a few songs each to Mr. Mondo's "Funky Friday's"...

Each one of us each choosing 3 songs to help get your weekend started!!!

Here is what's going on:

We would both like to thank Planet Mondo for having us do this little guest post over here at his world famous Mondo Atomic Blog!!! This is as it looks a HIS & HERS Collaboration for Your Friday. Please Enjoy

Ladies 1st and she's giving you some Doo-Wop

The Dells – “I want to Go Home”: Boy Group Harmonizers of the 50’s. Doo-Wop Born in a Chicago Burbs High School . Cut released late 1956.

The Eternals –“Rocking in the Jungle”: Bronx Doo-Wop Groups 1st 45’ release originally titled “Christmas in the Jungle” which wasn’t working out so well since the holiday was over 8months away. Careful were you step you may cross a lion in your travels with this tune.

The Coasters – “Sorry Gonna Have to Pass”: Storytelling R&B Vocal Group of the late 50s. They were outside the Box when it came to Mainstream DooWop, many would try to imitating their style in later years. But They Are the Kings of Weaving Vocals around a story

The Devil's part of the show is 3 choice little instrumental nuggets!

Jon Thomas – “Fat Back”: A nice little soulful instrumental R&B Soul number with plenty of Killer organ and sax from 1957. (Early!)

The Craftsmen – “Rock Along”: A kooky little Rockin’ surf type instrumental from -1961: Plenty or crazy organ and twangy guitars a-go-go!!!

The Dartells – “Dartell Stomp”: Another Great Rockin’ Instrumental this time from 1963! More killer organ work, pumping bass and a driving drum beat and break that doesn’t quit!

If these 6 little ditties don’t put a smile on your face this fine Friday then I don’t know what will!!!

dd & jjb

Check it out here if you want the tunes!!!: Planet Mondo Atomic Blog

And after your done there get your ass down to Asbury Park New Jersey for the next installment of DJ Prestige's world famous 45 sessions tonight where yours truly will be spinning some sweet soul, R&B and Funk!!!

Big ups to both DJ PreS and Planet Mondo for having me participate!!!


Mondo said...

Hey DD thanks for those thumping tunes - I'm on a real R'n'R buzz now, will be scouring the shops for Las Vegas grind style comps now.

Anonymous said...

hehehe... nice pantsloons!!!....

and I have to say I have NEVER seen a pink "johnny-on-the-spot" either....mmmmmm

see you two tomorrow!

Vincent the Soul Chef said...

Great post you crazy kids...

I wish I was bowling tonight... :-(

Have fun(k)!

Peace and blessings.