Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jericho - Cheater Man

Some nice rock on the Bearsville label. Slight Southern vibe even though they are from Canada. Maybe a little Bloodrock sounding too? Produced by Todd Rundgren.

Jericho - Cheater Man


Michael said...

There is a big part of me that is happy that this site exists. For many years I have collected vinyl, both in 45 and 33 and the occasional 78. My interests have been limited to comedy and folk though and not the full spectrum that you embrace.
Still, I have fully immersed myself into the record shows and the culture contained within with both feet. I have met many characters and personalities along the way and I have concluded that they alone were worth the price of admission, the vinyl was an added bonus. This site extends that appreciation beyond the point where I though it would die. Knowing that you care somehow buoys me. I will continue to peruse your blog with great interest and, with your consent, add to the comments. I might even add something to the mix that you may find "enlightening"...or not.
Keep up the great work and thanks for keeping the spirit alive.

Devil Dick said...

Consent! Thanks Michael!!!

Jason Odd said...

The Band goes prog!