Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Dyna-Tones - The Skunk Pt. 1

Dynatones "The Skunk Pt. 1 - 1966 Alto 2020

Today we have a classic soul instrumental reworking of "Watermelon Man" to groove to on this Saturday morning. I got up early to do some record digging but the weather was a bit damp so there was no digging to be had as the flea market down the street was pretty dead. So no tales of hit or miss scores just sit back and dig in to the soul groove... Dig the cool horns and hot funky guitar!

The Dyna-Tones - The Skunk Pt. 1


CraterTech said...

Wow, this is one cool track, any chance you can post the part 2? Id assume there is no Lp cut for this one at all, cheers

Devil Dick said...

if i can pull it up easy i will post the flip but it may be buried in mountains of vinyl at this point.... this was posted in 2008... ouch.