Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Devils Music - Devil Dick Flea Market Funk Yo Holmes Mix Vol. 10

A way while back @ the last 45 sessions DJ Prestige asked me to put together a mix for him. Well, i've been a little side tracked and DJ Prestige has been busy as well. (revamping his blog and i hear talk of Marriage!?!?) Well i finally got something put together for him and here is what i came up with. A nice little hunk of funky goodness. I just threw together some of the funky 45's that have hit my plate as of late! So with out further ado i present:

The Devils Music - Devil Dick, Flea Market Funk Yo Holmes Mix! AKA Metal As F*ck and Funkier Than Thou!

1- Willie & the Magnificents – Concerto In F Pt.1 – All Platinum
2- The Olympics – Baby Do The Philly Dog - Mirwood
3- Executive Suite – You Got It – Babylon
4- General Crook – Reality – Wand
5- Clarence Reid – Nobody But You Babe – Alston
6- Harvey Clark & the Dawn Monet Singers - Do Your Thing – Kapp
7- Pan Earth – Mandingo – Family Spirit
8- Freddy Scott & the Four Steps – Same Ole Beat – Marlin
9- The Triumphs – Burnt Biscuits – Volt
10-Dynamic Corvettes – Key to My Happiness – Abet
11-Nu-Sound Express Ltd. – Aint It Good Enough – Silver Dollar

if you want the tunes you gotta visit my man over @ Flea Market Funk!!!

(just follow the link yo!)

The Devils Music - Devil Dick Flea Market Funk Yo Holmes! Mix Vol. 10

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