Friday, November 12, 2010

Holocaust - Death or Glory

I get so bored
Going nowhere... Pissed off with life
Don't need no girl to hold me...
I only love my knife
When it's night
And I'm out on my own on the street
There's murder on my mind

I don't hate authority...
They know I'm not all bad
I know that nobody loves me...
It don't make me sad
I'm gonna stand up
To the ones who bring me down...
Murder on my mind

I can feel it now
It grows stronger every day
And my hatred grows
More and more in every way

Sing a song of death and glory
Sing a song of spite
Sing a song of good and evil
I'm gonna win my fight
I just wanna flush the shit from the street...
Murder on my mind

Holocaust - Death or Glory

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Lightning Baltimore said...

My old hardcore band used to cover "Smokin' Valves" back in 1983/84. The music was OK, but the words were . . . uh . . . let's just say "Look at me, I'm a rock'n'roll clown" isn't all that totally awesome.