Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Turtles - Buzz Saw

Who knew that before they were "Happy Together" the Turtles were a funky buzzed out bunch of surf cats that would have made Davie Allen & the Arrows proud...???

I know Mr, Red Boy knew... Dig that funky organ & fuzz guitar!

Turtles - Buzz Saw


The Hound said...

The Turtles began life as the Crossfires and madeone of the best instrumental surf 45's of all time, the monster Fiberglass Jungle b/w Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Capco). Rhino issued an entire LP of the Crossfires w/many un-issued tracks. I'd send 'em along but I don't have a USB turntable, but they show up on many compilations and bootlegs (the Rhino LP is long out of print).

Devil Dick said...

i feel honored to have WFMU's legendary Hound stop by and leave a comment! many thanks!

The RedBoy said...

Indeed I do know of the Turtles 'Wild Side'. I'd have dropped a tidbit, but Mr. Marshall already beat me to the Al Nichol's punch.

(A tip of the cap to Ole' Mr. Hound. First time I ever heard 'The Creature' by the Jayhawks was on his show.)

'Pull Top' alone is worth Rhino's price of admission, but you also get the 'Luck Token' release of 'One Potato'. And lord knows you can never have enough potatoes!

Anonymous said...

right on right on! battle of the bands is a phenomenal LP. I didnt know this was released as a single.

Anonymous said...

I love the turtles... so very much... guess it's a "flo N eddie thing" too... great minds!

The Hound said...

I just remembered you can download some of the Crossfires stuff from the site of old archived Hound radio shows (err..that me folks):
Fiberglass Jungle is here:
Out Of Control is here:
Chunky is here:

Anonymous said...

This track is from the Turtle's Battle Of The Bands album, on which they adopted multiple personas to record songs in a variety of styles (and briefly resurrected The Crossfires name). It's a great record.