Friday, October 2, 2009

Hot Soup - You Took Me By Surprise

I know things have been a bit slow over here these days but hang in there, i still got plenty of vinyl to share. It's just my computer access has been uber limited these days as my PC took a dive into the great unknown and I've been busy handling real life shit as well... but anyway; here is a cut i really dig to start your weekend. Even the crappy styrene pressing which causes some funky surface noise doesn't really detract as this is a heavy and wicked jam that is heavy on the riff and organ. After i found this 45 i went out and searched and bought the album by Hot Soup and it really is nothing like this shit hot mother.

So enjoy this great jam from 1969 on Rama Rama - Remember Records.

As for the band, they were from Florida (Miami?) and Mario Castellano of the Pods went on to sing and play lead guitar with Hot Soup. Their organ player was Willie Akridge, who I see was born on October 21, 1947, in Dothan, Alabama. Akridge was a one time member of the Mar-Teks. Frank Carillo, who recorded for Atlantic in the late 70s, was also in the group. If you need anymore info You try and google "Hot Soup" and tell me what you come up with...

P.S. - Yesterday was my birthday, why didn't you send me something nice???

Hot Soup - You Took Me By Surprise


The Wolfmen said...
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Mondo said...

Like Hendrix jamming with Cream - magic DD. Belting!

crotchbat said...

Top notch! Thanks!

(Happy belated, btw)

stogie2u said...

Happy B'day my friend. Thanks for the great tunes