Monday, February 2, 2009

Pee Wee King And His Golden West Cowboys - Waltz Of Regret

Devil month is up, i hope you enjoyed the Devil tunes @ the Devil's Music for the 1st month of 2009...?

Something a bit different today on some fancy green vinyl:

Pee Wee King, born Julius Frank Anthony Kuczynski (February 18, 1914 – March 07, 2000), was an American country music songwriter and recording artist. He was born in Milwaukee to a Polish American family and lived in Abrams, Wisconsin, during his youth.

King learned to play fiddle from his father, who was a professional polka musician. In the 1930s, he toured and made cowboy movies with Gene Autry. King joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1937.

In 1946, while the bandleader of the Golden West Cowboys, King, together with the band's vocalist, Redd Stewart, composed "The Tennessee Waltz", a song inspired by "The Kentucky Waltz" by bluegrass musician Bill Monroe. King and Stewart first recorded "The Tennessee Waltz" in 1948, and it went on to become a country music standard.

King's other songs included "Slow Poke" and "You Belong to Me". His songs introduced waltzes, polkas, and cowboy songs to country music.

He was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1970 and the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1974. He died of a heart attack in Louisville, Kentucky, at age 86.

This aint the Tennessee Waltz or the Kentucky Waltz but the "Waltz of Regret"

Anyone want to dance with me...???

Pee Wee King And His Golden West Cowboys - Waltz Of Regret


Donna Lethal said...

Always happy to be dancin' with Mr. D!
Thanks for a fab month with Satan.

Bruce from Accordion Noir said...

Y'r awesome. We love Pee Wee.